How long does it take to play 9 holes of golf?

When I first started playing golf my first fear of having to play an 18-hole course was small. However, it quickly became apparent that a very good alternative was playing 9 holes if there was limited time.

If you want to learn golf, you may wonder about the nine hole length required for the game. Ultimately, the time is based largely on both players. The time needed for playing 9 hole golf is detailed here. Most amateurs can play nine rounds of golf within 2 hours. This gives golf players nine holes of golf more options than a round of 18 holes.

Are you doing four hours in an 18-hole or the equivalent of two hours (sometimes upwards of three hours for beginners) in a 9-hole golf course? Are these times possible when playing golf? There are so many things to consider when playing golf on an actual golf course.

Many people think of golf as an easy game but more challenging to learn 9 or 18 holes of golf. However, not everyone is gifted in performance.

For those who do not know the mechanics of a golf game, such a golf course has typical full gaming of 18 holes, but players can play 9-holes (also known as the short course of golf).

It usually takes four hours to play 18 holes. So if you only have half that time, you should play nine holes. With nine (or even six) holes, it’s easy to play a round of golf without taking the same amount of time. Since I’ve gotten older, I actually enjoy playing nine holes more than a full round. It’s a unique challenge.

Whether you can play 9 holes in 2 hours or less depends, of course, on the pace of play. The pace of play depends on many factors: the skills of the players in your group and on the course, the difficulty of the course, the distances between holes and how many people are on the course. This could push a reasonable pace of play to 2 hours and 15 minutes for nine holes.

Some country clubs require players to play faster than 2 hours for 9 holes and require them to do it in less than 90 minutes – and on foot, not by cart, which doesn’t usually speed up play much. So the idea is that each hole takes an average of 13 minutes to reach the 2-hour mark. The par 3 holes should take about 10 minutes, the par 4 holes about 13 and the par 5 holes about 15 minutes.

Of course, this only applies to a full foursome on an average golf course with an average number of players. If you play with fewer than four people and the course is not crowded, you can play much faster. On an empty golf course, a single player or an experienced couple can play a 9-hole round in just 75 minutes.

Depending on the age of the players, this can be done on foot or by bicycle. On a busy golf course with mediocre to poor players, a 9-hole round can take more than 3 hours. You should not play on such courses because they do not manage their flow of play well.

You will play worse because you will have to wait for almost every shot. It also goes against the grain of playing golf fast by playing fewer holes.

The game time in both holes may vary depending on a player’s experience and skills. There is no standard time in finishing a golf game, but if you are playing with one or more competitors, both 18- and 9-hole courses consume more time.

You will learn here how long it takes to golf 9-holes in standard paces with different player counts.

How Long Does It Take To Play 9 Holes Of Golf?

The time varies depending on many circumstances. But most plays take place with an average time of four hours for 18-hole. So, this may equate to two hours (or 2.5 hours, the most) for a 9-hole course. The pace will depend on the number of players involve and other factors.

Golfers who do not have much time prefer the 9-hole over the 18-hole game. Moreover, the time lessens if you are playing alone or with just two players.

When keeping with an impartial level of pace in a game, each group may finish every hole at 15 minutes, no matter how many players are there. It is the average duration of playing a hole in many golf courses.

You can sum up the total game time per hole (including other activities such as preparation for shots, approaching the shots, tee shots, break time, etc.). Take note of the difficulty of the course, the players involved, the distance between holes, etc.

Add the figures after the round. You will arrive at an average period of two to two and a half hours of game time.

Walking versus riding for a round of golf

Golf: walking or riding?

How fast can one go on a ride without stepping into an obstacle course? These debates depend heavily upon many factors listed above such as the skill level of the golf player, the number of players in the group and the number of golfers at their course. In both modes of transport there are advantages and disadvantages but the final decision has two aspects: the individual preference and the golf course’s availability. Always be aware of sun protection when playing golf. This page presents the transportation options for the various modes:

How much do you walk in a round of golf?

A walk has many forms throughout a typical game. When using a golf cart the driver can expect walking to be difficult but also burn some calories. The average golfer walking 18 holes will travel between 4-6 miles depending upon how many shots taken, course lengths or distance between holes. Carrying a club can help you lose between 1200 and 2200 calories per day. Using a pushcart can reduce up to 500 calories, while hiring a caddie can reduce the amount to 600 to 1000.

What is slow play in golf?

Slow Play occurs when players need longer to complete a particular game. That could seriously reduce the enjoyment for other golf players positioned behind slow groups. Golf clubs will restrict group sizes to four or fewer players in order to prevent excessive speed of play. To reduce the onset of a slower play, golfers will hire starters and Rangers who will set, monitor and maintain the recommended time for the game.

Factors That Determine Your Pace Of Play

Every game you play may be longer or shorter than 2.5 hours, depending on many aspects. Here are some of the factors that may influence the timing in finishing 9-holes:

1. The land area of the golf course

Every golf course has a different size. It is natural that the larger the area, the longer it takes to finish around. The land area of the golf course is one of the crucial determinants in timing a golf play.

Most par-3 courses will take about one to one-and-a-half hours (1 to 1.5 hours) to finish the round. In other instances, golf courses with sizes ranging from 5,500 to 6,000 yards may take about two hours to play 9-holes. Consequently, golf courses that stretched to 7,000 yards may take two and a half hours (2.5 hours) of 9-hole game time.

2. Golf clubs you use

If you are a veteran male player, a beginner, a senior, or even a woman golfer, use golf clubs that match your skill. Having golf clubs that will enhance your performance would slash several minutes off the game.

Moreover, the content of your golf bag should be in order. This way, you can pick the right club for the needed stroke without delaying the game.

3. Golfers’ level of skill

Some golf analysts disregard the golfers’ skill and experience in determining the timing to finish 9-holes. Golfers with a higher level of skill and have more experience play faster than players with poor skills.

Even pro golfers with average know-how take a lesser pace (about 1.5 hours on average) to finish 9-holes.

4. Walk or use a golf cart?

Most senior golfers like to walk across the golf course rather than take golf cart service to stretch out. Moreover, the par-3 type is the only golf course that does not offer golf cart services.

Other players prefer the cart services for the faster 9-hole game. The average time to finish 9-hole through walking is 2.75 hours, while on a cart, it takes about 2.5 hours.

5. The group size matters

The more players are there in a group, the longer it will take to finish a 9-hole course. So, if you are on a busy day, and want to roll down the course as fast as you want, try playing single or as a twosome.

Ways To Speed Up Golf Pace Of Play

There are several ways you can accelerate the 9-hole round as recommended by the USGA. Here are some facts!

1. Start intelligently.

Be prompt and punctual on game time. Ensure that everything is in order, like carrying the proper golf clubs with a golf bag, extra balls, the right outfit, and other essentials.

2. Take a short time in the tee.

The phrase ‘hit when ready” is usually acceptable for players on the tee. To save time, you can choose a provisional game if you are wondering your ball is out of bounds or lost.

3. Try other forms to accelerate the round.

Some fun alternatives to individual stroke are the match play, Stable ford, best ball, and others. The team can choose these game formats because not all players would hole on each hole.

4. Target playing in 20 seconds

Always think about hitting the ball within 20 seconds or less to keep the pace quicker but more quality.

5. Be friendly and helpful with the group.

It is better to follow the flight of other tee shots and not just yours. In the fairway, help your competitors finding their ball if you already knew the location of your ball. Participate in filling a divot, if needed.

Video: Playing 9 holes of golf

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1. How long do 9-holes of golf take for one player?

An average 9-hole golf course has about 1,000 to 3,000 yards of tees to greens, which may translate into 3.69 miles of length. According to a study, an average person walks around three to four miles an hour.

If the golfer walks through the game, it may take about an hour to complete the course (including the shots). Considering other factors that may affect the game, a single-player may take about 75 minutes (1 hour and 15 minutes) of playing 9-holes.

2. How long do 9-holes take for two players?

If there are no other players on the course, two golfers playing the 9-hole may finish the game in 75 or 80 minutes. The pace can be cut by riding the golf cart from one hole to another and with minimal obstructions in the activity.

3. How long will it take to play 9-holes of golf with four players?

If you are into a group of four players, the usual time to finish the game averages two hours and 15 minutes with a golf cart. So, if all the players decide to walk, it will take a little less than three hours to finish one round. Furthermore, high-speed swingers take less time.

4. How long of a walk are 9-holes of golf?

The usual 9-hole golf course has an average length of over three miles. If you walk straight through the whole 9-hole golf course, it may take more than 30 minutes. Senior golfers may take longer.

5. How long does it take to play 9-holes of golf par 3?

It is common knowledge in the golfing world that each hole has a standard 15 minutes of playing time. However, some holes may take a longer or shorter time to finish. More experts believed that par-3s take an average time of nine minutes. Other pars, such as par-4 has 12 minutes, while par-5 has 18 minutes of standard time.

The 9-hole golf course is called the executive course. The game has only nine holes instead of the longer 18. Furthermore, the 9-hole course has a combination of par-3, par-4, and par-5 holes. The game produces a par score between 34 and 36.

6. What is a good golf score for 9-holes?

A 9-hole golf score ranges from 40 to 70. However, only the professionals got to score below 40. Moreover, a score that shatters 60 is considered an average player.


Now you know how long it takes to golf 9-holes: you do not have to stay long in the golf course to hone your skills. Golfing 9 holes take less time than 18 holes, which is ideal for busy players who want to finish a single round as quickly as possible.

Just like what the USGA advised: If you do not have time, play 9!

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