10 Best Graphite Shafts For Irons: Top Reviews And Buying Guide For 2022

Is it steel or graphite shaft? What golf club shaft do you think can enhance your performance on the golf course? If you want to upgrade your OEM parts, especially your iron club shaft, try the effectiveness of a graphite shaft.

You can buy golf clubs complete with shafts and heads. But you can still customize them with a replacement shaft. It may be because your old club shaft is already non-suitable for your skill or other reasons.

Do some favor for you. This article will take you further in discovering some of the best graphite shafts for irons that you may not know yet. Keep on reading!

Top 3 Graphite Shafts For Irons





1. Dynamic Gold True Temper Shaft – .355 Tapered Tip

#1 – Editor’s Choice

Dynamic gold

Stiff – S300 – 130g

2. Aldila NV 65 Stiff Shaft + TaylorMade RBZ Driver Tip + Grip




3. Tour AD Utility/Driving Iron – Orange


Tour Shop Fresno


10 Best Graphite Shafts For Irons – Review [year]

1. Dynamic Gold True Temper Shaft – .355 Tapered Tip

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Dynamic Golf (DG) offers more familiar iron & wedge shafts in the industry. DG’s True Temper Shaft is one of those. DG True Temper is one of the most popular shafts worldwide. The shafts are available for irons and wedges.

The longest shaft has a length of 40.5 inches that fits your 2-iron, while the smallest is 37 inches for the 9-iron. The span usually comes with an increment of 0.5-inch.

Key Features:

  • The shaft carries the Dynamic Gold Variable Wall Technology Shafts.
  • The shaft can deliver penetrating ball flight.


  • Flexes available: Regular/Stiff/X-Stiff
  • Shaft length available range: iron- 37” to 40.5”; wedge-37”
  • Weight: 127gm/132gm/130gm
  • Tip: 0.335


  • One of the shaft’s known users is Tiger Woods.
  • The shaft is ideal for moderate and high-speed swingers.
  • True Temper provides you with a low launch and low spin.


  • You have to choose the appropriate shaft flex and stretch to suit your needs.

2. New Aldila NVS 65 Graphite Driver Shaft Stiff Flex .335

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The Aldila is responsible for popular golf shafts such as the Rogue, RIP, Tour Blue, and Tour Green. The Aldila NVS 65 Graphite Driver Shaft carries MLT feature: which enhances the feel and eliminates inconsistent shots.

The Aldila NVS 65 undergoes a unique manufacturing process that eradicates possible ‘dead zones’. The procedure also eliminates unwanted gaps. The result is a consistent shot due to the non-variation of the shaft stability.

Key Features:

  • It features the NexGen Micro Laminate Technology (MLT).
  • The NVS 65 is a new and improved version of the NV shafts.


  • Flexes available: Stiff/Regular/Senior
  • Shaft length available: 46”
  • Weight: 45gm, 55gm, 65gm
  • Tip: 0.335”


  • The MLT uses twice the ultra-thin layer of carbon fiber material.
  • You can customize the length of the shaft.
  • The shaft provides more stability throughout the swing.
  • The NVS 65 can enhance confidence off the tee.


  • Only one shaft length is available (46 inches).

3. Tour AD Utility/Driving Iron – Orange

Tour AD Utility/Driving Iron - Orange - .355 Taper Tip - Choose Flex (#3 85g, Stiff)
  • 4 lengths for 3, 4, 5, Utility/Driving Irons
  • .355” taper tip
  • Also available in Black/White

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One of the best graphite iron shafts is the well-loved Tour AD Utility/Driving Iron (Orange). Many golfers confessed to the efficiency of Tour AD as it provides better distance with the utmost feel on hands.

The shaft comes in two different weights (85gm and 95gm), so you have a range of choices that fit your skill. The Tour AD works well with contemporary Utility Driving Iron heads, so you will not have a problem with it.

Key Features:

  • The carbon-fiber laced material is impressive.
  • The shaft has a proprietary MSI (Material Stiffness Integration) tech.
  • The design technology is similar to the Tour AD wood series.


  • Flexes available: Stiff/X-Stiff
  • Shaft length available: 38”/38.50”/39”
  • Weight: 85gm/95gm
  • Tip: 0.335” (tapered)


  • The shaft has a better feel and control for more distance.
  • The Tour AD promotes mid-launch angles with a medium spin rate.
  • Designed and manufactured in Japan.


  • One of the shafts is in the high price range. But the cost is worth it!
  • The shaft comes only in a two-weight range.

4. Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue 45 Graphite Wood Shaft Senior Flex

Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue 45 Graphite Wood Shaft, Senior Flex - 44g .335 Tip
  • Graphite shaft designed and engineered through the use of a launch monitor
  • Incorporates patent pending dynamic torsional stability for added swing control
  • Shaft design decreases the likelihood of hooks or slices
  • Increases launch angle for more distance
  • Senior flex, 44g, .335 tip diameter, 46" length

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Do you prefer a graphite and well-balanced golf club shaft for your fairway wood or driver? Well, Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue 45 Graphite Shaft might interest you. ProLaunch did not disappoint many senior golfers that utilized the shaft because it minimizes hooks and slices.

Although the shaft suit senior players, it is also one of the best graphite wood shafts for beginners. It provides a better launch angle that maximizes range in any weather.

Key Features:

  • The shaft may add 10-15 yards of distance.
  • Works well with certain types of adapters to elongate shaft.


  • Flexes available: Senior
  • Shaft length available: 46”
  • Weight: 44gm
  • Tip: 0.335” (tapered)


  • It is ideal for senior, beginner, and lady golfers with a high handicap.
  • The ProLaunch Blue 45 has an enhanced swing control.
  • Also, ideal for recreational golfers.
  • The Blue is a lightweight shaft that works well with larger clubheads.


  • The shaft comes with one size and a single type of flex.

5. Project X NEW HZRDUS Black 6.0 62g Driver/Fairway Shaft Stiff Flex

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Are you a stronger golfer looking for a mid-launch? You might find Project X NEW HZRDUS Shaft more convincing to use. The Driver & Fairway Shaft comes in black with a balance point lower than the HZRDUS T1100. The latter has a counterbalanced shaft.

What is good about a balanced shaft is that it can result in one weight heavier feel than the T1100. The HZRDUS Black has one swing-weight lighter feel in a playing length of 45 inches.

Key Features:

  • It is a low spinning and launching shaft.
  • The Black 6.0 increases the launch angle for added range.


  • Flexes available: 6.0 Stiff
  • Shaft length available: 46”
  • Weight:60gm/70gm
  • Tip: 0.335” (tapered)


  • Ideal for stronger players skillful in transitioning back to forward swings.
  • Project X is a better alternative for OEM Callaway, Cobra, and TaylorMade shafts.
  • The feel is thicker but with almost no whip upon impact.
  • The shaft fits well with Cleveland 460cc golf drivers.


  • Available only in stiff flex.
  • It has a higher price compared to other leading brands.

6. UST Mamiya Recoil 440/450/460 ESX Graphite Iron Shafts .370 Tip

UST Mamiya Recoil 460 ESX F3 Graphite Iron Shafts R Flex 64g .370 Tip
  • Next generation of the Recoil ES models designed to provide maximum distance and control for all player types
  • Recoil Technology provides optimal spring effect in the walls of the shaft and more energy transfer to the ball for increased velocity and distance
  • Designed with stiffer mid and butt sections to produce better shot control, softer tip section for improved feel and trajectory, and lower torque to provide improved shot dispersion
  • F3 Flex for swing speeds between 80-95 mph
  • Material: Graphite, Weight: 64g, Shaft Length: 41", Trajectory: High

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Do you want a golf shaft with a higher trajectory? You can try the UST Mamiya Recoil ESX Graphite Iron Shaft. The ESX is also one of the best golf iron shafts for mid handicappers, although it suits any golfers.

The ESX Mamiya comes with a bigger tip than other brands, but it is soft, improving the feel and trajectory. Players with more confidence in shooting low torque shots may give them better stroke distribution.

Key Features:

  • The ESX is the new generation of Recoil ES models.
  • The shaft is more flexible than other brands because of the spring effect feature.


  • Flexes available: S Flex/L Flex/A Flex/LL Flex/R Flex
  • Shaft length available: 41”
  • Weight: 67gm
  • Tip: 0.370” (parallel)


  • The ESX provides the needed distance for any type of player.
  • The increased velocity upon impact extends the range.
  • The shaft has stiff middle and rear sections producing adequate shot control.
  • The tip is larger than the usual 0.335-inch tips.


  • High handicappers may find the shaft harder to control.

7. KBS TGI Tour 90 Graphite Iron Golf Shaft .355 Taper

KBS TGI Tour 90 Graphite Iron Golf Shaft .355 Taper (Choose Length) (38.0" 5-Iron)
  • KBS TGI Graphite Iron Shaft
  • Weight designates flex: 90 Gram Flex
  • Tip Size: .355 Taper
  • Raw Length: 39.0" - 36.0"
  • Swing Speed: 80mph - 85mph w/ 6-iron

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The KBS TGI Tour 90 Graphite Iron Golf Shaft is specifically designed for golfers with 80 to 85mph (for 6-iron) swing speed. So, if you fall into this category, this is the shaft for your iron. The shaft is also one of the best iron shafts for junior players.

The KBS Tour 90 is available in different raw lengths. However, they have the same weight (90gm), taper tip diameter (0.355”), and flex. The diversity in size will benefit golfers that are too tall or too small in height.

Key Features:

  • The graphite shaft has a steel-like versatility.
  • It is similar to KBS Tour Steel because of the E. I. curve.


  • Flexes available: Junior
  • Shaft length available: 36” (9-iron/wedge)/36.50” to 39” (8-iron to 3-iron)
  • Weight: 90gm
  • Tip: 0.355” (tapered)


  • The versatility offers optimized weight for maximum playability.
  • The KBS TGI Tour 90 is the first shaft playing like KBS Steel.
  • The shaft has a 5% lower trajectory, 5% low-spin, and 5% added distance.
  • The shaft suits junior, women, and even Tour Pros.


  • One of the heaviest KBS TGI models.

8. Graphite Design G Tech Senior Shaft + Callaway Epic/Rogue/Bertha Tip + Grip

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One of the best graphite iron shafts with customized features is the Graphite Design G Tech, Senior Shaft. Senior golfers will appreciate this top-of-the-line graphite shaft, especially those leveling up.

The G Tech may allow you to build added flexibility via tip trimming. It may also enhance your launch angles while optimizing ball spin. The shaft tuning will give you more options in utilizing a customized shaft to your advantage.

Key Features:

  • The modulus materials are standard and intermediate.
  • Economy-wise for golfers who are upgrading to graphite shaft.


  • Flexes available: Senior
  • Shaft length available: 41”
  • Weight: 80gm
  • Tip: 0.370” (parallel)


  • The shaft has a medium bend on the mid-section with a firm bending on the butt.
  • It is suitable for seniors with a swing speed ranging from 71-85mph.
  • The shaft has a medium bend on the tip section.
  • It is compatible with Callaway Epic, Rogue, and Bertha shafts using an OptiForce adapter.


  • Only senior flex is available.

9. Aerotech SteelFiber i95 Stiff Flex Graphite Iron Shafts 4-PW .355 (7 Shafts)

Aerotech SteelFiber i95 Stiff Flex Graphite Iron Shafts 4-PW .355 (7 Shafts)
  • Aerotech SteelFiber i95
  • Shaft Flex: Stiff
  • Shaft Material: Graphite

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If you want a more consistent graphite shaft for your clubs, the Aerotech SteelFiber i95 Stiff Flex Graphite Iron Shafts are a better choice. The shaft comes in various lengths. You can choose the best one for you.

The stiff flex Aerotech SteelFiber will provide you with a sharper ball flight, especially on a sand wedge. The i95 is a better alternative for golfers transitioning from steel iron and wedge shafts into a lightweight and easy-to-swing stick.

Key Features:

  • It provides 5-10 yards more carry with appropriate shots.
  • The i95 is longer: straighter, and has an easy-to-hit shaft.


  • Flexes available: Stiff
  • Shaft length available: Sizes range from 36.50” to 39” for iron and wedge clubs.
  • Weight: 95gm
  • Tip: 0.355” (tapered)


  • The i95 delivers a low with a more penetrating ball flight.
  • The custom option i95 is compatible with Titleist, Wilson, Callaway, and other premium brands.
  • The SteelFiber is a game-changer for many aspiring golfers.


  • You may butt-trim the shaft to a final length.

10. Fujikura PRO Series 65i Graphite Iron Shafts 5-PW Set of 6 Shafts

Fujikura PRO Series 65i Graphite Iron Shafts 5-PW, Set of 6 Shafts (Choose Flex) (Senior - R2)
  • Fujikura PRO 65i Iron Series Graphite Shafts
  • Set of 6 5-PW Shafts
  • Launch: Mid
  • Shaft Lengths: 40.5"
  • Choose Your Flex

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The Fujikura PRO Series 65i Graphite Iron Shafts are a great value for money shafts for sale as a set of six sticks. The shafts are suitable for 5-PW delivering high performance and a lot of feels.

The shafts are available in a pack of six sticks with pre-cut lengths. You only need to cut them to suit your needs. But overall, the medium-launch Fujikara graphite iron shafts can achieve steel swing weights and steel length, unlike any other shaft.

Key Features:

  • The shaft reduces vibration upon impact.
  • The composite material is highly dense for better consistency.


  • Flexes available: Regular/Senior/Stiff
  • Shaft length available: 40.50”
  • Weight: 65gm
  • Tip: 0.355” (tapered)


  • The PRO Series 65i shaft delivers long distances.
  • It is ideal for golfers who are more unpredictable on their shots.
  • The package comes in a set of six shafts.
  • The core is field-proven HDCC (High-Density Composite Core).


  • The initial cost might be intimidating but more economical in the long run.

Best Graphite Shafts For Irons- Buying Guide 

Do you know that golf irons make up the majority of clubs on your bag? Many PGA Pros attest that most golfers do not understand the significance of the shaft in their irons. Most of the time, steel shafts are heavy and have difficulty controlling the shot, especially for slow-speed swingers.

The best solution is to choose a graphite shaft for your irons. But could you determine the appropriate graphite shaft that you should use? Below are guides, features, and tips when purchasing the best graphite shaft for irons.

Crucial Aspects Worth Considering Before Buying Graphite Shafts For Irons

1. Flex

The flex of a golf shaft determines its ability to bend during a shot. The flex can affect the direction and distance of your swing. Beginners should look for a more flexible shaft like the regular, senior/lady, or amateur flex. These flexes have more flexibility that could propel the ball into long-range.On the other hand, stronger players with a high swing speed should use a stiff flex with less bending.

2. Cut

Graphite shafts often come pre-cut or are not yet cut down for fitting. Custom fitting with a technician will cost you a certain amount.

3. Length

Before installing the shaft, you should determine the correct length to compensate for your height. It is recommendable that your body bends a little bit when you make a shot. In recent studies about golf swings: if you hit 0.5-inch off-center, there is a loss of about 7% distance (carry). The carry loss may double (14%) if you are off-center by 1-inch.

4. Tip

The shaft tip is the stick’s end where the clubhead is. There are two sizes of tip diameter available today: the 0.355” (tapered tip) and the 0.370” (parallel) for irons. For woods: the size of the shaft tip is either 0.355” or 0.350”. When choosing the shaft tip: match it with the inside diameter (ID) of the clubhead.

Watch this video on how to tip trim a golf shaft: 

25. Weight

Choose the weight of the shaft that you feel you are more compatible with. However, some weights correspond to swing speeds or the type of players. For example, iron shafts for seniors usually range between 60gm and 70gm.

Comparing Steel Shaft vs. Graphite Shaft vs. Composite Shaft

1. Steel shaft

Steel shafts for golf clubs are heavy, more durable, and cheaper than most graphite shafts. It offers stiffer flex but with a better feel. The shaft delivers instantaneous feedback many pros would like to experience immediately after every shot.

2. Graphite shaft

Graphite shafts are a quick relief for aspiring beginners, seniors, and women golfers because of their lightness. However, the shaft is also suitable for any golfer wishing for more distance with a wide range of flexes. A lightweight shaft can provide added swing speed and distance. The price may intimidate some golfers because it costs more than a steel shaft.

3. Composite Shafts

The composite shaft is an addition to the golf shaft industry. It has a graphite tip but with a steel stick (shaft). The mixed shaft offers control and feels akin to a steel shaft but enhanced speed and distance.

How Does An Erroneous Shaft Work On Performance?

Many players underestimate the vital role of a shaft. Using a wrong golf shaft, like an incorrect flex, may affect a golfer’s swing speed and focus on achieving distance. A very flexible shaft may result in a high ball spin and a shot with an inconsistent dispersion.

How The Shaft Length Is Measured

The USGA has ruled that the maximum golf club length should be 48 inches. You can consult a professional to measure you for a recommended shaft length. Here are the four steps measuring the shaft length.

Step 1 : On a level surface lay the club while its toe points upwards.

Step 2: Using a protractor, place it against the clubhead sole while positioning the head at a 60-degree angle. Ensure that the clubhead sole lies flat on a level surface.

Step 3: Make or draw an imaginary line going along with the clubhead sole where it intersects at a 60-degree angle.

Step 4: Measure the length where the lines intersect with the level surface and the club heel: And across the shaft up to the tip of your grip. This measurement will correspond to the length of the club that you should need.


1. What is the Kick Point in iron shafts?

The kick point is the spot in the shaft that bends the most during the downswing and upon impact. Soft tips provide a lower kick point, whereas the soft butt end creates a high kick point.

2. What is the most beloved iron shaft on Tour?

The most popular iron shaft on Tour is the Dynamic Gold True Temper Tour Issue X100 iron shaft. Almost 23% of Tour players utilize this brand.

3. Tiger Woods: What iron shafts is he using?

The True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 Tour Issue Shaft is what Tiger Woods utilizes on his 3-iron through PW. Tiger also carries a True Temper S400 Tour Issue Shaft on his golf bag. Woods is using the latter for his 60-degree and 56-degree wedges.

4. Rory McIlroy: Iron shafts he uses.

Rory McIlroy, a professional golfer (European & PGA Tours) from Ireland: usually utilizes Project X NEW HZRDUS 6.5 shafts for his wedges. He uses Project X 7.0 for his irons.

5. Are graphite shafts bad for irons?

It all depends on your skill and your aggressiveness towards every shot. Some of the traits of graphite shafts are well-known for being the low vibration transmission, added distance, and enhanced swing speed.

6. Do any pros use graphite shafts?

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy utilize graphite shafts in most of their tours. Additionally, the majority of the PGA Tour top 100 players (almost 50%) are using the True Temper (from Dynamic Gold) graphite shafts. Furthermore, the Fujikara graphite shafts are also top on the list as one of the most used shafts (8.6%).


One of the best options to enhance your performance is upgrading your club shaft. When upgrading your iron shaft into graphite, you embrace the opportunity to perform well.

Another tip that we could give you: one of the best graphite shafts for irons is the Dynamic Gold True Temper Shaft (0.355 Taper Tip)At least the pros hint you with one of the most affordable graphite shafts for your irons with outstanding performance.

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