How To Get Better At Golf: 21 Tips To Get You Above The Rest!

Do you wonder how to get better at golf? Do joining clubs and hanging out with professional players doing the magic?

Golf is hard to play consistently well, but there are ways to make it more challenging. Some of the best traits on how to get better at golf are discipline, patience, passion, and the best equipment. More practice also counts!

How To Get Better At Golf For Beginners

Beginners may think that golf is difficult to learn, but some ways and techniques make the game more interesting. And easier! Like any other sport, starting to play golf requires pre-knowledge on the game’s rules and equipment to use.

But how will you get better at playing golf?

If there are ways of learning golf, there are also strategies to get you better. Below are some of the most effective ways to get better at golf at home and on an actual golf course.

How To Get Better At Golf At Home

While at home, you can use your golf simulator or monitor to fine-tune your swing with every type of golf club. You can also practice some golf fundamentals in front of a mirror. Also, do balance drills because being balanced at the address and through your golf swing is crucial in an actual game.

Here are 21 timely tips to get you better at golf while practicing at home and even in an actual golf course.

21 Best Ways To Improve Your Golf Game

1. Set Your Goals

It is the first thing you should do to improve your golf skill: set goals. However, you can have short- or long-term goals by writing down specific objectives. One of the goals may include targeting just two 3-putt holes in a single round, lower scores than 100, etc.

2. Have the right equipment 

Owning the proper gear and accessories, such as golf clubs and balls, can spell wonders. You might need a club with regular flex or wedges that have more degree of loft, etc. The accurate fitting of golf clubs and balls according to your swing will improve your shots.

3. Observe your swing

You can seek the advice of a professional golfer in your club about proper swinging. You can try different techniques to make you acquainted with other swings. Plain sailing swings on how to drive your club may provide crucial improvement in distance and accuracy.

4. Swing more at home

If you have a golf monitor or simulator, you can practice your swing at home any time you like. Pro and seasoned players swear to practice more at home whenever they have no chance of playing outdoors. It may be due to poor weather or during off-seasons.

5. Focus on Fitness

Focusing on fitness means getting physically lively and fresh! A professional golf fitter may advise you to have at least a 30-minute walk or stretching every day. But if you are overweight or next to being obese, you might need more workouts.

Being fit will let you swing more effectively and finished one round without becoming stressed or fatigued.

6. Plan a Regimen

Create a routine that you can follow before each shot. The routine you established may develop self-discipline in all aspects of the game. You can apply the routine anywhere you may be (at home or in the golf range) to improve your game.

7. Hold position after your every shot

The way you pose after every shot may tell something about the improvement on your swing. After every swing, ensure that your back heel is off the ground and your belt buckle is facing the target. Furthermore, your pose should remain balanced after each shot.

8. Practice, practice, practice

It may sound silly: but that is the truth! You have to play more practice rounds inside the golf course and compete with somebody or a group. In each practice round: you can throw back important notes on where you did well and the areas needing improvement.

9. Have your visions checked

In a recent study, one in every ten adults (18 or older) in the United States may suffer from blurred vision. In golf, this condition may hamper your game improvement.

Have a routine eye checkup, so you could do something (like wearing glasses) if you have declining vision. Eye teaming is crucial in golf, so does a clear vision.

10. Practice the Worse Ball drill often

The Worse Ball drill is one of the most effective in becoming a complete player. The drill calls for hitting two balls (starting at the tee) from every position. Once you hit the balls, play with the worst ball until you hole in.

The drill will maintain your pre-shot pattern and concentration on every shot.

11. Pretend you are a sidearm pitcher

More amateur players struggle in swinging the golf club in correct succession. To correct this, you can practice pitching the sidearm. Pick a tennis ball and throw it against a wall forcibly. Catch the ball and do it repeatedly until you established a sequence.

The sequence is similar to what is happening to your body when you swing.

12. Walk, walk, walk

When you walk during the round, you are fine-tuning your body. Riding a golf cart may be ideal for pro and seasoned golfers to ramp up the game. But for beginners and amateurs, the opposite is more advisable.

By walking through the round, you can have a glimpse of the bunkers, roughs, and other hazards. Knowing the environment where you play gives ideas in planning your next move, etc.

13. Stretch your hamstrings

To keep you more adept at swings and walking, keep your hamstrings functioning well. Do stretching those hamstrings every day at home and while you are in the game.

14. Have a muscle memory at the range

Keep a game plan while you are in the golf range. Exercise your muscle memory to the maximum. Having a specific plan in the range will give you an edge over other beginners.

For example: randomize club selection for every ball. Instead of rushing through 14 consecutive drivers, why not execute a sequence of drivers? Like 7-iron, fairway wood, and wedge, etc.

15. Practice Shots from 100 Yards in

It is about time you know that most golf shots are within 100 yards. It is common sense that you should practice more within this range to lower your scores. Better practice more in driving, fairway woods, long irons, as well as the wedges, pitching, bunkers, chipping and putting.

16. Avoid Swing Changes during the Round

It is one of the best ways in getting better at golf fast. If you want to modify and adjust your swing, it is better to do it at the practice range.

17. Make Time Warming-Up the Hips, Glutes & Neck

During a golf game, be at the site one hour before game time. It will make you relax and not rush everything up when arriving just a few minutes before the actual game. Also, give your body a warm by stretching out the muscles you are going to use in the play.

18. Better Focus More on Your LONG Game

Today, it is proven that the long game (driving and approach shots) is one of the keys to getting better in golf. If you want to break 100, 90, or even 80, it is more practical to focus more on your long game.

19. Diversify Your Practice to Avoid Boredom

When parents introduce golf to their kids, they vary the practice sessions by making them watch golf videos, play with miniature golf, etc. So, you can also adopt other interesting things during practice to keep the game more fun and enjoyable.

20. Catch Your Swing on Video and Use Training Aids to Identify Problems

The ever-evolving golf industry gives you high-tech tools to get you better at golf. There are gadgets available in the market that could record your swing, so you could analyze any issues. The best examples of these gadgets are the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor and the more affordable Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer I.

21. Practice religiously

If you want to get better at golf, practice makes perfect! However, you must do the practicing purposely without cheating.

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Golf is both a game of the mind and the body (physical and mental). But if you have the means and dedication, there are convenient ways to shave those strokes off your score.

Knowing the tips on how to get better at golf also helps a lot! Joining golf clubs, though it may add to your expenses, will surely get you more improvements on the game.

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