Best Golf Magazines In the World In Both Print and Digital Editions

Your game of golf is all about producing that one rapid, flawless swing that carries the ball wherever and however you want it to. But, no doubt, this is easier said than done. There are so many factors that play a part in a successful and failed shot, right? But how do you go about identifying your errors? And if they are indeed errors, then how to fix them?

The last thing, at such times, that comes to mind are the best golf magazines. Often underrated, these digital and online publications can be of immense help to all types of golfers. The top ones, especially, are focus-driven, backed by factual golf research, packed with information about tournaments, events, Tour-level players, etc.

The best part is the inclusion of the most effective tips and tricks for golfers just getting started. So if you’re on the lookout for the best golf clubs, game improvement tips, upcoming tournaments, and more, then trust our team at Tam O’Shanter Golf for this list below…

Top Golf Magazines to Read in 2021

1. Golf Magazine

Golf Magazine

Instructions, gear, podcasts, videos, news, travel, and so much more in the world of golf are to be found in abundance on this platform specially dedicated to golfing enthusiasts.

The magazine has a print and digital version. And if you subscribe, you can benefit from exclusive content like in-depth profiles and interviews of leading golfers all over the world.

2. Links Magazine

Links Magazine

Aimed toward affluent, passionate golfers, Links Magazine covers high-performance gear, major championships, Tour-level personalities, and life and events that revolve around the game. In fact, they also focus on reviewing golf courses across the globe.

New publications come out 5 times a year, which makes the magazine a genuinely rare and unique platform for the latest, most engaging golfing information.

3. Golf Digest

Golf Digest

You have to have heard of Golf Digest, irrespective of whether you’re an experienced or beginner golfer. This super-popular online and print magazine is crafted for recreational golfers. Everything golf in America is to be found in every publication they issue per month.

Golf Digest also has a separate section called The Loop. It’s a modern handbook for sports, entertainment, and everything else.

4. Women’s Golf Journal

Women’s Golf Journal

Did you know that Women’s Golf Journal is the only American golf magazine that caters to women golfers? It’s a more recent invention, but it’s quite reflective of the ever-increasing landscape of women golfers getting into the game and breaking boundaries.

The information consists of golf travel, golf personalities, golf equipment, golf fitness, and so much more. And just so you know, some of the best LPGA golfers are a part of the publication.

5. Golf Tips Mag

Golf Tips Mag

The great search for the best golf balls, how to grip the golf club, get that bunker shot over the lip, and so on and so forth. These are the kind of posts you should be looking forward to from the digital and print edition of Golf Tips Mag.

The content is more beginner-focused. So if you’re a newbie or even an average golfer struggling with your swing, gear, and skills, then you’re highly likely to come across a plethora of game improvement tips and techniques, which are pretty straightforward to understand and execute.

6. Golf Styles

Golf Styles

Made for men and women golfers, Golf Styles is actually a very popular regional magazine based in Virginia, Fairfax. But the publication has now expanded to other regional areas in Ohio, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Atlanta.

Premium brands make an appearance more than you can imagine. And most of the products, the magazine claims, have an under-par price.

7. Golf Week

Golf Week

One of the very few, maybe even the only golf digital publication that offers a new issue every week. That means you simply can’t miss out on anything important, urgent, and latest in the game of golf if you subscribe to Golf Week.

The expert team here covers upcoming events, latest rankings, information on equipment and courses, and professional golfers.

8. Golf World

Yet another weekly publication that comes packed with the latest LPGA, PGA, International, National, and Championship news and events. Each and every issue contains invaluable content revolving around analysis, broadcasts, interviews, statistics, and the most minute information in the game of golf.

Only available in the digital format now, Golf World is a magazine that ranks among the oldest publications. And that gives it a lot of value and authenticity.

9. Golf Monthly

Golf Monthly

Now, how about a UK-based publication? Also, it’s the most expensive print golf magazine, which means the yearly subscription is pretty steep. But then you get access to exclusive content that includes advice, drills, and tips from some of the topmost UK golf coaches as well leading stars of the sport.

Agreed that the magazine charges a huge sum, but then it also invests this money into reviewing the latest and best golf gear. So it’s safe to say that the print and digital publication is worth your time and money.

10. Kingdom Magazine

Kingdom Magazine

Why Do We Golf, Remembering Arnold Palmer, California Golf, Women On Course, etc. – these are some of the latest posts we found on Kingdom Magazine.

There are individual sections dedicated to Golf, Courses, Store, Newsletter, and Magazine. So you may end up spending a lot of time on the website, and that time is sure to be well-spent.

11. Today’s Golfer

Today’s Golfer

Just like Golf Monthly, this UK-based publication is also available internationally. Needless to say, the international version is slightly on the pricer end of the spectrum. But the content printed in every issue is solid with premier quality imagery.

The magazine is the most useful for beginners looking for different ways to improve their game with the right kind of equipment. It also has some of the best golf course listings in the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world.

12. National Club Golfer

Quizzes, podcasts, clubs, courses, tours, tips, competitions, and lots more. National Club Golfer is all about enlightening golf coverage so you’ll never slice a drive again or be guilty of making the most common errors during your round of golf.

Every morning the National Club Golfer newsletter reaches the inbox of over 50 thousand UK-based golfers. And not a single section of every new newsletter is a waste of your time as it covers all important aspects – equipment, courses, professional ranks, etc.

13. Score Golf

Once you become a Score Golf club member, expect to benefit from a wide range of golf information put forth by top personalities like Jason Logan, Rick Young, and Gina Phillips.

The publication has TV & Video and Associations sections too. So the events and news covered are spread across a broad spectrum. The Top 59 Public Courses, in particular, caught our fancy.

14. Global Golf Post

The magazine covers male professional players as well as leading LPGA golfers. There’s a lot for amateur players as well, so don’t think that Global Golf Post is partial or biased in any way.

It’s a free weekly digital golf magazine. Every person involved in the content creation team is or has been a golfing professional in some way or the other. For example, Jim Nugent (the founder and publisher) has worked in golf media for over a quarter of a century.

15. Inside Golf

Inside Golf

Now, this is an Australian golf publication. In fact, it’s the most circulated magazine filled with information about Australian golfers. Every issue is packed with industry news, new products, course reviews, golf tips from the best PGA professionals, giveaways, competitions, and lots more.

Every bit of golf gear, from drivers to golf gloves and GPS, is reviewed in the most impartial manner so as to bring to you the best of the best equipment.

16. Golf Punk

Be it golf travel, golf gear, golf fashion, golf news, or whatnot, Golf Punk is a very reliable platform for avid players. You get the latest scoops in the form of Cobra’s most advanced irons and McIlroy’s perfect start in the opening round of the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship.

Product reviews are also well-detailed and incredibly useful when it comes to choosing the best hybrids, putters, golf bags, and even gadgets.

17. Fore Georgia

Everything golf in Georgia is to be found on Fore Georgia, including women’s golf. The monthly digital publication consists of Georgian Tour players, Georgian PGA news, and more.

There’s also a course directory, driving ranges, stay and play packages, and golf instruction that is often so hard to locate. So if you’re an avid golfer staying in or just visiting Georgia, all your golfing needs are pretty much covered.

18. Golf Australia

This one’s another Australian-based golf publication designed for golfers from the land down under. Courses & travel, podcasts, news, videos, tips, and the like make the magazine very popular worldwide.

Both the quality and quantity of posts on Golf Australia are rare to stumble upon. You get both digital and print versions, so you’re free to select based on your reading style or convenience. Whatever the format you choose, your goal of becoming a better golfer starts to seem more realistic.


There used to be a time where golf magazines did not even exist n the print format. But now we live in a time and age where we can choose between print and digital. That’s how convenient it is to get to know all about the latest in the sport of golf.

The game is in no way declining, and these top magazines are proof of that fact. Golf continues to be a popular sport in not only America but also UK, Europe, and Australia. So it’s only common for so many magazines to keep coming up in order to cover the broad expanse that features not only the best golf equipment but also so many other related, useful information.

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