How To Clean Golf Gloves

Your golf gloves are the least noticeable thing in your golfing arsenal. Regardless, having a good glove is indispensable. You would rather not spend $15 now and then for a new golf glove. Also, the last thing a golfer wants is a clogged, crusty, and dirt-soaked glove.

Improper care of a golf glove would affect your grip. When playing golf, your grip must not be too hard or too loose. With the former, you may end up not meeting the target. With the latter, the golf may swing with the ball in a follow-up.

Cleaning your golf glove after a golf game is easy, yet laborious. Either you decide to have a quick or thoroughly clean, it is your choice. So, how to clean golf gloves?

How To Clean Golf Gloves The Best Way At Home

Golf Gloves

Pour some cold water on the glove. When the glove is soaked, rub off the sweat and dirt gently with a towel. Then, air dry it for as long as possible. You can wear golf gloves at intervals before it dries. This is to make sure it retains your hand shape


In a case when the glove is soaked in perspiration and dirt, you need thorough washing. How do you give your gloves complete washing?

No, don’t use hot water, you may damage your gloves by doing that. Rinse the glove in cold water. Preferably, you can wear it when cleaning. This would ensure the clogged-up dirt and sweat are effectively removed. Remove the dirt with your hand, a towel, or a soft brush.

Then make a soapy bucket of water. Add 2 tablespoons of liquid soap or detergent and a fabric softener to the water. Soak the glove in a soapy bucket for 20 minutes. Let the golf be drenched in soap water. Then, squeeze out the water inside. The glove rubs against itself and gets cleaned.

Alternatively, you can wear the glove and wash your hands while it is on. This ensures the glove is stretched and thoroughly cleaned of every dirt.

Should I Just Scrub My Gloves With Brush?

No! Too much scrubbing damages the glove. You can find a soft brush and brush gently or alternate it with a towel. Scrubbing your golf glove may damage it completely. Surely, holes and tears are the last things you want on your new glove.


Without proper drying, the glove would not be ready for the next golf course. So, make sure it is dried properly.

The best way to dry your glove is to leave it on your hand and let it air dry. This will help the glove maintain its hand shape, preventing the glove from shrinking.

Alternatively, you can air dry it in an open field under the sun. After drying for one hour, wear the glove to outstretch it. Then, leave it to dry for at least 12 hours. This way, your glove is ready for the next golf course!

How To Clean A Leather Golf Glove

Cleaning leather Golf gloves are similar to how you clean other types of gloves. You just have to be gentler. Leather gloves are more than synthetic gloves. So, use a soft towel to clean a soap-water-soaked leather glove. Never remove the dirt forcefully as it may damage the leather.

Cleaning A Cabretta Leather Glove

It is advised to clean your Cabretta leather gloves as soon as possible. Perspiration breaks down leather over time. So, the sooner you clean it, the better.

Washing A Cabretta Leather Golf

Use a mild detergent or liquid soap to wash leather gloves. As they are not made for washing, gently wash them to prevent wear and tear.

Its washing is similar to other gloves, albeit gentler. You must also prevent print and Velcro damage when washing it. Also, never use bleach, a washing machine, or a dishwasher to wash a Cabretta leather glove. It renders the gloves useless.

Either you are an amateur or pro golfer, you can buy the best brands of Cabretta golf gloves here.

Drying  A Leather Golf Glove

Leather is made from animal skin. So, it is best to air dry it under the sun. You must make sure the dirt is eliminated to prevent it from cracking after drying. Proper leather glove drying makes the glove supple for the next use. 

Can You Wash All Golf Gloves?

Yes, all golf gloves can be cleaned. However, some need careful cleaning more than others. Excessive washing damages leather gloves as they are not conditioned to accommodate moisture and high metal scrubbing. Synthetic gloves are better, but you still need to be careful against damage.

Can You Wash Golf Gloves In The Washing Machine?

Yes and No. Yes, because, with proper precautions, you can wash them with a washing machine. However, preferably, keep them away from it. The heat-moisture and tumbling could potentially damage your glove.  Most especially, leather gloves can’t withstand the heat and moisture combo of washing machines. Synthetic gloves are better, but not the best option for machine washing.

If you are bent on using washing machines, then put it through a delicate cycle. Wash it with cold water. Secure the Velcro and print by turning it inside out. However, never use bleach.

Can You Wash Golf Gloves With a Dishwasher?

You might as well scald the glove instead of using a dishwasher. The intense heat in a dishwasher would render your glove useless for the next golf course. You surely wouldn’t want that, would you?

Can You Put Golf Gloves In The Dryer?

No! Never dry your golf gloves with a dryer. Dryer emits heat and the last thing a golf glove wants is heat. This could scald the glove and render its leather useless.

Golf Glove Care On The Course

Caring for Golf gloves starts from the course. The earlier you admit and abide by this the longer your glove lasts. Why? Because there are many on-course activities we do that damage leather gloves.  So, what are the does and don’ts on a golf course?

1. Never Wipe Your Gloves with Perspiration

Yes, you are actively damaging your glove by wiping it with sweat. We all know that gloves are made to absorb sweat and give the hand a breather. However, it is worth noting that the only thing that damages gloves quicker than moisture is salt. Sweat contains the two.

Therefore, never wipe the sweat on your forehead with a golf glove. Rather, get a microfiber towel for the task. 

2. Never Use Gloves to Clean Clubs Or Balls

You are reducing the lifespan of your gloves by clogging them with dirt. They become dirtier which may require harsher washing. Over-washing, in turn, damages the glove. By not washing it well, the dirt may stick to the glove.

Alternatively, you can read about how to clean your golf balls here

3. Practice With Old Gloves And Play With New Ones

Alternate between gloves. You can practice with your old gloves. When you have a golf match, newer gloves would be indispensable. This would increase the lifespan of the glove and help maintain a better grip.

4. Don’t Use White Gloves

White gloves are harder to wash and they wear out quickly. They are made of thinner leather, so they succumb easily to heavy washing. Darker colored gloves are preferred to white gloves. You can get a black or blue glove that would be easier to wash.

5. Air Gloves On the Course

Airing your glove between rounds increases its lifespan. Don’t just toss it in the bag. Remove them and hang them on the edge of your golf bags. This would give you a game of dry golf for the next grip.

Pro golfers have extra gloves for the task. They alternate between gloves and use one while the other dries.

When you are done golfing, air the gloves to dry, then put them in an airtight ziplock bag. This would maintain it for the next golfing course.

When Should You Replace Your Golf Gloves?

Many signs may warrant glove change. Stubborn dirt might have stuck on the glove. Also, the glove may have shrunk. Holes and cracks are irreparable damages that also warrant golf change.

Moreover, the glove may have become too stiff,  outstretched, or loose. Instead of being useful to maintain a good grip, damaged gloves become an impediment. So, get out another $15 to buy a new golf glove.

Before buying a new golf glove, you need a buying guide. This helps you make the best option when buying your golf glove.

How To Keep Your Gloves From Getting Crusty

The only way to keep your golf gloves from getting crusty is proper washing and drying. Wash the golf gloves on time after use. Leaving sweat and dirt on it for long could make it crusty. Also, make sure that the dirt is completely removed when washing. Leaving parts of the dirt unwashed makes the glove get crusty after drying.

What To Do With Old Golf Gloves?

If the old glove is not so damaged, you can use it for practice. Practice with old gloves and keep the new ones for golf courses. This would maintain the new glove from quick damage. Alternatively, recycle the old golf glove.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Wash A Footjoy Golf Glove?

By taking the right precaution, you can wash any golf glove, no matter its brand. However, don’t wash a Footjoy golf glove in a washing machine. Wash it in a bucket of soapy cold water. Gently rub the dirt off with a towel or soft brush.

2. How Do You Clean A Titleist Golf Glove?

Cleaning a Titleist glove is similar to cleaning leather or Footjoy gloves. You just have to take the right precaution to prevent damage.

Wash it in cold water and soap. Then, gently rub off the dirt with a towel. Wear it in your hand to squeeze the water and maintain its shape. Then, air dries it.

3. How Do You Dry A Golf Glove?

The question had been answered in the above article. However, for emphasis; only air dry golf gloves. Why and how?

This is because using any other form of drying would damage the golf glove. It can’t withstand the heat resulting from drying it with a dryer.

Also, outstretch it on an open field so that all its parts dry out evenly. After 1-2 hours of drying wear the golf glove to maintain its shape and prevent it from shrinking. Golf gloves dry completely in 12-24 hours.

4. How Do You Clean A Smelly Glove?

Regular cleaning with soap water can eliminate the smell. However, if the smell refuses to go after a soap-water cleaning, you can try other means. 

You can mask the smell with shaving cream. You can also put dryer sheets in the golf glove. This absorbs moisture and gives it a nice smell.

Meanwhile, you may be wondering which hand is the best to wear a golf glove. Read it here.

5. How Do You Take Care Of A Golf Glove?

As it had been aforementioned in the article above, taking care of a golf glove starts from the green. To take care of a golf glove and give it a good life span, follow the following does and don’ts.

  • Practice with old gloves and play with new ones
  • Never clean golf balls and clubs with gloves
  • Air your gloves to dry after each golfing round. You can even buy two and alternate them
  • Never wipe perspiration with golf gloves.
  • Wash your golf gloves on time and let them dry well
  • Avoid using White gloves
  • Never wash golf gloves with a washing machine or dishwasher or dry them with a dryer
  • Keep your golf gloves in a ziplock bag

6. How Do You Clean Dirty Gloves?

Cleaning a golf glove is easy when you take the right precautions. To clean a dirty golf glove, take the following steps:

  • Soak the glove in a cold soapy bucket of water. You can also add a fabric conditioner.
  • Rub the dirt gently with a towel or soft brush
  • Wear it on your hand as you wash to outstretch its edges and clean completely
  • Dry in open air or under the sun
  • Wear it after 2 hours of drying to prevent shrinking.
  • Dry it for 12 -24 hours.

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