How Much Does A Golf Cart Weigh? Everything You Need To Know Counts

Last time, we talked about the length and dimensions of golf carts. But do you know how much a golf cart weighs?

In this article, we will figure out the different weights of the three world-leading golf cart brands. The brands include Club Car, Yamaha, and EZ-GO. Moreover, knowing how much a golf cart weighs will mean a lot for many golfers.

Moreover, we will discuss later the significance of knowing the weight of your golf cart.

How Much Does A Golf Cart Weigh?

The average weight of a golf cart ranges from 500 to 1,150 pounds, depending on the brand, materials used, model, and add-ons. There are some variations on the weight of a golf cart that you can buy because of the accessories.

Some of the accessories that add up to the weight: include the golf cart light kit, rear golf car seat, and the windscreen, among others. Moreover, the other variations in golf carts are the type of battery used (if electric-powered) or the engine (if gas-operated).

Gas and electric golf carts have a sizeable weight gap because some battery-operated carts have more than one battery. Although a gas-powered cart may add weight because of the volume of the fuel inside the tank, batteries are heavier.

How Much Extra Weight Do Batteries Add?

On average, most batteries in electric golf carts may range between 100 and 350 pounds (45 and 159 kilograms). Furthermore, the heaviness of a golf cart is best to describe by its dry and curbs weights. We will explain the dry and curb weight later.

You should be aware of the weight of your golf cart. The weight will play a vital role in your future decisions when using the cart, like towing, ramping, etc.

1. Dry weight

The dry weight pertains to the mass of the cart without the batteries and the accessories. The term concerns the more fundamental or essential elements of a golf cart.

2. Curb weight

The curb weight is usually the overall weight of a fully functioning golf cart with installed batteries and other accessories. Such accessories may include motor lubrication fluid, a reserved wheel, engine oil, and others.

Tips: The weight of your golf club sets in the bag/push carts and other equipment is considered as live loads. That is, the loads are not fixed into the cart.

Factors Affecting Golf Cart Weight

1. Major accessories

Some of the vital accessories that add up to the weight of the golf cart are the motor upgrades, modified tires (bigger or smaller but thicker), reserved tires, and others. The average weight addition may run up to 40-100 pounds because of the retro-fittings.

2. Batteries

The batteries are the single-most heaviest object in a golf cart. Some carts require larger and more than one battery that may weigh more or less 300 pounds. The Club Car and EZ-GO golf cart batteries commonly have the same weight range.

Some of these types of batteries are the Trojan T-105 6V Volt Deep Cycle Golf Cart battery and the ALL-TOP Battery Box 12V Smart Portable Solar Generator Power Battery Box with Dual Anderson Plugs. These batteries weigh less than 65 pounds (29kg) each.

3. Lifestyle Accessories

There are various optional accessories and distinguishing weights that will add up to your cart. It mainly depends on your lifestyle. Some of the attachments in a golf cart are the following: added seats, trailer hitches, roof storage rack, and rear seating kits, among others.

Golf Cart Weight Limit For Cargo and Passengers

Manufacturers set the weight limit that you could load (passengers and cargoes) into the cart. Exceeding the weight limit may slow down the cart, especially on a steep ascend. In some cases, the cart may stall due to overloading, and the engine might overheat. Here are some of the weight limits for golf carts:

  • 2-seater: 400-600 pounds (141 to 272kg)
  • 4-seater: 800 pounds (363kg)
  • 6-seater: 1,500 pounds (680)
  • 2-passenger utility: 800-1,200 pounds (363-544kg)

How Much Weight Can A Golf Cart Tow?

The weight you can tow on a golf cart depends upon the cart capacity, make, model, and engine horsepower. The towing capacity of a cart is usually written in the owner’s manual. Sometimes, it is printed on the frame or body of the vehicle. The average golf cart can tow about 1,000 pounds of weight/cargo.

Most electric golf carts have 3-5 Horsepower engines, while those gas-operated ones range from 10 to 13 Horsepower. You can pull heavier objects using a gas golf cart because of its higher torque. But before towing anything, ensure that your cart can do so without difficulty.

Remember that the towing capacity is written on the golf cart manual. Moreover, ensure that the tire pressure of your golf cart and the vehicle you are towing have the proper inflation.

How Can You Tow A Golf Cart?

Do you need to tow your golf cart? Watch this Yamaha Golf-Car Company video on how to properly towing a golf cart using their simple but state-of-the-art equipment.

Electric vs. Gas Golf Cart Weight

Gas golf carts are powered by a gasoline engine, like your typical gas-operated car. However, golf cart engines are smaller and compact than car engines, so they offer limited power.

The electric-operated carts are powered by DC motors run by rechargeable batteries. Although a battery is lighter than a gasoline engine, the vehicle needs more than one battery.

However, electric golf carts are typically lighter than their gas counterparts. Electric carts are also easier in towing and transporting.

Examples Of Some Golf Cart Weights

Here are some examples of the different golf cart weights of the popular brands (in pounds and kilogram units). The given values are each of the model’s dry weights unless otherwise specified. For the conversion: 1 pound = 0.45 kilogram.

1. Yamaha Golf Carts


2. EZ-GO Golf Carts

EZ-GO golf club

3. Club Car Golf Carts

Club car


1. How much does the Yamaha golf cart weigh? 

The Yamaha golf carts vary in weight between 500 to 800 pounds (gas and electric models). One of Yamaha’s current models is the Drive 2 PTV, a 2-passenger gas-powered golf cart that weighs slightly more than 500 pounds. One of the heaviest Yamaha golf carts is the electric Yamaha G5 Sun Classic at 798 pounds.

2. How heavy is a 4-person golf cart?

A 4-seater golf cart weight may range between 700-950 pounds (315-428kg). The weight will vary depending on the manufacturer, model, and material of the cart. Electric 4-person carts may have additional batteries that will bloat the weight to almost 1,000 pounds (450kg).

3. Will a golf cart fit in a truck bed?

The average golf cart will fit conveniently on standard-size pickup trucks. In the United States, most trucks have four feet of width between the wheels. However, you can check the limited payload of the truck if it can carry the golf cart weight.

4. How much do 6-seat golf carts weigh?

A 6-passenger golf cart may range in weight (gross) between 1000-1200 pounds when charged (or fueled) and loaded for transport. The cart may be powered by a 13Hp engine that can comfortably move six people around the golf course.

5. How heavy is an EZ-GO golf cart?

A standard electric EZ-GO golf cart (like the EZ-GO RXV Electric) weighs 571 pounds (256kg). One of the heaviest gas-operated EZ-GO golf carts is the Medalist/TXT Gas that weighs 750 pounds (338kg).


Many variables add to the weight of your golf cart. But the most notable of them are the batteries and the engine. The vehicle comes in gas or electric-powered powertrains that give you options on what to pick, depending on your preference.

Before buying a golf cart, know first what type of cart you need. Is it a 2-seater? A 4-or 6-passenger capacity, perhaps!? Is the cart easy to tow or transport with your current truck? Is your budget enough?

Finally, you can ask how much does a golf cart weighs: so you can determine the limitations of its use.

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