Best Womens Golf Irons Sets That Are Forgiving to Increase Distance

Women are now winning more and more championships and tournaments. It’s so refreshing to see female golfers take center stage on the course. And while this is happening, new golf club technologies are coming up to help women get better and better. One such category includes the best womens golf irons sets.

When you have the right tools at your disposal, every shot in your single round of golf becomes much easier to play. And that’s how you can elevate your distance, accuracy, and overall performance.

Plus, with the right set that fits your swing and game, you’re welcoming maximum forgiveness for your benefit. After all, these golf clubs for women are the best precisely because they’re the most forgiving. So keeping in mind factors like feel, material, flex, shape, and size, it’s time for us to review the top golf irons for women.

Review of the Best Golf Iron Sets for Ladies

1. Callaway Golf 2020 Women’s Mavrik Max Iron Set

Callaway Golf 2020 Women's Mavrik Max Iron Set (Set of 5 Clubs: 6 Iron - PW, Right Hand, Graphite, Women's)
  • MAVRIK MAX W Irons deliver incredible ball speeds from A.I. and our Flash Face Cup, and a premium women’s performance package
  • For the first time, we’re using Artificial Intelligence in an iron; We’ve created a sophisticated face architecture that’s unique to every loft, so we can create a significant boost in ball speed and increased spin robustness off of every iron
  • The custom tungsten infused weights in each iron allow us to locate the position of the CG in each iron with extraordinary precision while still maintaining ball speed in the Flash Face Cup; This promotes optimum launch and ball flight through the set
  • We’ve implemented our patented urethane microspheres to comprehensively absorb unwanted vibration for pure feel, while also maximizing COR for incredible ball speed
  • MAVRIK MAX W Irons are designed for increased distance and forgiveness in a total women’s performance package; Lightweight components and 50 gram UST Helium shafts help to enhance swing speeds, and premium Lamkin grips complete the set

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These too are a part of the majority of such top recommendations for female golfers. And the beauty of Callaway Mavrik Max here takes the form of Flash Face Cup. The brand, for the very first time, has used Artificial Intelligence to increase ball speed.

Then there’s the tungsten energy core. These custom tungsten-infused weights position the CG of the golf club with remarkable precision. And that opens the door to optimal ball flight and launch throughout the set.

Ultimately, these irons are crafted for increasing distance and forgiveness, no matter the scenario.

Key Feature

  • Flash Face Cup technology boosts ball speed
  • Urethane microspheres eliminate unwanted vibrations
  • Precise CG position optimizes ball flight and launch
  • Lightweight shafts through the set increase swing speed

2. TaylorMade Golf M6 Women’s Iron Set

TaylorMade Golf M6 Women's Iron Set
  • New Speed Bridge structure unlocks the ability to use our most flexible thru-slot Speed Pocket engineered to generate more ball speed than ever before
  • Additional stiffness in the head structure provides higher ball speeds due to reduced energy loss at impact
  • An ultra-thin face design with Inverted Cone Technology (ICT) delivers incredible ball speeds over the entire face area
  • Speed Bridge supports the top line to reduce low-frequency vibrations for a more satisfying sound at impact
  • Advanced HYBRAR compression damper effectively filters unwanted face vibrations for a soft and solid feel on all shots

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No doubt, and no surprise either, that TaylorMade is the first choice. Their M6 Women’s Iron Set is very popular, especially among beginner female golfers. All thanks to the optimized design that activates playability and forgiveness.

This consists of a 360-degree undercut and fluted hosel. Together, these features lower CG to boost launch angle and, ultimately, ball speed. And this is a part of the experience even in the case of low-face hits, which is something that newcomers and even amateur golfers tend to be guilty of.

Key Feature

  • Speed Bridge generates greater ball speed
  • Advanced HYBRAR compression filters unwanted vibrations
  • Inverted Cone Technology maximizes sweet spot

3. Cobra Women’s 2018 F-Max One Length Golf Iron Set

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Relatively new female golfers are sure to benefit from this Cobra F-Max One Length Iron Set. The golf clubs get the ball airborne pretty easily and quickly. And we all know how important that is.

Durable, good quality, and the ability to perform exceptionally well in the case of slow swing speeds – these are some simple yet game-changing features. And the fact that they’re all one-length means more effective, easier play.

Key Feature

  • Offset hosel for a higher launch
  • Specialty wedges included for shot control and versatility
  • Low profile and deep undercut design enables game improvement
  • Aesthetically pleasing premium nickel chrome plating

4. Callaway Golf 2018 Women’s Rogue Irons Set

Wilson Staff Golf D7 Graphite Iron Set, Women's Right Hand, 5-PW, GW
  • Progressive Power Holes: Long irons have three rows of Power Holes for maximum distance. Shorter irons have fewer Power Holes with optimized weighting for maximum feel and precision.
  • Ultra Thin Face: Hot, responsive face for longer shots and better feel.
  • Performance Iron Aesthetic: With straighter lines, a cleaner top line and improved weighting, D7 combines the look of a player's iron with the benefits of Super Game Improvement Technology.
  • Sold as a 7 piece set

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This 7-piece set of golf irons by Wilson feature both long and short irons, right? The former consists of three Progressive Power Holes to maximize your distance potential. And the latter features fewer of these Power Holes, along with optimized weighting, to maximize precision and feel.

On top of that, the brand also decided to design an ultra-thin, responsive, and hot face. So your longer shots come out better with a significant improvement in feel, which in itself is a huge benefit for women golfers.

Key Feature

  • More responsive, thinner face of long irons increases distance potential
  • Optimal weighting of short irons improve precision and control
  • Cleaner top line and straighter lines enhance iron aesthetic

6. XXIO 2020 Women Eleven Bordeaux Iron Set

Not very commonly reviewed, the XXIO 2020 Eleven Bordeaux Iron Set seems like an underrated option for women. And we don’t understand why that is because this particular set is specifically built for improving consistency and speed.

The lightweight performance is very suitable for female golfers with a moderate swing speed. After all, the construction consists of a double undercut cavity, which dramatically increases flexibility to promote greater ball speed and distance.

Moreover, rubber and brass weights are positioned at the butt-end to create an effect that paves the way for an easy, smooth swing more consistently. So you can get into that perfect top-of-swing position in order to generate more power.

Key Feature

  • Lightweight irons perfect for moderate to slow swing speeds
  • Double undercut cavity structure boosts ball speed and distance
  • Rubber and brass weights strategically positioned for optimal power assistance

7. Titleist T300 Iron Set

Even men don’t love to play big and bulky irons. Because the bulkier the golf club, the less attractive it becomes at address. Now you should know that the major part of this bulk comes from the perimeter weighting. This is a feature responsible for making the golf irons so forgiving in the first place. So how about an iron that offers both!

Titleist T300 irons are the most forgiving. With these, you can achieve your goal of hitting higher greens with more control. And you’re also most likely to gain a few extra yards in comparison to your current iron set.

Key Feature

  • Super long and forgiving irons for women
  • Wider design increases bounce to promote easier glide through
  • Ideal for beginners, high handicappers, and women

8. Mazel Single Length Golf Club Irons Set

MAZEL Single Length Golf Club Irons Set for Men & Women (4,5,6,7,8,9,P,A,S) or Individual Iron 7,Right Handed (Flex R,4-SW (9PCS))
  • STRAIGHTER & MORE CONSISTENT: These irons feature the same length,lie and weight which provide same swing weight for every shot,make you hit the ball straighter and more consistent. After several rounds you will get used to the same length and weight clubs,great to simplify your golf game and improve your performance!
  • ACCURATE FOR MORE DISTANCE: The hitting face with deep grooves for great forgiveness & control,amazingly improved accuracy to shoot more further distance.
  • SET OF 9PCS: Comes with 9 pieces golf irons clubs,Including 4,5,6,7,8,9,PW,AW,SW. Not noly for weekend golfers,but also for some professional golfers.
  • FAST BALL SPEED:Back cavity design with a lower center of gravity to deliver the fast speed when get the ball off the tees,make you more confident in the golf course.
  • WORTH THE MONEY: MAZEL irons set are well made in the same place as the top brand,but awesome price for the amazing product! If you have some trouble with the long irons, TRY THEM! This set suit for you!

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When one-length allows you to produce easier, repeatable swings, then why wouldn’t you want to go for it! You also get a more consistent and steady feel with these Mazel Single Length Irons.

The graphite shaft, in this case, is the best part because it’s lightweight, thus easier to use in order to increase your swing speed. That’s the reason why the set under the spotlight is also among the best choices for seniors.

Key Feature

  • Stainless steel irons with a large sweet spot
  • Low CG promotes straighter, longer shots
  • High-performance, shock-absorbent, anti-slip rubber grip
  • Made for juniors and professionals

Things to Look for In Women’s Golf Irons

New or Used?

It goes without saying that a new set of golf irons create a better, more optimized golfing experience. On the other hand, used irons or any other golf club are often chipped. And that, in a way, has a negative impact on your shots.

Also, the drawback of used golf clubs is that they might not suit your golfing skills and preferences. On the other hand, you’re most likely to buy new ones based on your specific needs and requirements.

Individual or Set?

It all depends on your golfing skills. Most beginners choose individual irons, and that only makes sense because you buy only the ones you need. While a set is a more fitting choice for experienced ladies who can mix and match different types of irons for creating a set to make all kinds of Tour and pro shots.

Types of Irons

There are forged irons made with a carbon steel clubhead. These are subjected to the process of milling, grinding, then polishing. So they have a minimized sweet spot, hence are more suitable for experienced players who can control trajectory and shape shots.

Then you have cast irons that are multi-layered and perimeter-weighted. Therefore, a better choice for beginners, but only because of the perimeter weighting since it maximizes forgiveness. It’s also a cheaper pick than the forged type.

Designs of Irons

There’s blade and cavity back. The former features evenly distributed weight in the clubhead with a small sweet spot. While cavity back irons consist of perimeter weighting, thus preferred by most beginners because of the longer, straighter shots potential even in the case of mis-hits.

Shaft Length, Material, and Flex

Starting with shaft material, the two options are stainless steel and graphite (more lightweight). Since graphite is lighter than steel, it’s easier to swing plus it softens the flex to generate more power, torque, and head position.

Then comes the shaft flex for women. As a female golfer, opt for the L (Ladies) flex. Particularly if you’re also a beginner. Then there’s the A (Senior) flex option too, which may reduce flexibility a little bit. Nevertheless, both are perfect for the slower swing speed of women golfers.

Moving on to length, the standard length for women is 38.5 inches in the case of steel irons. Those with a graphite shaft should be 39 inches long. Keep in mind that as the number of the iron increases, the length also increases by 0.5 inches each time.

Clubhead Weight and Size

As long as you’re buying a golf irons set made for ladies, you don’t have to worry about a thing. But what matters is choosing golf clubs with low CG and tungsten weighting in case you also happen to be new at the game. Low CG promotes less spin and high launch. And tungsten weighting places more control into your hands.


The majority of women golfers in comparison to men are shorter. So that explains why the grip should be smaller too. With a grip like this, it’s unlikely to complain about not being able to have more control over your golf swing.

Set Makeup

The most acceptable golf irons set is one with hybrid clubs, wedges, and different lofted irons.

Long irons are a challenge to hit, which is why you should replace them with hybrids. Then the next is to check the different lofts of the irons included. Finally, don’t forget to also make wedges a part of that set since these too are incredibly important.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Even with golf irons for women, there are plenty of differences in design, features, technology, material, etc. So you should choose depending on your golf swing speed, skills, handicap, goals (such as distance, launch, spin, control, etc.), and the like.

One thing is for sure though. That we have reviewed some of the best irons sets for female golfers of all kinds. None of the products are badly, negatively, or inadequately rated. Every single iron set has the perfect balance of functionality, price, and quality to give you the best of all worlds.

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