Serious And Funny Golf Terms You Should Know (2024 Update)

Are you an aspiring golfer? In the game for quite some time? Maybe it is time you know the funny golf terms, and the serious ones, too, to fit in at the club.

As golf rounds are usually longer than four hours, there’s plenty of time to talk between golfers. After golf starts by teeing off, the players will employ the terms of golf tee shot as well as golf-related sayings and direct quotes to enhance their enjoyment of the game.

These funny golf sayings help make the time on the course more enjoyable no matter what the game is. When players hold the golf club in front of the golf ball, they are often able to add a bit of spice to their game with an incisive remark even if it’s just two golfers.In our article, we highlight the top golf terms and golf terms like general terms, slang, and quotations We take a humorous look at the humorous aspect of golf giving you a head start for the next time you’re out on the golf course and want to poke fun at the ability of a golfer.



The most fun way to talk on the golf course is to use some slang terms that are shorthand only golfers who are not golfers can understand. Through our style of communication, slang words can help build bonds that make your playing on the course one of your most memorable moments of the year.


If you’ve ever heard your player using the slang term “sticks” then know that refers to golf clubs. For those who play a lot, the term “sticks” is relatively common, particularly when having a bad day and their golf swing is off.


A golf shot that is chunked is a golf shot that’s not good when the golfer hits the ground in front of the golf ball. Instead of hitting the ball with precision, the golfer will experience less force as the divot causes the ball to move poorly and is well from its intended goal.

Air Mail

Another fun slang word for golf courses can be “air mail.” When golfers make a bad golf shot on the green, the golfer “air-mailed” the putting surface. The reason for this could be that they misjudged the distance or the force of the wind that blew in the direction of the bad shots “air mailing” can make a hole unplayable and create significant damage to the scorecard.


“Gimme” refers to the situation when a “gimme” is when the golfer is faced with short putts of only a few feet on the course, and they decide to take their golf balls instead of trying to putt them out the hole. Even though a gimme’s not an actual putt, the golfer plays the stroke like it is a putt that was made. In a match game, a putt conceded is usually referred to as”gimme” in less formal settings and “gimme” in less formal situations in the field.

Dance Floor

The expression “dance floor” refers to the green that is putting. If you hear one of your players saying, “I’m going to use a 7-iron to get this ball on the dance floor,” they’re trying to get the green using their initial golf shot.

Dog Track

If a golf course has experienced a decline the players will refer to the golf course as “a dog track.” Courses that need a serious overhaul are often called “a dog track.” If you notice greens with bare spots or fairways that aren’t maintained or regularly mowed or inaccessible tee boxes. You can be sure that you have heard of this sexist golf term to describe the golf course.

Fried Egg

When a golf ball lands in the bunker, and then buries itself, leaving only a tiny area exposed the name for this unfortunate situation is the “fried egg” lie. Although the concept is pretty easy to understand, for those who require more information the particular scenario in which the ball lies in the sand is reminiscent of an egg that has been fried from above.

Winter Rules

A catchy phrase that gained popularity in the film Caddyshack, “winter rules” is a slang term for improving your lying ability due to the harsh weather created by the cold winter weather that is typical of winter.

In Caddyshack In Caddyshack, one of the characters continually improved his lying on the golf course, citing “winter rules” as the reason. For golfers who are beginners or slow-playing golfers, observing winter rules will speed up your round.

How Much Does A Golf Cart Weigh



While not as enjoyable as words from the golf world, they are essential to learning the finer aspects that go into playing golf, particularly in the case of lessons with a professional coach.

Here are a few of the most commonly used golf terms that you’ll hear while playing golf.


When a golfer can score one lower than the par score on one hole, they earn” birdies. “birdie.” For serious golfers, recording birdies on their scorecards can help lower the penalty for the bogey.


If a golfer can score 3-under par on one of the holes, like when the golfer scores 2-on a par-5 they have scored the term “albatross.” Although extremely uncommon, professional golfers sometimes make holes from the fairway of a playable par 5 and achieve the status of an “albatross” on a hole.


An “eagle” is when the golfer has two-under par. Hole-in-ones on par 3 hole, for instance, is a birdie on the scorecard as the golfer has completed the golf hole in one golf shot even though par is 3 strokes.


A bogey occurs the case when a golfer is 1 over the par listed for the golf hole. No matter what the par for a golf hole, going 1 over is Bogey.

Short Grass

The fairway is a reference to the fairway. the name was coined because of the narrow length of grass that lies in the middle of an opening. When a player plays his tee shots in the fairway area, it is common to frequently hear this phrase used by weekend warriors within your group playing golf.


If a golf ball slowly moves from left to right, the shot is referred to as a fade. It is not to be confused with the term “slice,” where the golf ball moves a lot towards the right and requires greater control by the golfer. A fade is rarely considered to be a bad shot, however, slices are generally considered to be a poor golf shot.


Who is right-handed golfer drawing is a golf shot made by a golfer which returns to the opposite right side on the golf course. The draw is a move from left to right it also gives right-handed golfer more control once the ball hits the green with the least amount of sidespin.


Golfers who make a bad shot can sometimes use the form of a “mulligan” and the golfer hits a second ball without penalties. If, for instance, the golfer misses a poor drive off the tee on the first and want to make use of a mulligan to re-tee the ball and hit a second shot using the driver’s clubhead.

At corporate events, mulligans may be bought for a team or a player individually, giving the players more opportunities to make corrections to their shots and raise more funds for charitable causes.

Match Play

A form of golf that involves two golfers. Match-style game is played hole by hole and the winner is determined by the lowest score when both players have completed it. If the golfers have the same score, there is no winner on the hole. The golfer who wins the hole gets their prize if they are in the lead with more rounds than they are at the end of the track.

Executive Course

Instead of having an 18-hole course, an executive layout offers an enlargement of holes and lengths of each hole, which encourages an easier playing time. For those who are struggling to find time to play a complete game, an executive layout will allow them to enjoy golf without having to sacrifice the majority of their time.

Ready Golf

If a staff member at a golf club instructs golfers to play “ready golf,” they require golfers to play quickly, so that they don’t create the golf course to be backed up on any hole. On a normal golf course, rounds may take up to four hours. If the group isn’t engaged in “ready golf” and simply enjoying the fresh air and no consideration for other groups, the game may get longer, which can lead to a long delay.

Gold Tee Markers

If you’re playing in an area with gold tees, they are the championship golf course’s tees. Tees marked by black or gold frequently indicate the most preferred method to play for those who are advanced golfers.


If an instructor offers golf tips They often advise their players to establish “tempo” with each golf shot. It doesn’t matter if it’s an approach or a quick game shot. tempo will aid in achieving consistent results.

No matter if it’s a very short putt that requires an effortless putting stroke or you’re hitting shots from a greater distance, determining the right timing helps you keep your swing on track which gives you the confidence you can trust while playing golf.


If a ball hits by the green uniformly within the hole, however slightly to the left or right of the flag, you’ve hit it “pin-high.” Golfers strive to hit the ball at the proper distance to the pin for more chances of scoring par or birdie.

Banana Ball

The ball travels in a ” banana-shaped” curve. A very sharp fade shot known as a “slice”.



For golfers seeking ideas to increase their chances of results when trying a short shot, from a difficult sand bunker or how to get over an unlucky shot Some of the best writers and leaders have shared their expertise and motivation through golf terms and phrases to aid weekend warriors in taking his game up a notch.

Lee Trevino

If you were to search for the most hilarious golf quotes ever made and you were to find them, it would be dominated by the six-time major champion, Lee Trevino. Born in the north of Texas, Trevino grew up playing on a local course close to his home. He began working on at the range at an early age, before becoming a caddy, and then, eventually, bribing golf club members from their 19th hole cash.

Trevino’s ability to communicate is as sharp as his golf skills. If you check their Wikipedia profile of his you’ll not be shocked to see an entire section titled “Humor.”

One of his most well-known quotes was made after Trevino got struck by lightning during the 1974 Western Open. When asked by a journalist what he would do if there was a storm playing amid a severe storm Trevino joked, “In the event of a storm you should stand at the center of the fairway, and put the 1-iron. Even God can hit a 1-iron.” iron.”

Other famous quotes from Trevino include:

  • “My swing is so bad I look like a caveman killing his lunch.”
  • “You can earn a lot of money from this game. You can ask my ex-wives. They are both so wealthy that neither of their husbands is employed.”
  • “Only poor golfers have luck. They’re the ones who bounce balls off curbs, trees, or turtles as well as cars. Good golfers have luck. If you are hitting with the ball directly, any bizarre bounce is sure to happen.”
  • “Pressure is when you play for five dollars a hole with only two in your pocket.”

Gary Player

Another golfer who is famous for his sharp brain is South African Gary Player. The winner of 9 major tournaments Player is still able to host seminars, write books and continue to play until well until his 80s.

Youtube videos by Player earn millions of views per year due to his golf expertise and his engaging way of presenting.

Some of the most well-known quotes on golf include:

  • “It’s the marriage. If I were forced to pick between my wife or my putter I’d be missing her.”
  • “The best physique for golfers would be strong hands, large forearms, a thin neck, large thighs, and a flat chest. He’d be similar to Popeye.”
  • “Golf is a man who asks a question of men. It makes you hate the mediocrity.”
  • “Golf is a game that doesn’t have an answer. I’ve played for over 40 years, and I am still unable to figure out how to play.”
  • “If one isn’t prepared to suffer during adversities, I don’t see how he can be successful (in golf).”
  • “The more I practice, the luckier I get.”


Top Ten All-Time Golf Quotes

Here are our picks for the top ten best golf quotes:

Arnold Palmer: “I have a tip that can take five strokes off anyone’s golf game: It’s called an eraser.”

Author P.J. Rourke: “Golf combines two favorite American pastimes; taking long walks and hitting things with a stick.”

The pastor Billy Graham: “The only time my prayers are never answered is on the golf course.”

Tiger Woods: “No matter how good you get you can always get better and that’s the exciting part.”

Bob Hope: “If you take a look at a game and enjoy it, it’s a lot of fun. If you participate or play golf for recreation, it’s a game. If you are working at it, it’s golf.”

Ben Hogan: “The most important golf shot is the next one.”

Sam Snead “If a lot of people gripped a knife and fork the way they do a golf clubs, they’d starve to death.”

Chris Perry: “The worst club in my bag is my brain.”

Jack Nicklaus: “I think I fail a bit less than everyone else.”

Mark Twain: “Golf is a good walk spoiled.”


Utilizing golf-related phrases on the course is another method to connect with your fellow golfers and play players. While there are plenty of wonderful golf phrases within the golfing community, however, we couldn’t find every slang word or memorable quote from this list.

The more you play the golf courses of your region, you’ll discover that you’ll learn new golf terms with every player you meet along your golfing adventure.

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