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Hello fellow golfers and welcome to the new version of Tam O’Shanter Golf. The family-owned Tam O’Shanter Golf Course (in Canton, Ohio), presided over by Chuck Bennell until 2018, was a 36-hole turf frequently visited and supported by golfing enthusiasts living in Ohio and all over America. But the company decided to call it quits in November 2018.

After that, the 205 acres of land was divided into two expertly maintained golf courses, known as Dales and Hills. Along with a driving range, practice center, and food and bar service. Golfers, from all walks of life and no matter the skills, trained for competition, recreation, entertainment, etc. All thanks to its scenic beauty and convenient location.

As for the moment, Tam O’Shanter Golf has now transformed into a platform for avid golfers worldwide. It is now managed by a qualified team of golfing experts – including coaches, players, and marketing professionals – who create invaluable content for all sorts of golfers.

At Tam O’Shanter Golf, our mission is to instruct new players with the help of the most useful recommendations in golf. Those just beginning are in dire need of practical, expert guidance. And our team is constantly striving to provide that, irrespective of golfing skills, in the form of products that feature the latest, most advanced technology to make things easier on the course.

We understand that golf is a game of practice, discipline, hard work, and lots of fun. So we’re always striving to combine all of these elements into our endeavors, both on and off the golf course. Posts ranging from the best golf equipment to effective tips and techniques for beginners – you’re sure to leave our website with practical lessons that are easy to execute on the turf.

And we have made sure the 85-year long legacy of Tam O’Shanter Golf Course lives on by getting genuine enthusiasts of the sport together with a golfing experience they shall never forget.

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