5 Hybrid vs. 5 Iron: What Is The Best Club To Carry?

Your club speed is the key in knowing what to utilize between a 5-hybrid vs. 5-iron. But your choice should not rest on your swing speed alone.

There are many factors to consider in what to carry on your golf bag. Is it a 5-iron or a 5-hybrid? The advent of hybrids revolutionized the preferences of golfers for more innovative clubs.

Golf club hybrids are a crossbreed between an iron and a wood. The hybrids help golfers in all levels of expertise to hit the ball better. We will tell more facts about 5-hybrid vs. 5-iron that you should know.

What Is A 5-Iron?

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The 5-iron golf club head comes with a thin metal as the material. But compared to a 5-hybrid version, the 5-iron clubhead is thinner. The latter is better to use from the fairway, in semi-rough (short length lawn), and frequently on the rough.

5-Iron Advantages

  • The thick clubface of a 5-iron delivers enhanced control of the club.
  • It is ideal for rolling areas, the fairway, and roughs.
  • The 5-iron provides a lower trajectory, especially when you are ascending.

5-Iron Disadvantages

  • Not ideal in thick cabbage (rough)
  • Not as forgiving as hybrids.

On What Range A 5-Iron Is Utilized For

The 5-iron is for a shot of about 160 yards.

Why Utilize A 5-Iron?

Here are some pros & cons of utilizing a 5-iron.


  • 5-irons have more control over hybrids.
  • It has a high center of gravity (C. G.) for more ball trajectory control.
  • The 5-iron has high consistency allowing low dispersion upon impact.


  • You may struggle using the 5-iron on thick rough.

Who Should Use A 5-Iron?

Golfers with high swing speed that hit the sweet spot more consistently are the ones who should use a 5-iron.

What Is A 5-Hybrid?

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The 5-hybrid club classifies with the same features as fairway woods and irons (like the 5-iron and 5-wood). The hybrids have more forgiveness than traditional irons due to their more forgiving designs. Hybrid golf clubs have the same numbering process as other fairway woods.

Many golfers utilized hybrids as their replacement irons wanting more accurate range and ball speed. The hybrids help beginners add between five and eight yards of distance because of the increased trajectory.

5-Hybrid Advantages

Here are some of the benefits of a 5-hybrid.

5-Hybrid: Easy hitting for low swing speeds

Are you hitting the driver with a 90mph speed? It is probably time you replace that 5-iron with a 5-hybrid. When swinging with your driver below 90mph, you may hit your 5-iron around 65-70mph (miles per hour).

It is the moment you can benefit more from utilizing a 5-hybrid club: when you have a slower swing speed. The 5-hybrid is an easy club to hit when you have a slow swing speed.

5 Hybrid: It is easy to hit high up and farther

Golfers with an average swing speed can strike a 5-hybrid with consistency because of the boost on forgiveness. The club’s ample forgiveness lets you strike the ball consistently, even on off-center hits.

5 Hybrid: Ideal in most lies in the rough and the fairway

You can hit a hybrid in almost any lie. It is a fact about hybrids. The club is ideal on the fairway bunker with a higher success rate.

5-Hybrid Disadvantages

If there are gains in using a 5-hybrid, there are also downsides. Here are the few pitfalls in utilizing a 5-hybrid golf club.

  • You have to learn a new technique than hitting traditional irons or woods.
  • The hybrids are better for beginners and high handicap players than pros.
  • The hybrids are poor in feel and control.

What a 5-Hybrid Used For

The 5-hybrid is easier to hit than a 5-iron from risky situations such as roughs and bunkers. It also delivers a different ball flight compared to a 5-iron. Replacing your 5-iron with a 5-hybrid will most likely instill confidence on your part.

Why Use A 5-Hybrid?

Here are some compelling reasons why you should utilize a 5-hybrid.

  • Hybrids are best for long approach shots.
  • It is easier to hit than long irons.
  • A hybrid wood gets out better from uneven terrain than standard wood.

Who Should Use A 5 Hybrid?

You are a suitable candidate in using a 5-hybrid if you have a lower than average swing speed. The use of a 5-hybrid is also advisable if you hit a 5-iron that frequently rolls off the back of the green.

5-Iron vs. 5-Hybrid

Some of the crucial differences between a 5-iron and a 5-hybrid are worth noting. The distinction between the two golf clubs varies in trajectory, range (carry distance), and control.

When you are no longer comfortable using a 5-iron, maybe it is time you make a switch. However, if you get more miss-hits with a hybrid, you might consider sticking with your iron.

1. Loft

There is no standard definition of the loft for each golf club. However, a 5-iron usually has a loft between 27 & 28 degrees, and the 5-hybrids range from 24 to 27 degrees.

2. Standard Length

There is also no standard length used in the shaft for a 5-iron and a 5-hybrid. Maintain the length of your iron when switching to a hybrid. Also, try not to have more than a half-inch difference.

Many golf club makers set their shaft length for 5-irons at 37.50 inches for steel and 38 inches for graphite. Furthermore, golf club shafts for women are an inch shorter than men.

3. Speed of Clubhead

5-irons mostly have a steel clubhead heavier than 5-hybrids, which have combined materials but are lightweight. A 5-iron has an average swing speed of eighty percent (80%) of the driver’s speed.

4. Distance and Flight Trajectory

The loft of the clubhead influences distance. The higher angle of loft delivers a shorter range the golf ball will carry. A higher degree loft typically provides a high ball trajectory with more spin.

The lower loft will provide a low ball trajectory with less spin. But it is not necessarily the same with all golfers, although the majority of them do.

5. Accuracy

The 5-hybrids have a lower center of gravity (C. G.), enabling the club to have a high tolerance against miss-hits. A 5-hybrid typically provides intermediate and beginner golfers to hit with more reliability compared with a 5-iron.

Many pros do not play with hybrids for added range too often than average golfers. Their (professional golfers) have the skill to hit a more precise shot utilizing a 5-iron. But for beginners, it is better to use a 5-hybrid to achieve maximal distance.

6. Shot height

The average pro golfer can have a golf ball peak height of 31 yards, according to the PGA Tour statistics. Watch the video below to know how to hit your ball (very) high or (very) low on demand.

7. Carry distance

The carry distance pertains to the range a golf ball reaches upon landing, not including the stretch it travels rolling. The 5-iron and 5-hybrid carry distances range between 150 yards to 200 yards for men: 115 yards to 160 yards for women,

Hybrid vs. Long Iron Distance Chart

Take a look at the hybrid vs. long iron distance comparison chart below. Although many PGA Tour professionals seldom use 5-hybrid, it is interesting to note how they compare in Trackman charts.




Smash factor



Club speed (mph)



Ball speed (mph)



Spin rate (rpm)



Maximum height (yards)



Landing angle (degrees)

46 degrees

47 degrees

Carry distance (yards)



Does A 5-Hybrid Go Further Than A 5-Iron?

A 5-hybrid can deliver about five to eight yards of distance compared to a 5-iron.

Is A 5-hybrid Aasier To Hit Than A 5-Iron?

Yes, it is. The lower center of gravity of 5-hybrids results in a higher trajectory than a 5-iron. This condition lets the hybrid roll out more of a shot than a hit with a 5-iron.

Which Club Should I Carry, A 5-Hybrid Or 5-Iron?

If you have a swing of less than 90mph, a 5-hybrid is what you need. If your swing speed is above 90mph: go for a 5-iron.

Top reasons for carrying a 5-hybrid

  • Ideal for most lies at the fairway and roughs.
  • Easy hitting for low-speed players.
  • It provides better accuracy and distance.

 Top reasons for carrying a 5-iron

  • It delivers more precision.
  • It gives better chances of working with the ball full circle with control.
  • It makes the ball easier to soar high.

What Hybrid Replaces A 5-Iron?

Choose a hybrid with 24-27 degrees of loft (like the Callaway Golf 2019 Men Big Bertha Hybrid). It is one of the best alternatives for a 5-iron.

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A 5-hybrid may improve consistent shots on your part. The 5-iron might be too difficult to hit, especially if you are a beginner or an amateur player. The long-standing 5-hybrid vs. 5-iron debates has been going on for years.

But this article might end all those shenanigans about the comparisons between the two golf clubs. Only you can decide on where you must settle. Just remember: know your swing speed, skill, and how to improve your game.

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