Best Golf Balls for Women with A Slower Swing Speed

Women have a separate category of golf clubs that are more forgiving, easier to hit, lighter in weight, etc. And that’s great because most female golfers have a slower swing speed than men. But does that also mean there are the best golf balls for women? Yes and No.

YES because many golf brands out there do indeed manufacture golf balls specifically for women. And NO because there are gender-neutral golf balls that accommodate the demands and requirements of ALL golfers with a slower swing speed. Now this includes not just women but also seniors and beginners.

So in the review section below, look forward to getting acquainted with both!

Review of the Best Ladies Golf Balls

1. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls, Prior Generation, (One Dozen)
  • SOFTEST GOLF BALL WE'VE EVER MADE: 35 compression is the softest golf ball on the market
  • SUPER LONG: Ultra Low Compression reduces spinfor increased distance
  • SUPER STRAIGHT: Low spin results in straight ball flight
  • MULTIPLE COLOR OPTIONS: Supersoft is available in traditional White, Optical Yellow, Pink or Multi-color pack
  • Featuring traditional White, Orange, Lime and Turquoise golf balls for hotter visibility in the air or on the ground

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Callaway’s softest golf ball ever made with the lowest compression rating of 35. That means reduced spin and increased distance. All thanks to the ultra-low compression. Supersoft is great around the green and delivers explosive distance off the tee.

You’re most likely to end up walking an extra distance to get to the golf ball you shot into the fairway. And that, needless to say, is the best feeling in the world at that moment.

Key Features

  • 2-piece golf balls with a larger core to maximize distance
  • Ultra-low compression makes the ball super-long
  • Ionomer cover less susceptible to scuffs
  • Available in easy-to-identify colors

2. Bridgestone Lady Precept Ladies Golf Balls

Bridgestone Lady Precept Ladies Golf Balls
  • The SOFTEST Ladies ball on the market
  • Larger Gradational Compression Core for optimal performance at moderate swing speeds
  • 12% thinner cover produces higher launch and less spin
  • Soft feel from tee to green
  • 330 Seamless Cover Technology optimizes aerodynamics for moderate swing speeds

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There are many male golfers too who prefer this one even over Titleist. It’s the exceptional feel around the green as well as on the putting surface that makes an impact in the case of Bridgestone Lady Precept Ladies Golf Balls. So you have to ask yourself if this soft feel that compensates for the lack of yardage boost is worth it or not.

And the optic pink color just makes the ball easy to spot on a crowded turf.

Key Features

  • 2-piece soft ionomer cover golf balls for distance and durability
  • Seamless 330 dimple pattern enhances distance further
  • Produces lower spin for higher launch
  • Soft feel from the tee to the green

3. Bridgestone 2019 e6 Lady Golf Balls

Bridgestone 2019 e6 Lady White Golf Balls (One Dozen)
  • Engineered for Consistency
  • Improved Aerodynamics for Added Distance
  • Softer Feel, Long Distance
  • Soft Golf Ball that also Provides Long Distance
  • Available in a 12-ball pack

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Now this one’s specifically crafted for consistency. Bridgestone e6 features improved aerodynamics, which also means added distance. The long distance is also a result of the softer feel of these lady golf balls.

Also, Bridgestone is a brand you can trust in terms of value, quality, and golf ball performance.

Key Features

  • Golf balls with low-compression core for higher speed
  • Delta Dimple pattern promotes straighter shots
  • Low long-iron and driver spin for longer distances
  • 2-piece construction suits moderate swing speeds

4. Volvik Crystal Golf Balls

Volvik Crystal Golf Balls (One Dozen)
  • Crystal White: Enhanced visibility provided by the brightest colors in golf.
  • Soft impact and feel, and longer flight distance is achieved by the world's finest patented Dual Core: a soft outer layer and a hard inner core, while the 350-Octahedron dimple pattern improves flight stability.
  • Volvik Crystal elevates short game control with a soft feel and low compression control core, providing excellent putting feel and optimal spin rates made possible by more durable/softer Surlyn Crystalline cover.
  • 3-piece tour performance: Explosive distance and a more accurate approach provided by Power Core, Bismuth Control Layer, and Zirconium Z-I Outer Cover.
  • 80 Compression, 64 Cover Hardness

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There’s always a reason behind the popularity of certain golf products, such as these Volvik Crystal Golf Balls. The balls are a major part of the LPGA. All because of their durable construction, great feel, and the fact that they help to generate longer distances.

This option for women might seem a bit pricey. But once you experience the built-in performance, you’re most likely to completely forget about the higher price tag.

Key Features

  • Soft feel and impact golf balls for long flight distance
  • 3-piece construction activates explosive distance with more accuracy
  • Low compression improves short game control
  • Bright colors enhance visibility on the course
  • Softer, durable Surlyn cover offers optimal spin and putting feel

5. Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls

Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)
  • Must buy 2 or 4 dozen for special Father's Day promotion
  • Soft, thin cover - provides more greenside spin and softer feel on all pitches, chips and putts
  • 338 speed dimple pattern - the lower drag coefficient dimple pattern cuts through the wind for more accuracy and consistency on every shot

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Golf balls that are super easy and quick to find are the best ones, right? In that context, you’re sure to love these Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls. The color really stands out when in the middle of the fairway or when in the rough.

Furthermore, the special dimple pattern does an amazing job of cutting through the wind, so you can gain more consistency and accuracy on each shot. And the feel is the best for adding distance.

Key Features

  • Golf balls with thin, soft cover for better feel and spin
  • E.G.G. core fine-tuned to suit women’s swing speed
  • Higher-launching golf balls deliver extra distance
  • Lower-drag coefficient dimple design offers consistency and accuracy

6. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls, Matte Pink, (One Dozen) (T8325S)
  • Longer Distance
  • Extremely Low Long Game Spin
  • Greater Iron Stoppability
  • High Flight On All Shots

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Get the green, orange, pink, or white color of Titleist Velocity and expect to achieve an additional 10-15 yards on your drives. Needless to say, these golf balls are so popular precisely because of the fact that they’re drastically longer with ALL golf clubs.

The best of the features consists of a higher speed, larger LSX core and a spherically-tiled dimple pattern. These golf balls are also easy to control around the green and on the approach.

Key Features

  • High flight, longer distance golf balls
  • Higher speed and larger core
  • Available in matter pink, green, orange, and white

7. TaylorMade Kalea Golf Balls

TaylorMade Kalea Golf Balls, Peach (One Dozen) , Large
  • HIGH-ENERGY REACT CORE. Maximizes distance off of the tee.
  • SOFT IONOMER COVER. Maintains soft feel around the greens.
  • UV RESISTANT MATTE PAINT. Reduces sun fading throughout product lifetime.

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For beginners in the game of golf, playing with TaylorMade Kalea means achieving the desired distance. No wonder so many women golfers have this in their golf bags. TaylorMade Kalea Golf Balls are designed to add power to your every shot, no doubt about that.

And it’s all because of the high-energy REACT core. It maximizes distance while also maintaining the much-needed soft feel.

What’s even more appealing is the non-glare, UV-resistant, high-visibility matte paint.

Key Features

  • Golf balls with ionomer cover for a soft feel around the greens
  • REACT core is high-energy to boost off-the-tee distance
  • UV-resistant and high-visibility matte finish
  • List Element

8. Wilson Women’s Tour Velocity Golf Ball

WILSON Women's Tour Velocity Golf Ball (15-Pack), White

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Wilson Women’s Tour Velocity delivers the much-needed distance off the tee. It’s a very suitable choice for all women with a slower swing speed i.e. women beginners and seniors. The golf balls add 20-25 yards easily, even if your round consists of a few off-center strikes. In fact, it’s a good choice for older male golfers too.

The combination of high-energy core and low compression technology is what makes up for the lack of power in the swing.

Key Features

  • Spin-reducing 2-piece golf balls
  • Low-compression core generates an exceptional distance
  • Enhanced dimple design offers more control and a soft feel
  • Tailored to women’s swing speeds

9. Wilson Golf Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

WILSON Golf Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls, Dozen Slide Pack, White - WGWP17002
  • Country Of Origin : China
  • Package Weight : 1.0 Lbs
  • Performance Balance - The Aggressive Core Is Offset By A Response, Cover Creating A Balance Between Explosive Distance And A Soft Feel
  • Improved Rubber Chemistry Yields A Lively Core That'S 22% Softer Than The Competition

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The majority of women have an average to slow clubhead speed. And a brand like Wilson Staff understands that very well, which is why they have designed Fifty Elite Golf Balls. These fly straight and, at the same time, feel great off your wedges when you’re approaching the green.

The aggressive core creates the perfect balance between soft feel and explosive distance. Moreover, the new aerodynamics are responsible for generating a more stable and penetrating ball flight.

Key Features

  • Advanced rubber core produces long distances
  • Soft feel and responsive cover
  • Low driver spin and high greenside spin
  • Low compression further enhances distance

10. Top Flite Lady Womens Golf Balls

Top Flite Lady Womens Golf Balls (24 Pack)
  • Larger core construction with a softer compression for superior energy transfer and maximum distance
  • Soft thin outer cover formulation for exceptionally soft, crisp feel at impact
  • 332 dimple pattern promotes higher launch for lower swing speeds
  • 2 piece construction for an optimal blend of distance and accuracy
  • 24 pack

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These golf balls by Top Flite can genuinely hit longer with their larger core and softer compression. We also found the soft and thin outer cover to be useful as it provides an extremely soft and crisp feel during impact.

Moving on to the dimple pattern, it delivers a higher launch ideal for those with slower swing speeds, and that is women. And to make matters even better, there’s the 2-piece construction, which inevitably brings more accuracy and distance into the picture.

Key Features

  • Larger core compression for maximum energy transfer
  • Soft and thin outer cover enables a crisp response during impact
  • Optimized dimple pattern good for slower swing speeds

Do I Need A Lady Golf Ball?

To be honest, not necessarily because not all women play with women-specific golf balls. Meaning some find golf balls designed for women too hard and/or too weak in terms of feel around the green.

Back in the day, all golf balls used to be hard. That’s when this company known as Precept came up with its Lady Precept golf ball. It was built with a softer feel and lower compression rating. The golf ball became so popular that even men started to buy it. Because, after all, not every male golfer has a fast swing speed to hit balls with a 100 compression rating.

And now, in this day and age, golf club manufacturing brands have finally realized the connection between the swing speed of a golfer and the compression rating of a golf ball.

Key Factors of Ladies Golf Balls


For most women, a low compression rating works the best. What it does is make the golf ball softer, which means minimal effort to achieve maximum distance. And this low compression should be between 45 and 70.

Swing Speed

Naturally, your swing speed determines what kind of golf clubs and golf balls you should be using. The majority of female golfers have a swing speed between 60 mph and 70 mph. In that case, go for low-compression golf balls.

Golf Ball Construction

Most of the lady golf balls we’ve reviewed have a 2-piece construction. Merely because 2-piece golf balls consist of an inner layer and outer layer. The latter is Surlyn, which means easier to hit plus it travels the extra distance.

Dimple Design

After all, the dimple pattern does indeed have a direct impact on the distance you achieve. In that light, you should choose high-trajectory dimples.

Then there’s also the matter of the number of dimples. More or less? Most golf balls out there have anywhere between 300 and 400 dimples. High spinning golf balls feature slightly deeper dimples for keeping down the flight. While low spinning golf balls have little shallower dimples to make the ball fly higher and remain airborne.


Most likely your swing speed is slow, right? So golf balls that give you the least amount of spin are perfect. Avoid using the high spin version since it’s harder to control when your swing speed is also average or below average. And that, in turn, makes the task of generating backspin also very challenging.

On the other hand, low spin golf balls offer better shot control. And these are much easier when it comes to hitting straight as well.


When the core of the golf ball is soft with low compression, women with average to low swing speeds can hit longer in comparison to higher compression. So it goes without saying that lower compression golf balls are softer in terms of feel. So they compress more for generating more distance.

On the other hand, choose firmer and higher compression golf balls only if you’re an advanced player with a faster swing speed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The EndNote

It’s so strange that something as small as a golf ball can contain so much, right? Most recreational golfers don’t even care about the type of ball they’re using. But if you’re serious about the game and about improving your distance and/or control, then you may want to take a few factors into account.

Needless to say, some golf balls are designed for slower swing speeds. And since most female players have a slower swing speed, these are the balls you ought to be chasing. They have a softer feel, lower compression, an optimized dimple pattern, responsive core, etc. So even with an average to low swing speed, you can achieve your goals on the turf.

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