How To Hit A Golf Ball Straight Every Time

Every golfer, especially beginners, may want to hit the ball dead straight at all times. But is it possible? Well, in golf, you can do such things as an Albatross, a hole-in-one, or a double eagle, albeit very rarely.

Some say the aim is counterproductive, but the goal may justify the means. This article will give you some tips on how to hit a golf ball straight most of the time without much fanfare. So relax, sit tight, and continue reading, folks!

How Do I Hit A Straight Ball All The Time?

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Hitting the golf ball straight and consistent every time might be too hard for amateur and pleasure golfers.

Many amateur players swing their clubs at an average speed of 80mph. On this swing speed, the clubface should impact the golf ball at the square at all times. Failure to do so may result in unwanted shots like fade, hook, or slice.

1. Step 1

One of the most crucial steps for a straight ball shot is the proper grip on the club. Let your lead hand (the hand opposite the target) with a thumb down and do the neutral grip.

2. Step 2

Your non-lead hand should clasp on the golf club and touches the side grip. If you are right-handed, the lead hand is your left hand. When gripping the club: the V-shape formed by your thumb and forefinger should prong toward the non-leading shoulder.

3. Step 3

Have a better alignment of the ball and clubhead toward the target. You can put a golf club on the ground next to the ball as guides towards the target. Your club head should form a right angle with the club you laid on the surface.

4. Step 4

Make a good stance with your feet. You can do a neutral stance: the feet are in-line with the target. A closed stance: the feet are slightly farther from the objective. An open stance is also recommendable, where your feet open up to the goal.

5. Step 5

When doing a backswing, ensure that your club head will hit the ball on the center. The aim is to prevent an out-to-in swing while keeping the clubface open upon impact.

6. Step 6

It is the moment you are waiting for: Hit the ball with confidence as if you have done the best in gripping and aligning. If there are no faults to blame, the ball should rise and fly straight to your target!

What Equipment Is Best For The Job?

The best golf club to hit the ball straight has adjustable loft and head weight. Adjusting the loft of your woods or driver will give you more backspin. Changing the club weight (o the heel) will provide you disposition on opening or closing the clubhead. This will enable you to hit the ball straight when done correctly.

More Tips To Help You Hit The Ball Directly

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1. Check posture and grip

Beginners should know how to hit the ball straight early on. The first step to learn is the correct posture or stance. The clever thing to do is understand the proper grip of the club. Once you master the perfect stance and grip: then hope for the better.

2. Know your clubface very well

The next best thing to do is to know how your clubface rotates. Start with a clubface square toward your target when setting the ball on the ground. Watch your waist, hips, and legs motion during a backswing and your arms strike without bending.

3. Swing with the plane line on sight

Hitting the ball is done via the backswing and the downswing. But to hit the ball straight, you must tow the plane line during a swing.

4. Relax the body when hitting the ball

It is better to be calmed and relaxed before doing the swing. Forget all about your problems for a while and make your day stress-free for the sake of the game. You will be rewarded with a nice hit every time you make a swing!

5. Tone down your speed

That’s right! Do not rush everything when you swing! Take a deep breath first and turn down your swinging speed a little bit while focusing on a straight shot. It may result in less few yards, but everything is not perfect.

6. Try to avoid your usual pattern

A changing strategy sometimes works on your part. For example, try to shift your ball flight pattern for a while and observe the results. You may not feel the wind around the golf course, but sometimes it may affect your swing a little bit.

7. Do not try hitting the ball straight more frequently

The desire to hit the ball straight at all times may put you at risk of making a fade or draw shots. Curved shots are also more possible. Predicting the ball going left or right might be easy. It is easier aiming for a straight shot at the target, while missing could add to your frustration and lose morale. You should improve consistent ball flights on every shot.

How To Hit A Golf Ball Straight With An Iron?

In hitting the ball dead straight using an iron, you can attack more flags. It is often that ball flight becomes a little bit predictable during this time. Three things that you have to put in place hitting straight iron shots.

  • Make contact from the middle of the clubhead (centered strike). If you cannot strike through the middle of the clubhead, it will be harder to hit the ball dead straight.
  • At impact, the clubface should point directly at your intended target. Whether you are hitting at the fairway, the green, the middle of the green, or wherever the ball is. Consequently, when your club is pointing at the target, you need the club path to agree with that.
  • The club path (neutral club path) should also point at the target. It is the direction of the golf club it will travel when it makes contact with the ball. The club path and clubface are hard to control: the path of the club and the face are changing more often.

How To Hit A Golf Ball Straight Off The Tee?

Step 1: Teeing the ball high

Place your tee a little bit higher on the ground. A higher tee allows you to strike the ball on the upswing without hitting the tee stand. Furthermore, a high tee could give you more range on your swing.

Step 2: Set the golf ball high in your stance

Do a stance with the ball aligning with your left toe (for right-handed golfers). Ensure that the ball is not far off your left foot. This stance will deliver a wide swing on your part.

Step 3: Lay hold of a wide stance

When setting your feet farther from each other, you could have a wide range of movement without sacrificing your swing. In turn, the wider you lay your feet away from one another will give you more power in swinging. Keep your weight well-distributed on each foot.

Step 4: Hold on the shaft (of the golf club) high.

Utilize the grip in enhancing added power on your swing. Keep the club as high as you can but within the swinging range. Holding the club towards the tip of the grip will maximize the force on your swing. You can adjust your stance and club size to find your best grip.

Step 5: Do back and forth trial swings

Before you make the shot try swinging the club back & forth as if you are doing the actual shot. This way, you can balance your stance while keeping your eye on the ball. But do not utilize too many backswings.

Step 6: Do the swing.

Once your body and rhythm are ready hit the ball with confidence! You can strike the ball underneath it with your powerful upswing. But make sure that the clubface hits the ball at the center.

How To Hit A Ball Straight For Beginners?

Beginners should always start with a good posture or stance to hit a ball straight. Ensure that your body has the correct position, like lining up with the target accurately. The crucial part is making sure that you draw a straight line between the ball and the target. The shoulder and other body parts should align with the said straight line.

Should I Try To Hit The Ball Straight

Many golf experts suggest that trying to hit the golf ball straight all the time is not a good idea. Instead, they want you to improve accuracy. Seasoned golfers describe accuracy in golf as to how the ball finishes: not how it gets there.


Naturally, you want to hit a golf ball straight all the time. Some golf virtuosos suggest you use your natural shot shape, be it a draw or a fade, and learn from there. There are more things you can do to improve your play. But knowing how to hit golf ball straight will give you more options than aiming for nothing at all. And besides, a lot of practice makes things a lot easier.

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