How Long Is A Golf Cart? Know the Dimensions, Too!

Like golf gloves, golf shoes, and other golf game accessories, the golf cart plays a vital role for most golfers. The golf cart is becoming golfers’ necessity, especially if they are playing more often. But do you know how long a golf cart is?

Is it the same length as an ordinary car?

The golf cart is known as a golf buggy in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Europe. In the United States, it is well-known as a golf cart. But the vehicle serves the same purpose inside the golf course: to transport people and equipment.

This article will feature the three biggest golf cart manufacturers: Yamaha, E-Z-GO, and Club Cart. At the end of the article, you will know how long a golf cart is and other dimensions.

What Is The Dimension Of A Golf Cart?

Today, there are different brands of golf carts that have standard sizes. There are carts good for two, three, four, and even up to six or eight people at the same time with their golf bags. But these are larger versions of the cart.

You do not have to buy a golf cart above what you need. Look for the one that will make you more comfortable and have enough room for your golf accessories.

The average golf carts in the market have a standard size of 4 X 8 X 5.5 feet (Width X Length X Height). It is a small size suitable for 3-4 people. However, the larger sizes have dimensions of 4 X 11.5 X 5.5 feet.

We will show you later some of the famous brands of golf carts with their corresponding dimensions.

How Long Is A Golf Cart?

The average golf cart length is 96 inches (8 feet; 243.84cm) measures front to back from the longest part of the car. This average length is for a 2-seater buggy. There are types of golf carts with extended length and have multiple seats or room for golf equipment/cargoes.

You can find the exact dimensions of different golf carts from the three manufacturers below.

Height Of Golf Carts

Determining the height of the golf cart is done by measuring its tallest point from the ground. The height is from the point of contact of the wheel to the ground up. From here, measure the length up to the peak of the roof.

If the cart has no roof, some manufacturers take the height from the bottom of the tire up to the steering wheel. However, the average height of golf carts is 5.5 feet from the ground up to the roof.

There are more detailed dimensions of popular golf carts below.

Dimensions Of Some Of The Most Popular Golf Carts

The following are the leading golf cart brands in the market. The carts are sold with a roof (unless otherwise specified).

The dimensions are in English and S. I. units, so you could easily determine the size wherever you are in the world! The golf cart dimension in the metric unit is the cm. (centimeter) {S. I.}.

1. Yamaha golf cart dimensions 

The Yamaha brand of golf carts is one of the fastest-selling brands in the golfing world. Yamaha manufactures both gas and electric golf carts. The brand leads in sales for gas golf carts because of its lower emissions.

Yamaha golf cart dimensions

2. Club Car golf cart dimensions

The Club Car brand comes in gas and electric models. However, the same model number and identification for gas and electric-operated carts have identical dimensions. Some golf fanatics in the United States refer to Club Car as the ‘gold standard in golf carts”.

Here is the rundown of Club Car’s various models and their corresponding dimensions in inches, feet, and centimeters.

Club Car golf cart dimensions

3. E-Z-GO golf cart/car dimensions

The E-Z-GO golf cart is also one of the leading brands of the buggy that comes in various models. The vehicles are available in battery- and gas–operated models, like the Club Car brands. Additionally, the current models in gas and electric variants have similar dimensions unless otherwise specified.

E-Z-GO golf cartcar dimensions

Tips on conversion of units: 12 inches = 1 foot; 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters.

Golf Cart Trailer Dimensions

The average golf cart trailer dimensions where the cart can fit is 5’ X 10’. You can load your golf cart on this trailer easier using removable ramps. But ensure that the vehicle is mounted safely with tire straps and other safety gears. Make sure the golf cart does not move and wiggle while in transit.

Watch this video on how to ramp up your golf cart into a trailer.

How Cart Fits In The Truck Bed?

The average width of a pick-up truck in the United States is 6’7”. Most golf carts from the leading brands do not exceed 5’ in width. The only problem would be the length of the truck.

The average length of long bed pick-up trucks in North America is 8 feet. A standard bed is 6’5”, while the short bed trucks have an average length of 5’8”. If you already own a truck and know its size, pick the right dimensions of the golf cart you want to buy.

Know how to load a golf cart into the bed of a truck by watching this video


1. How long is a 4-passenger golf cart?

A 4-passenger golf cart is typically 96 inches long (8 feet; 243.84cm). It is crucial to know the length of your golf cart. It will determine the space you need when parking the cart.

Protect your golf cart from rain or UV rays by covering it with a waterproof/sun-proof fabric, like the ConPus 4-Passenger Golf Cart Cover.

2. How long is an EZ-GO 4-seater golf cart?

An E-Z-GO 4-seater golf cart, like the Express S4 gas-powered golf cart, has an overall length of 9.8 feet (117.60 inches; 298.70cm).

3. Will a golf cart fit on a 4X6 trailer?

Yes! Most golf carts will technically fit on a 4X6 trailer. However, it could be hard to maneuver. Also, most golf organizers would not recommend using a 4X6 trailer in transporting carts because of its technical demands.

If you want a more comfortable ride with a golf cart, better use a 5X10 trailer.

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4. How long is a Yamaha golf cart?

The Yamaha golf carts vary by length from 94 to 161 inches (7.8 to 13.42 feet; 238.76 to 408.94cm). The length varies depending on the seating capacity of the vehicle. These models range from a 2-seater to 8-passenger. You can check out the Table above for the detailed dimensions.

5. Will a golf cart fit in a pickup bed?

Yes, it will! Most standard-size golf carts will fit comfortably on the majority of full-size pickup trucks. These trucks have a standard width of four feet between the tire wheels. Also, check the payload capacity of your truck if it can hold the cart weight.

6. Will a golf cart fit in a 6.5 bed?

Standard golf carts (especially a 2-seater) will fit in a 6.5 feet truck bed. However, you need to ride with the tailgate down, so the golf cart will securely fit.


Most pro and seasoned golfers have their golf carts because playing often requires more time on the golf course. To shorten your time on the golf course: a golf cart is an ideal transport to move around. But beginner and amateur golfers who are serious about their passion can also invest in this golf accessory!

Most golf carts have similar height and width. The length does vary widely in every model. So, you better know how long is a golf cart that you want to satisfy your needs. Also, knowing the dimensions of the golf cart you will buy can give you an idea if it will fit in your garage.

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