Everything You Need To Know From Services To Cost To Regrip Golf Clubs

Golf has always been one of the fanciest sports across the globe. The peculiarity of the game keeps the players on their toes. Though playing golf is an expensive affair, it is absolutely an experience that you should take at least once to try your aim.

There are several factors to help you familiarize yourself with a sport. It includes testing a golf ball or regripping a golf club. When it comes to the cost to regrip a golf club, it varies according to the method you choose.

One of the cheapest ways is to regrip them yourself. Another option is to allow a local golf shop to take care of them. The easiest option is to go for the nearest regripping services.

There is a lot of chatter around the duration and frequency of the golf club regripping process. The more you are consistent with the regripping, the better you score on the grass! Let answer some common queries on the regripping golf club.  

How Much Does It Cost To Regrip Golf Clubs? 

The cost to regrip golf clubs might cost you between $10 – $15. The cost of regripping the whole golf club can go up to $175.

However, this price varies depending on the material or labor cost.

Here’s a tip: Take your golf club for the regripping services even though they are in a slightly better condition. It will cost you lesser than usual. You can also seek the recommendations of a professional in the area.

The low-quality grips will not cost much. However, you will end up reaching out to the gripping services more frequently. It will eventually affect your budget. If you are a frequent golfer, low-quality grips are a big no-no!

Not to forget the inconvenience caused by these grips as you swing your best shot on the course.

Remember to check the quality of grips and their prices. This will help to choose your favorite grip as per your style and range. Make sure that these grips are comfortable to hold, irrespective of the prices.

What Is The Purpose of Regripping Your Golf Clubs?

Regripping your golf clubs have several benefits. It ensures smoother swings, better shots, and flawless performance during wet weather. It also helps golf clubs feel lighter to your hand. Not regripping your golf club on time can lead to soreness in your hand.

Regripping your golf clubs helps score well. Once you regrip your golf club, here’s a complete guide to perfect your swing as a beginner.

Is It Time To Regrip Your Golf Clubs? 

You should regrip golf clubs when they start wearing off. You know it is time to hit regripping service store when the golf clubs feel slippery or sturdy. Regripping your golf club is a must when you find the materials start to peel off.

You might also find residue on your palms during the heat. It calls for a quick golf club regripping session.

Another way to gauge the need to replace or regrip the golf club is the vibrating sensations while playing. The vibrations directly affect the shots on the course leading to a mandatory change of the grips of the golf club.

You can also consider changing the grip when the old ones begin to wear out due to climate.

Constant contact with heat, rain or even dust automatically contributes to the deterioration of the grip over the months or years. You can judge the quality by playing a few shots and through comparison with the new grips.  

What Is The Regrip Frequency?

Regripping of a club depends on the frequency of your usage, climate, and maintenance. Professionals advise that a frequent player should regrip golf club after 40 rounds minimum.

The low-quality golf clubs might need more frequent regripping. Heat, moisture, dirt, and dampness also contribute to the degrading quality of the golf clubs.

If they are stored regularly in unfavorable conditions like a damp basement or extreme heat, they might need regripping often.

According to the Gold Digest, extremely cold temperatures cause golf clubs to crack.

How To Regrip Your Clubs?

There are ample regripping services out there. Any local golf shop can help fine-tune your golf club at a low cost. But you can also do it yourself.

A quick and safe way is to chop off the old grip, tape and replace it with the new one. Next, apply solvents and put them on the new grips. Make sure the alignment is intact and you are good to go!

When Can I Start Reusing My Regripped Golf Club?

It is best to wait for at least 24 hours before you take the newly regripped golf club out on the course. Let your golf club dry completely before using them.

In case, you need to use a golf club sooner, use an air dryer.

Where Should I Take My Golf Clubs To Get Regripped?

You will often find golf clubs regripping services adjacent to a golf course. Here, the cost to regrip golf clubs will be slightly lower. You will also get the necessary expertise.

Local golf retailers are also the best way to get your club regripped at a relatively low cost. They can also help you with technicians or some DIY hacks.

Can I Regrip My Own Golf Clubs?

Yes, you can do the regripping at your home. You need to collect new grips, a sharp blade, a solvent or adhesive, and a grip tape.

Remove the existing grip and apply a fresh coat of adhesive or solvent on the newly cleaned golf club. Hold it together with a tape and make sure you’ve got the grips right in the place.

You might want to double-check the alignment of gripping as it helps make your swings swifter After this process, let the golf club dry for a day. You can quicken the process by using an artificial dryer.

What Are the Best Golf Grips?

1. Rubber Grip

There are several types of grips available in the stores. The most common and cheapest one has to be the rubber grip. It is commonly used due to its comfort level. They need regular maintenance and regripping especially if in use consistently.

2. Corded Grips

These grips are often used by professional golf players. Therefore, they are easily one of the best ones in the market.

Corded grips are often taken out during bad weather as they are likely to sustain such conditions. If you are using a corded grip, make sure to keep your gloves handy. These grips have a rough exterior which might affect your palm movement.

3. Putter Grips

You might want to choose your grip according to your putting style. Putter grips keep your arms relaxed. They also are easy on your hands. It helps keep the putter away from twisting during a stroke.

They also help in having a pendulum swing. It is advisable to use a heavier grip as it helps to get a lighter stroke.

4. Wraps

This is a slightly traditional grip. They will help you get the feel of the golf clubs from yesteryears. The leather effect at the shaft gives the golf club a retro appeal. You can use this along with the addition of improved technology for swifter movement.

5. Golf Pride Tour Velvet

Here’s the grip that you are looking for! The best one in the lot is Golf Pride Tour Velvet as they are also used in the PGA tours.

It is a perfect blend of non-slippery surface and rubber. These are the best grips for a comfortable game and also the best shots.

Some of the other grips that are considered desirable in the market are Golf Pride ZGRIP Align, Winn Dri-Tac, and Lamkin Crossline. Know how many golf clubs are advised to keep in a golf bag.

What To Do With Old Golf Clubs? 

You might want to throw away your golf clubs as you have regripped them several times. However, consider giving it a second thought if they are still in a moderate condition.

Several organizations collect equipment donations for the less privileged. You can regrip your old golf clubs and donate them. This will not only help the needy but also help the sport to grow.

No sport is complete without equipment maintenance. So, regripping golf clubs are equally important as mastering the game.  


A well-kept golf club gives you a lot of confidence. The best shots are often dedicated to the well gripped golf clubs and rightly so. The key lies in picking the most comfortable one for you and having a good practice session with it before the main game.

It is also crucial to keep in the mind the frequency and duration of the play before dialing the regripping services. All in all, regripping your golf clubs is worth every shot you are going to score later!

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