8 Best Center Shafted Putters – Awesome Reviews and Buying Guide 2022!

Have you heard about the center shafted putter that is now the talk of the town in the golfing world?

The center-shafted putter offers benefits to golfers (especially beginners and high-handicappers) that struggle to align and rolling their shots. But if you are a straight-back or straight-through hitter, this type of putter will serve you well.

In the past, center-shafted putters were very rare. Today, golf equipment manufacturers are slowly developing different styles, technologies, shapes, lofts, and materials of center-shafted putters.

In this article, we feature eight of the best center shafted putters available in the market today. Just sit, relax, and enjoy reading!

Top 3 Center Shafted Putters




1. SeeMore FGP Black Mallet Putter

#1 – Editor’s Choice


2. Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter



3. Odyssey EXO Putter



8 Best Center Shafted Putters – Reviews [year]

1. SeeMore FGP Black Mallet Putter

Seemore FGP Black Mallet Putter (Right Hand, 34-Inch)
  • Headcover included
  • SeeMore's original classic blade and mallet designs, winner of 2 Major Championships, cast 303 stainless steel heads with precision milled faces and SeeMore's patented RifleScope Technology (RST) alignment system.
  • The RST is a true reference point for perfect alignment and set up on every putt.
  • FGP series putters feature perfect face balancing at impact, where the tendency of the putter face at impact is to be perfectly square.

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The SeeMore FGP Black Mallet Putter is one of the most affordable individual putters in the market. But it does not equate to inferior quality. The brand might be a newcomer in the golf industry. The brand became the talk of the town in 1999 when Payne Stewart won that year’s US Open playing a SeeMore putter.

The FGP Black Mallet Putter has a shaft length of 34 inches and a right-hand orientation. But the brand offers other shaft lengths such as 33, 35, and 36 inches in left-hand configurations. The classic blade mallet contour of FGP is unique for most golfers but it delivers the goods with its qualities.

The black bottom of the club is noticeably obscuring a red dot on the putter. It will create visibility to the two white lines flanking the red dot. The features give the golfers fine-tuning of alignment.


  • The putter has 2.5 degrees of loft ideal for low-handicappers.
  • The cast 303 stainless steel clubhead has a precise alignment system.
  • The impressive milled face puts an excellent roll on the golf ball.
  • It adopted the Rifle Scope Technology (RST) that helps golfers in aiming.


  • The white lines may fade over time.

2. Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter

Callaway mens Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter Black (Right Hand, 35", V-Line - Center Shaft, Oversized Grip)
  • Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters incorporate a unique new method of weight distribution, led by the innovative new Stroke Lab shaft to improve the physical dynamics of the stroke.
  • The tip-heavy graphite and steel shaft saves 40 grams* that’s relocated into each end of the putter to change performance dynamics.
  • The Stroke Lab shaft is slightly stiffer and lower torque compared to standard putter shafts for to better control the slightly heavier head.
  • Additional weight in the sole and butt-end of the grip change the putter’s dynamics to help golfers consistently repeat a smoother and more accurate stroke.
  • Combines legendary White Hot feel with dozens of micro hinges embedded across the face that promote topspin for smooth roll and acute distance control.

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The Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter has one of the best weight distributions in center shafted putters. The Versa Putter is Odyssey’s center-shafted mallet with multiple material Stroke Lab shafts that enhance strokes. The trait makes it one of the best overall putters in the golf industry.

But there is more to celebrate when you own this type of putter. Its soft white hot insert is one. Another thing impressive about the Versa Putter is its broad symmetry guide that gives clear imaging of putting lines.

The 3-degree loft of the putter makes it ideal for short distances with maximum accuracy and without skidding. To enable a smooth stroke and consistency, the Odyssey Stroke Lab has additional weight in the sole and tail-end of the grip. By the way, the Odyssey carries the Callaway brand.


  • The new Stroke Lab shaft feature upgrades a powerful swing.
  • The shaft has a heavy tip graphite material with uniform distribution of weight.
  • The putter has a wide alignment guide that maximizes distance control
  • The CNC-milled face promotes polished forward roll.


  • This putter has a higher price range.

3. Odyssey EXO Putter

Odyssey Golf 2019 EXO Stroke Lab Putter, Right Hand, 35", #7, Center Shafted
  • Odyssey EXO Putters with Stroke Lab shafts represent a remarkable meeting of three of our newest innovations: EXO construction, White Hot Micro hinge Insert, and Stroke Lab Weighting
  • EXO delivers an incredibly high MOI design from a premium multi-material construction, featuring a lightweight 6061 milled aluminum exo-cage and 17-4 stainless steel in the head
  • Our legendary White Hot insert is combined with our proven Micro hinge technology that creates immediate forward roll for more consistent accuracy and distance control
  • New Stroke Lab shaft saves weight that’s relocated into each end of the putter to dramatically change performance dynamics to promote a smoother and more accurate stoke
  • EXO provides both face balanced options (which reduce face rotation in the stroke) and toe hang options (which allow for more face rotation in the stroke) on each model

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The Odyssey EXO Putter is Callaway’s newest definition of a superb center-shafted putter with three prime innovations. The new putter edition has White Hot Micro hinge Insert, an EXO construction, and Stroke Lab Weighting on the shaft. The White Hot Insert is blended with the revolutionary micro hinge technology.

The 33-inch shaft of EXO is uniflex with a 3-degree loft for ball rolling the way you like it. Like the Odyssey’s Versa putter, this latest version has a Stroke Lab shaft that comes in various styles. Two of the famous styles are the Sevens (such as 7 Center Shaft, 7 mini, and more!) and Rossies (Rossie and Rossie S).

The EXO alignment lines are visible in the head to give you an accurate setup of shots. Moreover, the White Hot Insert motivates solid and top-spin roll from the putter. To date, the Odyssey EXO Putter is one of the best center-shafted putters of all time.


  • The White Hot Insert set a new standard for feel and rolls.
  • The face-balanced options reduce the rotation during a swing.
  • The clubface has a higher MOI due to lightweight materials


  • The price range is quite higher than other brands.

4. Odyssey 2018 Black and Chrome O-Works Putters

Odyssey 2018 Black and Chrome O-Works Putters
  • Unmatched Roll with our New Micro hinge Face Insert
  • All-black finish driven by Tour feedback
  • Tour Proven shapes & new innovative mallets

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Do you want a clear black finish center-shafted putter? You will find that trait in Odyssey 2018 Black and Chrome O-Works Putters. The putter is known for the Micro hinge Insert Technology that comes in Superstroke Slim style (it is also available in Winn AVS Mid-size Pistol style).

The model is one of Callaway’s soft feeling putters that come clean and traditional. The brand creates an amusing sound that comes from the Urethane inserts and provides a soft grip on the hands. The Micro hinge layer is molded inside the Thermoplastic Elastomer Feel Layer giving it the click or soft response.

Any way you look at the Odyssey O-Works Putter, you will be reminded of old-style putters but with innovative functions. The shaft comes in steel with a left-hand orientation and 33 inches of shaft length.


  • The simple look of Odyssey O-Works putters is traditional yet functional.
  • The putter comes in various shapes: #1, #2M CS, #2W, #3T, 330M, and #7s.
  • It has a nice sound but with muted tap upon impact.
  • The Micro hinges on the face provide immediate ball roll upward and forward.


  • The putter is heavier than other putters at 0.635 kg (1.39lbs.).
  • The price might surprise beginners.

5. TaylorMade Truss Center Shaft Putter

TaylorMade Truss Center Shaft Putter, Right Hand, 34 Inch Shaft , Titanium, Black, Blue
  • Two Connection Points Are Better Than One: A striking hosel design engineered to increase stability in classically styled putters, while looking familiar at address
  • Cobalt Blue Pure Roll Insert: Designed for better sound, feel and roll characteristics
  • Improved Feel: The new Truss hosel design intended to increase the stiffness/frequency for an improved sound & feel
  • Adjustable Sole Weights: Adjustable sole weights for head weight and center of gravity personalization
  • KBS Step less Stability Shaft: New chrome CT Tour putter shaft at 120grams designed for less deflection

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Are you a low handicapper that prefers a blade for a putter? Well, you might want the TaylorMade Truss Center Shaft Putter! The Truss Putter by TaylorMade is quite a stir among pro and veteran golfers. The putter has a slim and sleek face with military-grade aluminum material.

The blade-style putter has adjustable sole weights for customized CG (center of gravity). The color of the putter is stunning titanium hues but it is also available in black and blue. It even has a high MOI (moment of inertia) that reduces twists on a stroke.

One of the most exciting features about the TaylorMade Truss Putter is the Cobalt Blue Pure Roll Insert. The insert defines the putter’s extraordinary feel and lower vibration with superb sound.


  • The center-shafted putter comes with 3 degrees of loft for accuracy.
  • The improved feel with the new hosel design increases sound and feel.
  • The putter has a uniflex golf club flex that suits low-handicappers.
  • The club offers less deflection because of the patented CT Tour putter shaft.


  • The individual putter is pricier than cheaper iron sets.

6. Pinemeadow Golf Site 2 Putter, Right Hand, 34-Inch

Pinemeadow Golf Site 2 Putter, Right Hand, 34-Inch,White
  • Compare features, performance (and price) to Odyssey(R) Versa Series Putters at 169
  • High contrast alignment design
  • Includes headcover

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If you want a longer shaft and the cheapest center-shafted putter, go with the Pinemeadow Golf Site 2 Putter. Although less expensive than other putters, the Golf Site 2 Putter has one of the simplest mallet putter designs. It has a regular flex shaft with a length of 34 inches, ideal for most golfers no matter what the handicap is.

The Golf Site 2 Putter has similar characteristics with Callaway Odyssey Versa except for the higher price. The center-shafted putter provides a straight back and straight-through stroke most of the time, especially the high-handicappers.

If you are just starting to play golf, Site 2 is one of the best picks. It can even provide you the needed alignment when striking a putt.


  • It comes in white and silver that gives good visual contrast on putting greens.
  • The half mallet head allows you to swing along the line easily.
  • Tall lady golfers can use this putter with mid-handicap.
  • The putter comes with a headcover.


  • The putter comes only in right-hand orientation.
  • The feel is not quite appreciable compared to pricy putters.

7. TaylorMade Spider S Putter

TaylorMade Spider S Putter, Navy Finish, Single Bend, Left Hand, 35 Inch Shaft
  • Revolutionary New Shape with Aerodynamic Asymmetric Sole and Inertia Generator: Designed to provide faster club head speed for more ball speed and distance while the rear weight creates high MOI for improved forgiveness
  • Speed Injected technology for intelligently optimized C. O. R. where golfers typically hit it: Improves ball speed across the face by calibrating each head to the threshold of the legal speed limit
  • Twist Face: Uses corrective face angles designed to overcome inherent golfer tendencies on mis-hits and to produce straighter shots
  • Sliding Weight Technology and Loft Sleeve: Provides adjustability and personalization to optimize the club for each golfer’s trajectory, face angle and flight bias preferences, up to +/-2° loft change and up to +/-20 yards of draw-fade bias
  • Multi-Material Construction with Carbon, Titanium and Steel: Creates a head design where weight is positioned precisely in the head for ultra-low CG and high MOI

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The Spider S Putter by TaylorMade has a revolutionary new shape that even pro golfers want to explore. The putter comes in two colors: Navy Blue & Chalk White, both have black shafts. Despite the new shape, it has Aerodynamic Asymmetric Sole that delivers faster clubhead speed creating high ball speed and longer range.

The Spider S has 34 inches of steel shaft in uniflex golf club flex ideal for both seasoned and pro golfers. If you want persistent distance control, this putter is a genuine tool to achieve those better performances in the putt.

Moreover, the Spider S accentuates three high-density tungsten weights. These weights are in the heel. toe, and rear. The feature aids in increasing the MOI (moment of inertia) resulting in higher forgiveness.


  • The back weight of this putter has a high MOI for better forgiveness.
  • It has an ideal loft of 2.5 degrees for a more controlled ball roll.
  • The putter takes forgiveness and stability to a new level.
  • The Spider S stands out in distance control and the feel.


  • Some golfers may want more assistance in alignment.

8. Spider FCG Putter #7, Single Bend

TaylorMade Spider FCG Putter #7, Single Bend, Chalk White, Right Hand, 34 Inches
  • Forward CG Placement: Front loaded weight delivers benefits and release of a blade, but with the MOI of a mallet; KBS Stepless Stability Shaft: New black CT Tour putter shaft for less deflection
  • Heel and Toe Tungsten Weighting: Heavy tungsten sole weights positioned in the heel and toe optimize the forward loading
  • CU29 Copper PURE ROLL: The 25g CU29 PURE ROLL insert delivers a firmer feel and sound; PURE ROLL insert increases topspin and improves forward roll
  • White TRUE PATH T-Sightline: New TRUE PATH perpendicular alignment allows the player to align from front to back, or heel to toe
  • Adjustable Sole Weight: Allows golfers to customize performance, feel and achieve precise swing weights at different putter lengths

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TaylorMade putters once again make alignment easier for more golfers on different skill levels. The Spider FCG Putter #7 delivers these goods! But do not be alarmed by its higher price range. The center-shafted putter will enable pro and seasoned golfers to perform well in putting long distances.

The Spider FCG is a blade-like putter smaller than a Spider X. The FCG has a round shape that can maximize the feel and ball control. The round contour of this impressive putter makes it effortless in aiming.

One of the leading features of the FCG is its forward CG (center of gravity) placement that increases MOI. Furthermore, it has a KBS Stepless Stability Shaft that translates into shot versatility and mid trajectory enhancement.


  • The center-shafted putter is easy to align with a solid feel.
  • The easier aiming is due to the putter’s T-shape alignment system.
  • The putter has a 25gm of CU29 Copper Pure Roll insert for a solid feel and sound.


  • The steep price range is not ideal for beginner and amateur golfers.

Best Center Shafted Putters – Buying Guide 

Having a list of prime options in picking the right center-shafted putter for your needs is a stress reliever. The right putter for you has something to do with the feel and stroke that you almost do during a game.

The center-shafted putter is also a type of putter that works well with the straight-back and straight-through style. In buying a center-shafted putter, consider the length of shaft, shape and size, the offset, mallet or blade, and other interesting qualities.

We will explain them later in the article.

If you decide to go for the center-shafted putter because you think you need one, please continue reading.

What Is A Center Shafted Putter?

The center shafted putter is simply a kind of club putter that has its hosel on the center of the head. The hosel is the part of the clubhead where you connect the shaft. The hosel connects to the clubhead in two different ways.

The connections are either on the center of the head (like the center-shafted) or closer to the heel. The center-shafted connection is also called a face-balanced putter. It is because that when you balanced the putter in your hands, you will observe that the club faces upwards.

However, most face-balanced putters have the same weight on the heel and the toe.

Is Center Shafted Putter Better?

A center-shafted putter usually offers better aiming that runs close to your target. This kind of putter can start the ball with the best opportunity on your line intents more consistently. The center-shafted putter has accurate aiming that produces consistent putt swing and sound.

Moreover, this type of club enables golfers to set up and recognize a square putter face to the one that is close or open. It is through a straight center shaft alternative. The club’s weight distribution system provides a more balanced putter face.

If you are a beginner golfer, you will easily learn the proper ball alignment using a center-shafted putter. The club is also ideal for straight-through and straight-back putting strokes.

Advantages of A Center Shafted Putter

  • One of the best putters of modern golf, according to his peers, is Steve Stricker. The center-shafted putter performs competently better when pointing the nose of the club downward, just like how Stricker does.
  • The putter stability gives players more advantage due to the club face’s extra balance during setup and impact. The stability provides players with face awareness at the time of striking the ball.
  • The center-shafted putter is the epitome of the straight back and straight through putting strokes. Moreover, the putter serves well players with a left-dominant eye.

A center-shafted putter diminishes the twist in the course of the stroke. The minimized twist is due to the cutting of distance between the shaft and the toe.

Disadvantages of A Center Shafted Putter

  • Sometimes, a center-shafted putter does not serve well in an arc stroke. Since this kind of putter is ideal for straight-back and straight-through putting, an arc stroke may not suit.
  • The look and shape of the center-shafted putter (especially the high-tech ones) may be annoying to some golfers.
  • Some branded center-shafted putters may cost higher than other golf clubs.
  • Most center-shafted putters have little to no offset. It is the major drawback of this type of putter. It is also a setback for golfers who are playing with offset putters throughout their careers.

Why Choose A Center Shafted Putter?

Most golfers agreed that there are two main reasons why they chose center-shafted putters. Firstly, they prefer the straight forward and straight back putting compared to the arc stroke.

Secondly, the center-shafted putter is face-balanced. This equates to a putter with a weight that is well distributed between the heel and the toe. A face-balanced feature creates no twist at impact and miss-hits.

How To Choose The Best Center Shafted Putter?

The list of choices for the best center-shafted putter that we have tackled above makes your option narrower. These are the criteria to consider when buying the best center-shafted putter for you:

1. Length of the shaft.

The shaft length is an individual preference for choosing the best putter for a player. If you are a tall man, you should pick the one that fits your frame. However, in the PGA Tour, the average standard length of a putter is 33-33 ½ inches for men, while for women it is 31-32 ½ inches.

2. Choose a mallet or a blade.

The modern-day putter comes in two major shapes: a mallet or a blade. However, as we surf the net and interview most golfers, the majority utilize the blade with a more conventional shape. Moreover, the mallet is gaining popularity among beginners and amateur golfers because of its more forgiving nature.

3. Pick the right offset.

Many golfers believed that center-shafted putters have less offset. However, it is not always the case as more pro golfers have attested. The offset refers to the angle of the club head against the turf allowing for an easy alignment and club swing.

4. Insert or milled?

If the putter has an insert, it would provide more traction and a soft feel. On the other hand, the milled variant of putters produces the best sound and feel. However, the difference between the two constructions is very slight; it is more on sound and feel.

The milled putters have a firmer feel with a high sound or pitch that provides softness and range control. Face inserts have composite material inserted on the clubface offering enhanced softness, boosts the feel, and improved distance control.

5. The price.

Just like other golf clubs, the putters come in a wide range of prices, depending on performance and brand. There are putters as low as $39 apiece (like the Pinemeadow brand) and as high as several hundred dollars (such as the Callaway Odyssey and TaylorMade brands).

Other putters with mid-range costs (like the SeeMore and Odyssey 2018 brands) may run from $80 to $250. But freedom is always on your side. You can choose the one that fits your skill, the brand you prefer, or the technology you want.

Who Should Play A Center-Shafted Putter?

Golfers who want to simplify their strokes should use a center-shafted putter. If you are having a hard time finding consistency in arc strokes, the straight-forward/straight-back approach might work well.

A center-shafted putter has a straight stroke that most players need who are struggling with arc strokes. The putter’s round and wide head best-fit beginners and high-handicappers lacking range control on lengthy lag putts.

Furthermore, players with different golf skills should also consider this type of putter. The putter provides solid impact with a forward-facing center of gravity (CG).

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It is sometimes more challenging playing golf knowing that only a handful of a putter is available for various skills. The center-shafted putter is just one of them. For us, the best center shafted putter is the mid-range price SeeMore FGP Black Mallet Putter, with its original classic blade style.

The size and shape of this blade putter give more feel and the straight-forward and straight-through strokes that you will need. It also has an impressive milled face to overcome miss-hits.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more sophisticated design for a center-shafted putter: the Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter is the right choice. This top-of-the-line putter has the finest weight distribution system that improves the variations of your stroke.

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