How To Organize A Golf Bag? Quick Guides And Tips Here

Organizing a golf bag all come up to personal preference. It depends on how you like your clubs arranged so you can track, retrieve, and return them with utmost care.

The proper organization of your golf bag will keep your focus on your game. It is too embarrassing when you take so much time finding your putter while your competitors seem annoyed. So, if you are going to “war’; it is proper to have your ‘weapons’ organized and systematized.

We have tips and guides on how to organize a golf bag if you are confused about doing it. Here goes!

Arranging Clubs In A Golf Bag 

Arrange a golf bag

The following are crucial tips on properly arranging the clubs in your golf bag.

  • Start with the additional pocket on the right side of the bag. This outside pocket is suitable for your clothing. Put here your clothes depending on the weather.
  • The majority of golf bags have tee and golf ball pockets. Use this to organize your tees and balls so you can access them easily during the game.
  • Take note of the partitions on your bag. Some models have two or more dividers. These partitions are where you put your clubs.
  • Your clubs have different lengths; put the longest ones on the back of the bag. This spot is closer to the strap. Arrange your clubs from left to right.
  • The next row is the best to put your irons. Apply the same sequence: put the longest irons from left to right. Short clubs, like the wedges, should be at the front of the bag.
  • Take note of the partitions on your bag. Some models have two or more dividers. These partitions are where you put your clubs.

How To Position Clubs In A Golf Bag

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Golf clubs are not dirt cheap! They are some of the most expensive equipment for the game. It is only proper you retrieve and return them in your bag with care. It is also fitting that you arrange them in your bag where you can identify each more easily.

Golf bags come in three styles: cart bag, stand bag, and carry bag. The order is from the biggest to the smallest golf bag. But whatever golf bag you have, the arrangement of clubs and other accessories are similar for each type.

To give you an idea of the correct arrangement of clubs, do the following.

1. Step 1

Do the organization of clubs by number and type. Most cart bags have four segments: one at the front, double at the center, and one at the back.

Position the longest clubs at the rear, while the shortest at the front. In this manner: the clubs cascade in front of you. This way, you will be able to see the club heads as you are facing the bag.

2. Step 2

Place your woods and long irons (1-3) at the back section of the bag. Include the ball retriever if you have one. The mid-irons (4-6) should be on the left-center compartment, while the short irons (7-9) on the right-center segment.

At the front of the bag, stow your putter and wedges. If the bag has a separate compartment for a putter, use it.

3. Step 3

Not all bags have the same configurations. Some have 15 sole compartments for 14 golf clubs and a ball retriever. If you have this type of bag, begin storing lengthy clubs (such as the driver and 3-wood) at the back.

The remaining segments are for the rest of the clubs. Place the remaining clubs in descending fashion on the rest of the slots.

4. Step 4

There is a sleeve for an umbrella if your bag has one. If you bring drinks or other refreshments to the golf course, put them in the provided cooler pocket. Some golf bags have a built-in or detachable cooler pocket.

5. Step 5

For the most used accessories (like spare golf balls, tees, etc.) use the front and top side pockets. Meanwhile, for less-frequently used items (like sunblock, shades, spare gloves, etc.), put them on remotely-accessible pockets. Items like car keys, first-aid kit, etc., which are the least-to-use articles, place them on the least-accessible pockets.

How To Organize A 15-Slot Golf Bag?

In arranging clubs on a 15-way golf bag, ensure that all of your clubs are out of the bag. Then, do this:

  • Line them (clubs) up in a descending or ascending manner.
  • Store your woods at the top slot near the strap.
  • Store the short irons on the succeeding dividers.
  • Arrange your wedges and putter in the succeeding slots.
  • Finally, store your accessories in their respective pockets.

How To Organize A 14-Slot Golf Bag? 

The 14-slot golf bag is usually a cart bag and the easiest to organize.

  • Put your driver on top while the irons (including driving irons) are in rising order of loft (begin with the 4-iron). Next are the wedges, also in ascending order of loft. The last slot should be for your putter.

How To Organize An 8-Slot Golf Bag?

In arranging an 8-slot or 8-way golf bag, do the following:

  • Put the highest loft clubs (driver and woods) at the top of the bag.
  • Next will be your hybrids, irons, and wedges, in that order.
  • The putter should have its separate storage.

How Do You Organize A 7-Way Bag?

In organizing a 7-slot golf bag:

  • Arrange the driver, 3-wood, and the hybrids in a large compartment at the back of the bag.
  • Meanwhile, the two rows at the center will contain your long and mid-irons.
  • Finally, store your wedges, short irons, and putter on the two slots at the front. Store the clubs in numerical order so you can track their sequence and quickly pick up the needed ones.

How To Arrange A 6-Way Golf Bag

You may follow the sequence in arranging the clubs in an 8-way golf bag to organize a 6-slot bag. To illustrate:

  • Put the hybrids, the driver, and the fairway woods at the two slots at the back of your bag.
  • Arrange the long and mid-irons at the middle two slots.
  • Consequently, organize your putter, wedges, and short irons on the front partitions.

How To Sort Out A 4-Slot Golf Bag

The 4-way bag is the lightest golf bag available in the market today. Since it has few dividers, it is also easier to retrieve and place the clubs back to their respective slots. Here is how to arrange your clubs on a 4-slot golf bag:

  • Store the driver and fairway woods on the top.
  • Put the long irons at the center-left portion.
  • At the center-right spot, store your shorts and mid-irons.
  • Finally, arrange the putter and wedges at the bottom of the bag.

How To Fill A Golf Bag With Other Necessities


All golf bags (whether a stand, carry, or cart bags) provide a pocket for extra clothing (apparel). Fill this pocket with items solely for that purpose.


Golf balls should have their place, and nothing else, on your golf bag. Golf experts recommend you put the balls (at least have ten balls all of the time) separately from other items. It will allow you to keep track of the number of balls you have on hand.


Organizing your accessories will depend on the number of pockets. If you have enough slots, these articles should have their own place: gloves (on water-resistant compartment), pitchforks, markers, tees, and similar accessories.


Some valuables you may carry inside the golf bag are mobile phones, jewelry, money (or credit cards), car keys, etc. Ensure that you put them separately from other items in a water-resistant pocket.


Sustenance, such as solid snacks and beverages (drinks), should have their own place inside the bag. Ensure that the pocket where you put these consumables is clean and tidy to avoid bacterial growth.


The outer items, such as a rangefinder or a DMD (distance-measuring device), should be in place. These items should clip securely outside of the bag.

It is also essential placing a towel (for personal use) in one of the most accessible clips of the bag. You can use a clean towel to wipe off sweat (on your hands) and dirt on your body.

Do you want to know the things that go on your golf bag? Watch this video: 


Golf club bag dividers and pockets come in different numbers depending on the model of the bag. A golf bag lets you transport your equipment easily without damaging your golf clubs. But arranging your golf bag properly should be your utmost concern.

Knowing how to organize a golf bag will keep your expensive clubs safe and secured. The proper arrangement of your clubs and other accessories will also help you retrieve and return them without confusion.

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