How To Polish Golf Clubs At The Comfort Of Home ?

After a whole day of golfing, there is a big possibility that your golf clubs are stinking in dirt or debris. Cleaning and polishing your golf clubs are a sure thing when you finished swinging and putting those golf balls.

Golf experts agreed that you need to clean your golf clubs after every play to take off the grimes accumulated on the clubs’ faces. Once soiled hardened on the club’s face, it will be harder to clean.

But cleaning and polishing them are not just to maintain their appearance.

You can inspect a club when it is clean and look for scratches, tiny crevices, and clinging dirt that can affect the angle of your swing. This article will guide you in the proper care of your golf equipment, especially on how to polish golf clubs. So, sit tight, and read carefully folks!

How To Polish Golf Clubs? 

It is common for golfers to clean their equipment after every game. But some busy golfers do not have time to polish their clubs after cleaning them. They might have their helpers do the cleaning and polishing, but it is better than every golfer should know how to clean and polish golf clubs.

Before buffing your golf clubs, it is better to clean them first: this makes the polishing more effective. Here are the things that you will need in cleaning and polishing your golf clubs.

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Tools Needed In Cleaning And Polishing Golf Clubs

Before you begin to polish golf clubs, you must prepare all the implements necessary for the activities. Preparing the cleaning materials beforehand will make the process easier.

You can find these implements in refutable online shops or your neighborhood stores. However, some are household materials most probably available on hand.

  • A small bucket
  • Hot water
  • Dishwashing liquid or soap
  • Old newspaper
  • A toothbrush
  • Clean rag or cotton cloth
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Sponge
  • Metal polish

Here is the step-by-step process in cleaning and polishing golf clubs

1. The regular cleaning method

  • Step 1: Pour warm water into a bucket with dishwashing liquid. Do not use water that is too hot because it might damage the ferrule of the shaft. The ferrule should not be soaked in warm water to protect it from moisture and rust. So, better to use a bucket that will soak only the clubs’ heads.
  • Step 2: Make sure that the dishwashing soap and water are mixed thoroughly before you put the clubs.
  • Step 3: Soak the club heads into the bucket for about five minutes. If the dirt or debris is quite stubborn, soak the clubs for about 10 minutes. You can keep as many heads in the bucket if it is large enough to accommodate them.
  • Step 4: Once the soaking is done, lay old newspaper on the floor or a table, and inspect the clubs on top of the paper. The old newspaper will keep your area clean.
  • Step 5: After determining how severe the dirt or debris is, use a soft toothbrush and a sponge in rubbing the stubborn dirt. Brush the dirt and grime carefully in-between grooves, but ensure that the clubface will not scratch hard.
  • Step 6: Once the grime is thoroughly cleaned, rinse the club heads with running water, and dry them with a clean rag or cotton cloth. But if you have microfiber cloth, this will do the job perfectly!
  • Step 7: If you decide not to polish the clubs, ensure that they are dried and free from debris before using them the next day or storing them. However, if you want to polish the clubs, go to the next steps.

2. Polishing (or buffing) golf clubs after the regular cleaning method

There are several kinds of metal polishing available online that you can use in buffing your golf clubs: spray or cream. For this tutorial, we decide to use the cream variety, which can be used in other metals: such as chrome & aluminum car wheels, stainless steel, bumpers, and all automotive, truck, and motorcycle chrome.

  • Step 1: When the golf clubs are thoroughly cleaned and dried, spread a small amount of metal polishing cream using a clean rag (or a microfiber cloth) into the clubhead. Metal polish has strong chemical content, so use it carefully, and with just a small amount.
  • Step 2: Put a thin coating of metal polish into the entire club head (back and front). Then, leave the polish spread throughout the club for about one minute. However, if the instruction on the polish says a longer sitting time, follow it instead.
  • Step 3: After the club head absorbs the polish, get a clean microfiber cloth, and rub the club in a circular motion gently. The rubbing will let your golf club shiny and looking new! The longer you rub the club, the shinier it becomes.
  • Step 4: Once you are satisfied with the brand new look of the clubs, put them back in your golf bag, and be ready for the next game!


1. How do I get my golf clubs to shine again?

As we have mentioned above, the best thing to do with your golf clubs to look new and shiny is to clean and polish them. Clean golf clubs make a difference. Also, getting them shinier adds moral inspiration to golfers in enhancing their performance.

The product that will keep your golf clubs shiny when they are clean is the metal polish. But unlike other metals, the clubhead should not be polished with abrasive (to avoid stripping off its weight and damaging it), unless it has thick rust. The metal polish removes oxidation from and prevents corrosion of metal and consequently prolongs its working life.

2. Can you buff out scratches on golf clubs?

Some golfers do not bother to fix deep scratches on their golf clubs. Do you know why? It is because it is too difficult to do. It might also damage their equipment if they use an oversized buffing machine.

However, there is the safest buffing method that you can do to fix a not-so-deep scratch on your club. Try using a buffing compound with a soft toothbrush. Put a little buffing compound on the scratch and rub it gently back and forth using the toothbrush.

Additionally, even beginners should buff their golf clubs when they have mild scratches.

3. How do you polish golf irons?

You can polish golf irons using the methods that we discussed above (cleaning and polishing golf clubs). If you want to buff golf irons, you can also use a buffing compound and a soft toothbrush. However, there is a cheap but complete buffing kit available online (like the Dremel 200-1/15 Two-Speed Rotary Tool Kit & 684-01 20-Piece Cleaning & Polishing Rotary Tool Accessory Kit with Case- Includes Buffing Wheels, Polishing Bits, and Compound) that you can use with instructions on it.

4. How do you clean and restore used golf clubs?

If you have a rough set already or picking up a used set of golf clubs at a garage sale, they are most probably reeking with rust! There are several ways to clean and restore used golf clubs when they are in this condition. You can pick any method below:

  • Soaking the clubs in Coca-Cola

The soda in Coca-Cola may dissolve the rust. But do the soaking in just a few minutes and not for a long time. The soda might eat up even the metal without rust!

  • Soap & Water

Soap and water can dissolve the little amount of rust that is gathered in the clubhead. After soaking for about 10 minutes, brush the club with a soft toothbrush until the rust disappears.

  • Using vinegar

The more acidic vinegar breaks down and removes rust with brushing. But a quick soak is just what you need.

  • Use a rust remover

One of the frequently used rust removers is WD-40. If all of the above does not work, try this industrial-grade rust remover. However, WD-40 is a harsh chemical that can damage golf club plastics, finishes, and other parts. So, spray it only in an area you want to clean.

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Consider polishing your golf clubs as one of the standards in maintaining your golf equipment, and not just cleaning the clubs. Even your best drivers should undergo cleaning and polishing regularly.

Now you know how to polish golf clubs at home, maybe you don’t need a professional to do it and consequently save you lots of money. Polishing golf clubs not only boost their aesthetic appearance. It also protects the clubs against the harsh elements that surround us: water, dirt, mud, and other debris.

Moreover, polishing your golf clubs helps in maintaining a clean shot and swing that may be affected by the debris clinging on the clubface.

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