Callaway Edge Review: What To Buy These Golf Clubs

Beginners and high-handicappers rejoice! Here comes the Callaway Edge! The Edge is a secretive Callaway golf club set that you cannot find easily in ordinary golf stores or online shops.

Callaway might be too busy that they do not advertise these golf clubs. We can tell you more about Callaway Edge and its emergence in Costco where many golfers discovered its existence.

So, we came up with this Callaway Edge review to find more about the brand. Stick up, golf lovers, and discover more about the Callaway Edge!

Callaway Edge 10 Piece Golf Set

A great, affordable set of clubs from a leading brand for mid-high handicappers.

  • Great Value
  • Great Design
  • Forgiving
  • All round Performance
  • Beginner Friendly

Know Why the Callaway Edge Is Supposed To Be A “secret”?

Do you want to know a secret? But not exactly! You see, you cannot find the Callaway Edge anywhere else! Even on its website. But why is that so? The Edge is seldom in golf stores. The model seems exclusively sold through Costco, a membership warehouse club; popular in the United States.

However, the Callaway Edge Set found its way on Amazon recently. The golf club set now sells in this virtual store: although on a limited supply basis. But unlike other premium brands, the Callaway Edge Combo Irons has no promotion, no press releases, and no endorsements from pro golfers.

Many golfers may be surprised by this marketing strategy by Callaway. The company might keep the golf club set secret because of its affordability, but the quality is a typical Callaway brand. Beginners and high-handicap golfers may find this offer captivating.

What Contains The Callaway Edge Set?

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The Callaway Edge is a 10-piece golf club set in male and female versions. Compared to a golf set with 14 golf clubs: the Edge Combo set has only ten essential golf clubs. But it is not a thing to worry about: You can still add in the bag the clubs you are used to in playing golf.

Here are the 10-piece clubs that you will find in a typical Callaway Edge combo set:

  • A Driver (Titanium)
  • 3-Wood
  • 5-Hybrid
  • 6-Iron
  • 7-Iron
  • 8-Iron
  • 9-Iron
  • Pitching Wedge (PW)
  • Sand Wedge (SW)
  • Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter

Detailed contents: Callaway Edge Set

1. The Callaway Edge driver

The driver is titanium that makes it ideal for high-handicappers and beginners. It fits for accuracy and distance. Players with a slower swing speed will benefit from the titanium driver because of its sizeable clubhead.

Moreover, the massive titanium clubhead will provide more forgiveness while delivering a fast face with a low C. G. (center of gravity). The driver will also improve your launch.

2. Callaway Edge 3-wood

The 3-wood also has a low center of gravity, like the driver. It has a titanium clubhead: The low C. G. hits the ball effortlessly, which also fits beginners and high-handicappers. The 3-wood has a perimeter weighting enabling straighter shots.

The chamfered solemn head is compact and highly reliable on straight and long hits from varied lies.

3. Callaway Edge hybrid

The 5-hybrid golf club is a better alternative for the long iron. It is one of the easiest to hit among the clubs in the set. Once trapped in a rough, the compact 5-hybrid will take you easier into the fairway.

4. Callaway Edge irons

The irons include a 6-iron, 7-iron, 8-iron, and the 9-iron, along with the pitching wedge and sand wedge. These irons are of the cavity-back variety. The irons are also easy to hit than most irons in the market. Players who are just starting to golf will find the irons more convincing in taking the ball airborne without much effort.

The large cavity-back heads of the irons have second-generation stabilizing arch promoting stability and superior forgiveness, unlike any other irons. During miss-hits, the irons play a vital role in making long straight shots.

The pitching wedge has aggressive grooves, helping golfers to improve strokes. The sand wedge has a broad and round sole that will help you to glide smoothly on sand hazards.

5. Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter

Yes, that’s right! The Edge golf set has a putter: But it is not just an ordinary putter. It is a Callaway Odyssey putter that is perfect for high-handicappers and beginners. The putter gives you an unquestionable advantage in dealing with short games that will lower your handicap.

Benefits Of The Callaway Edge Club Set

Here are some of the benefits that you can get if you purchase a Callaway Edge golf set:

1. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the comfort you can get from owning a Callaway Edge combo. The driver has an enormous clubhead that offers a sizeable sweet spot ensuring a better fit for beginners and high-handicap players. It is not only the driver that is more forgiving. All of the clubs have the same trait.

The forgiveness of the Edge set lets you play with confidence, knowing that you can cope with adversities.

2. Ideal for players with a slower swing speed

That’s right! Seniors and women with slower swing speeds will also benefit from utilizing the Callaway Edge. The majority of the clubs have flexible shaft that fits beginners and high-handicap players. Most of the shafts are graphite and steel or a combination of both.

3. Affordability

The Callaway Edge may not be affordable to some golfers, especially beginners, but the price is competitive from other leading brands. It also becomes affordable considering the set comes in 10-piece golf clubs.

The golf set is one of Callaway’s best ensembles of golf clubs with first-rate designs. The clubs are durable, first-rate in quality, and perform well above the rest. The investment is worth every penny. The Edge golf clubs are only available through leading retailers like Costco and Amazon.

Who Should Buy The Callaway Edge 10-Piece Golf Clubs?

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Average golfers, beginners, amateur players, and high-handicappers are the beneficiaries of the Callaway Edge. The golf club combo is the best option as a starter base set while preparing to organize your game. The level-up forgiveness of each golf club makes the Callaway Edge a brilliant choice for players that need better performance.

Is Something Missing From the Callaway Edge Set?

It is unnecessary to add any golf club to the Callaway Edge set. However, if you want to complete the 14-piece allowable clubs or you have something in your mind, a 58-degree or 56-degree wedge is one option.

You can also consider a gap wedge (GW) to compensate for the distance lacking between PW and SW.

Pros and Cons of the Callaway Edge Iron Set


  • The more forgiving nature of each club is an asset to beginners and high-handicap players.
  • The oversized clubheads offer improved distance and a great sweet spot.
  • The forgiving irons deliver straighter shots with decent pitch angles.
  • Affordable price for high-handicap and beginner golfers.
  • Each club hit the ball with precision improving scores.
  • The Callaway Edge is a game improvement club set.


  • The driver is non-adjustable.
  • No golf bag is in the purchase.
  • The set is not simply available. But Amazon makes special offers from time to time.
  • The golf club set is off-the-shelf buy: it may not fit tall or small players.

Callaway Edge and Strata: Their Differences

Many beginners are getting confused with Callaway Edge and Callaway Strata golf clubs. Although they are both Callaway brands, there are some differences and similarities. Both are game improvement clubs and carry the Callaway quality brand.

The differences between the two Callaway brands lie in their price and the quality level. The Edge is affordable, yet the Strata come relatively cheaper. However, the price discrepancy maybe because of the higher quality of the Edge: both in features and construction.

Callaway Edge – Time to Review Its Alternatives!

If you are still not decided to buy the Edge, here are some of the best alternative golf club sets.

1. Callaway Golf Men Strata Complete Set

The Strata is the cheapest in the Callaway series: It is also an economical alternative for the Callaway Edge golf set. The Strata comes in 12-piece, 14-piece, and 16-piece models in right or left-hand orientations.


  • The set includes a driver, 3-wood, 4 & 5-Hybrid, 6 to 9 Irons, PW & SW, a putter, and four head covers
  • Ideal for beginners and high-handicap golfers.
  • The purchase has a free stand golf bag.


  • Not as high a quality compared to Edge.

2. Cobra Golf 2019 Men XL Speed Complete Golf Set

The Cobra brand is also top on the chart in the best-selling golf club sets in the market. The Cobra XL Speed offers 12-piece golf clubs that include a driver, 3- and 5-wood, 4- and 5-hybrid, 6-9 irons, PW, SW, and a blade putter.


  • The purchase includes a 14-pocket cart bag.
  • The clubs are lightweight and easy to hit.


  • The set has a steeper price.

3. WILSON Men Complete Golf Club Package Sets

If you are a beginner and looking for a more affordable price range in a golf club set, the WILSON Men Complete Golf Club Package is highly recommendable. The clubs have cavity-back irons for straighter and longer shots. Beginners will find this golf club set as a performance enhancer.


  • The set comes with oversized clubheads for better forgiveness.
  • The fairway wood and driver is graphite shaft.
  • The hybrids provide distance and accuracy.


  • The grips are thin.


1. Is Callaway Edge Good?

The 10-piece Callaway Edge golf clubs feature top-quality designs that other premium brands do not have. The set is even affordable than those leading brands that come individually.

Although it does not come in a 14-piece complete set, the Edge seems to have all the elements of a perfect club set. The Callaway Edge set has wood, irons, hybrids, wedges, and putter in its sleeve that most beginners will appreciate. And that is for the price of one!

2. Are Callaway Edge Irons Good?

The Callaway Edge irons on the Edge collection (6-9 irons) are probably one of the best combinations of irons. The irons are modern cavity-back designs with a second-generation stabilizing arch promoting stability and forgiveness.

The large sweet spot also helps in long straight shots, even on miss-hits. Moreover, the irons come with great sound and feel.

3. Is Callaway Edge Good for Beginners?

The Callaway Edge golf club set improves the game, especially beginners and high-handicap golfers. All the clubs have a low center of gravity (C. G.) that allows for better performance even for beginners.

The titanium driver adds up to the effectiveness of the golf club. Aside from the enhanced forgiveness, the Edge set also eases launch in every game. Moreover, the Odyssey White Hot Pro putter included in the set becomes a bargain!

All-in-all, the Edge is a cheaper alternative for beginners who want to pursue golf in the long run.

4. How Long Are Callaway Edge Golf Clubs?

Here is the size of each shaft of the golf clubs in a Callaway Edge set:

Golf Club

Shaft Length


45.00 inches


39.50 inches


39.50 inches


38.75 inches


38.00 inches


37.00 inches


36.50 inches


36.00 inches

Pitching Wedge

35.75 inches

Sand Wedge

35.25 inches

5. How forgiving are Callaway Edge Irons?

The Callaway Edge irons are game improvement irons and have the game-changing technology every amateur and beginner player should own. The irons have a low center of gravity that increases their forgiveness, where most beginners may utilize to improve their performance.

6. What putter comes with the Callaway Edge set?

The Callaway Edge set comes with the Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter that may cost more than $200 each.

Watch the unboxing of the rare to find Callaway Edge set:


It is now clear that the 10-piece Callaway Edge golf club set is for high-handicapper and beginner golfers. It is one of the best choices when somebody wants to try golf as a long-term engagement.

Amateur golfers may try the full-set Edge golf clubs at an affordable price but with unquestionable quality. This Callaway Edge review may be an eye-opener for those wondering where to invest before playing golf.

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