Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Clean Your Golf Balls At Home

Golf balls suffer a lot during their lifespan. They are beaten hard by metal golf clubs and exposed to the elements, rain or shine. The balls become dirty with use. Tidy and clean golf balls are not only better: you can spot them easily on the green and fairway.

The balls also perform well when they are clean. So, how do you keep your golf balls clean all the time?

We feature step-by-step instructions and show you how to clean golf balls at home with some tips to make them shiny white again!

What Is The Simplest Way Cleaning Golf Balls?

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One of the easiest methods to clean golf balls is using soap (dish soap or car soap), water, and a bucket. Fill the bucket with soap and water and soak the balls into it. Rub the balls with a towel or a washcloth until the dirt disappears. Then, rinse the balls with warm water.

Golf balls may suffer light, moderate, or heavy stains. Aside from mud, pen marks, and other gunk, you can use the following cleaning methods. Please continue reading, golfers!

Bit-By-Bit Instructions On How To Clean Dirty Golf Balls

Step 1: Cleaning light dirt on golf balls

  • Put the golf balls in the cutlery rack inside the dishwasher.
  • Put on enough detergent as you usually do when cleaning dishes.
  • Run the washer in a medium cycle.
  • Once finished with the cleaning cycle, retrieve the balls, and wipe them with a clean cloth to dry.

Step 2: Cleaning moderate dirt on golf balls

  • Get a bucket and put enough balls it can accommodate. Fill it with warm water midway.
  • Pour one cup of vinegar (bleach or ammonia will do if you do not have vinegar) into the bucket. Let the balls soak in half an hour.
  • The vinegar will dissolve much of the dirt that will make the grime easy to clean. Once it is time, remove the balls from the bucket. Use high-pressure tap water to clean the balls.
  • Once all clean, wipe the balls using a soft towel. Then, let the balls dry under the sun.

Step 3: Cleaning heavy dirt on golf balls

  • Grab a bucket with half-full warm water and a cup of vinegar. Soak enough golf balls in the bucket for about an hour.
  • The prolonged soaking is required because heavy stains need more time to dissolve. Meanwhile, you can prepare a paste of baking soda with water. Rub this solution using an old toothbrush into the balls one by one, especially the dimples.
  • You can use running water to remove the remnants of grime on the surfaces of the balls.
  • Once all balls are clean, wipe them one by one with a soft towel and let them dry.

Step 4: Removing pen marks on golf balls

  • Use cotton or a soft clean cloth soaked in alcohol-based nail polish in rubbing the balls’ surfaces.
  • If the marks are of paint, use a paint thinner soak in cotton.
  • Once the pen marks are gone, use soap and water to wash off the thinner or acetone. Then rinse them in running water. Pat dries the balls using a clean cloth.

How To Clean Used Golf Balls

Golf ball

Step 1: Grab a bucket and fill it with hot water until it is half-full. Put a cap full of dishwashing soap then, stir. Put enough golf balls in the bucket. The soap and water solution should cover all the balls.

Step 2: Let the balls soak for half an hour to dissolve the dirt. You can make multiple buckets with soap and water if you have too many balls to clean.

Step 3: After a while, brush the ball one by one using an old toothbrush: Do not use a metal brush when brushing the balls because it may damage the exterior. Once all balls are clean, rinse them with warm water.

Step 4: After rinsing, fill the bucket with cold water and add four teaspoons of bleach. Stir and soak the cleaned balls for half an hour. The bleach will maintain the whiteness of the balls while sterilizing them.

Cleaning Your Golf Balls at Home

1. Using a golf ball cleaner

Home dish soap or dishwashing soap will do the trick! The soap and water, with little brushing, will clean golf balls with minor dirt. However, if the balls need deep cleaning, you can use ammonia, bleach, or vinegar to clean the balls.

2. A cleaning bucket

You can fill the bucket half-full with warm water and the cleaning solution you choose. Also, ensure that the balls are all soaked. Let them sit for 30 minutes with the cleaning solution.

3. Scrubbing tools

A speck of dirt on the balls is removable by a sponge or a cloth. If the filth is more stubborn, you can use an old toothbrush to scrub the exterior of the balls.

4. Using a dishwasher

A dishwasher, as we stated, is an effective cleaning tool for washing golf balls. Arrange the balls into the machine’s rack and turn it on in a usual cycle.

5. Towel for drying/polishing

Once the balls are clean, wipe them with a dry towel or a clean piece of cloth. The soft towel will make the balls dry and shiny again!

Can You Clean Golf Balls In A Washer?

It is not recommendable to clean golf balls in the washing machine. Both front-loading and side-loading washing machines have a greater risk of damaging the balls, so do the machine exterior.

Can You Clean Golf Balls In A Dishwasher?

Yes. Golf balls will not harm the interior of the dishwasher. In turn, the dishwasher will not damage the golf balls. It is one of the simplest and quickest ways to wash golf balls with minor dirt.

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Cleaning Golf Balls Using Bleach 

You can clean golf balls with bleach when they need deep cleaning. Pour about a half cup of bleach in a bucket with warm water. Then soak the balls, entirely submerged, in the solution for about 30 minutes. After you dip the balls, brush them one at a time with a used toothbrush.

One-by-one cleaning the ball with bleach is an effective way of keeping your golf balls shiny white.

How To Clean Golf Balls From Ponds?

Step 1: Put the golf balls in a dishwasher without using detergent. The balls long been in the pond may be damaged by the hot water. However, the golf balls that are still playable will be noticeable after a cycle in the dishwasher.

Step 2: After a run on the dishwasher, pick the golf balls in good condition. If the balls seem not clean enough, put them in a tub of bleach with warm water and make them sit for 20 minutes. You can use denture cleaning tablets as an alternative for bleach.

Step 3: Scrub the balls with a soft brush (or an old toothbrush) to remove all the debris and slime.

Portable Golf Ball Washers

If you want a golf ball cleaning machine that is portable, here are some of the most sought-after brands:

When Should I Replace My Golf Balls?

Replacing a golf ball is always a personal choice for every golfer. It also depends on how pressing is the games you play. Experts suggest that if there is some damage to the ball, better replace it.


1. How Do You Clean Pen Marker on Golf Balls?

Use alcohol-based acetone (used to remove nail polisher) soaked in a ball of cotton. Rub the wet cotton on the spot where there is an ink mark. It is the safest and fastest way of removing permanent markers on a golf ball.

2. How to Erase Scuff Marks on Golf Balls?

Minor scuff marks on golf balls do not mean that you need to replace them. If you like to use them with scuff marks, clean them with a soft-bristled brush (an old toothbrush will do!). Then, use a cleaning eraser in a sponge.

3. Do You Think Scuff Marks Will Affect Golf Balls?

A minute degree of a scuff mark has little or no effect on golf ball performance. However, a sizeable amount of scuff marks affect ball flight.

4. Can you use baking soda to clean golf balls?

Yes. Use can use baking soda with water to clean golf balls. Mix baking soda with water to make a paste. Rub the paste against the dimples of the ball using a hard-bristled brush. Then, wipe the balls dry using a clean towel.

5. Is bleach not for golf balls?

Bleach diluted in water will not damage golf balls.

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Most golf balls are expensive, but reusing them, again and again, maximize their worth. It is now clear to you that dirty golf balls may affect your performance.

Now you know how to clean golf balls at home. It does not require expensive tools.

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