How To Measure Putter Length Without Special Tools

The putter is the most utilized golf club on your bag. It is also the most valuable club inside the golf course. Almost half the scores depend on how you do the putt. Many golfers undermine the putter’s length and don’t understand that it plays a big role in keeping a low score.

Some of the factors to consider obtaining the correct measurement of your putter are your stance and height. We will talk about them later. And it is better that you know how to measure the putter length even in the comfort of your home.

Does The Length Of The Putter Matter? Why?

It does. The length of the putter determines the outcome of putting strokes. The swing arc of a putter depends on its length. It follows that if you have an inappropriate length of putter; it affects the trajectory.

The lie angle of a club impacts the trajectory of the address. The lie angle suffers a lot when you have an incorrect putter length. At address, if you hit the ball unsquared, there is a possibility the putter loft may push the ball off-center.

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What Happens When A Putter Is Too Long?

When utilizing a putter with a length too long for your stature, the ball will most likely go left (for right-handed players). It will be the result of a lie angle that is too upright.

What happens when a putter is too short?

The reverse may happen if a putter with a length too short for your height. It will place the club with a heel more upwards while the toe points downwards. The ball will most likely go right off the target.

What You Need When Measuring The Length Of A Putter

How To Measure Putter Length

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You can do the measurement on a putting green, but ensure that the surface is clean and flat. Do not measure on an uneven surface because you might get the wrong length.

You can also do the measurement while at home. Select a flat and clean surface (an example is your living room floor) on the house. Here are the steps measuring the correct length for your putter:

Steps to measure a putter’s length.

Take note that the putter shaft does not connect directly to the center of the putter’s head. It is not like a driver or an iron. So, be careful how you measure the length of your putter. Do these steps instead.

  • Step 1: Hold the putter in a usual putting stance and set its center leveled on the surface. Your posture should be more comfortable while your palms hold together. When we say a more comfortable pose: we mean bending your knees or waist relaxed but ready to strike.
  • Step 2: Grab your aluminum straight edge ruler and hold it parallel to the putter shaft. Set the bottom of the ruler in line with the center of the putter head.
  • Step 3: Ensure that the ruler is close to the shaft of the putter. Also, the top of the grip must be in line with the ruler.
  • Step 4: You will determine the length of the putter that you need. At this moment, the putter and the ruler are vertical, and both ends are touching the flat surface. Check the number on the measuring ruler where the top of your grip holds. It will be the length of the putter that corresponds to your height.

Length of a putter based on your height

The average putter length utilized by most players ranges between 33 to 35 inches. You can use the chart below if you know your height in choosing the correct length of putter you need.

The standard putter length fitting chart (Table below) according to height: 

Height of Golfer (feet/cm) Putter Length (inches)
4’10”/ 147 and below 31
5’2”-5’4”/ 152-157 32
5’5”- 5’8”/ 165-173 33
5’10”-5’11”/ 178-180 34
6’0”- 6’2”/ 182-188 35
6’2”-6’4”/ 188-193 35.50
6’4”/ 193 and above 36

Length fitting of a putter explained

The length fitting of a putter involves customizing the club’s salient features. It may include the loft angle, grip, offset, head styling, lie-angle, toe hang, and length. But before a professional fitter does the necessary fitting on your putter, consider the following:

  • Your goals as a golfer. The club fitter may determine what you would like to attain in golf.
  • Know the current performance of your putter. The fitter may use the software in evaluating and testing your putter. One of the tools a fitter may utilize testing your putter is by the Balanced-Certified weights.
  • After the necessary evaluations and testing on your putter; the fitter may recommend if it is suitable for re-fitting or a replacement is necessary.

Putting Arrangement And Stance

There is no standard putting stance you can use standing over the golf ball. Even the pros do not have the same style in doing putting postures. But you can consider the following essentials in setting up the golf ball correctly with the proper posture:

  • Erect your feet square and a shoulder-length stance on the target.
  • Make an alignment with your shoulders, arms, and hips concerning the target line.
  • Make an athletic posture while bending your knees.
  • Bend a little bit on the waist to make your eyes more focused on the top of the ball.

Usual Lengths Of Putters

Putters may undergo customization. It can also go through re-fitting to suit your skills and needs. Putters vary in length from 32 inches to 52 inches, but most stocks have 34 to 35 inches in length.

Although the USGA limits the length of shafts for irons, woods, drivers, and hybrids to a maximum of 48 inches: there is no limitation on the maximum length of a putter. However, the agency rules that a putter must be at least 18 inches in length (minimum).

How To Know If Your Putter Has The Correct Length 

The length of your putter will affect your speed consistency and range control. If you lack these two qualities then your putter might be the culprit. Here are other facts to know if you have the correct or incorrect length of the putter.

1. Stance

Your putting posture alone can determine if you have the incorrect putter length. If you are bending too steep, you have a short putter. Meanwhile, if your hands reach the bottom of the grip, you have a long putter.

2. Stroke

Do you have a more rounded putting stroke or down the line. Practice more on traditional swings using a putter. This way, you can determine the correct putter length depending on your stroke.

3. Golfer height

Now you know ways to measure the proper length depending on height. You may consult the standard putter length fitting chart above. It will determine if your current putter is the correct one.

How Does Odyssey Measure Putter Length?

Odyssey suggests having a professional custom fitter at a golf shop helps measure the correct putter for you. Sometimes you buy off the rack, and you might need to do the measurement yourself. In this case, Odyssey suggests you use a measuring tape.

Place one end of the measuring tape where the grip ends while the other end at the putter’s heel. The number you will get on the measuring tape will be the putter’s length.


1. What is the proper putter length for my height?

Check the standard putter length fitting chart based on your height: to find your correct putter size.

2. Is a 35-inch putter too long?

If your height is below six feet, the 35-inch putter is too long for you. It is based on the standard sizing chart above. It is also too long for players with short arms.

3. What is the standard length of putters? 

The average putter length runs between 33 inches to 35 inches.

4. Is putter length extendable?

Yes. You can extend a putter length like any other club. However, many golf enthusiasts recommend that a professional golf fitter do the job well.

5. Is cutting down a belly putter to standard length possible?

Yes, it is possible. However, the following conditions may arise if you trim down a belly putter to a standard 33-35-inch length:

  • The swing weight will change and feel heavy.
  • You have to re-calibrate the adjustable weight if the putter has this feature.


The correct putter length defines your game. And many golfers, especially beginners and amateurs, didn’t know it. Picking the ideal length of the putter, tall and small players can choose the best putter for them.

Now you know how to measure putter length without using special tools, you can be competitive the next time you make the round.

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