Is Golf Hard? Know The Easy Ways

Is Golf Hard to Play?

Is golf hard to play? That is one of the questions newbies frequently asked. But there are more reasons why golf is one of the most challenging games on the planet! Golf is also one of the most expensive hobbies a person can have.

We will discuss why golf is hard to play and the easy ways to learn the game.

Main Reasons Golf Is Hard to Play

Some of the main reasons why golf is hard to play are the physical and mental factors and the environment in a golf course. If we go deeper with these aspects: we will find some of the most compelling reasons why golf is so hard to play. Let us discuss these factors below.

1. The physical extents making golf hard to play

Nowadays, golf is becoming more physical compared to years ago. When we say physical, we mean the players’ bodily appearance! You can see more professional and seasoned players on television or social media in good physical condition. It may chalk up to the growing demand for pro golfers that are fit and have better swings.

The Men’s Journal named Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, Tiger Woods, and Camillo Villegas as some of the fittest PGA Tour golfers in 2021. These men show lesser body fat, are better built and are in tip-top shape.

The dramatic changed in physical outlook among pro golfers did not only grow from the popular demand. They have to be in good physical shape to play the game. These golfers need to be more agile to give the ball more speed, distance, and accuracy in their shots.

We can cite Tiger Woods as one of the best examples of a golfer undergoing more physical training in-between games. Woods’ usual routine consists of a daily run of four miles. Afterward, he does an hour of weight training in the morning and before the day ends.

If you consider golf as just a hobby or a pastime with friends, playing the game is an adequate undertaking for healthy physical activities.

2. The mental aspect of golf

The mind plays an essential part in playing golf. Most golfers, beginners, and seasoned ones, often struggle with playing golf well. Your mental state is crucial when playing the game, like determining the pace of setting up your shots.

Like other games that involve thinking and applying those to your mind, playing golf involves visualizing your next best move. You may not always predict the outcome of your shots, but practicing mental capability might get you in ideal situations.

Moreover, the logical thinking of what golf clubs or golf balls you should use coinciding with your swing speed and skills also matters.

3. The golf course

The continued development of the golf course is one aspect of why playing golf seems so hard. The golf course keeps changing as the round progresses while you face several hazards and roughs. The size of the golf course and the holes (9-hole or 18-hole) adds to the effort in finishing the game.

Five variables affect the outcome of your game in each round. These are the tee, fairway, green, rough, and hazards. Each variable will surely make you feel the challenge it takes. An 18-hole golf course usually has between three to six miles of walking distance, while a 9-hole has over three miles.

The challenges of walking (or riding a golf cart, if you have money to spare for the rent); and playing with such a vast golf course make others think the game is strenuous. But if your body is ready for these obstacles, nothing can stop you from pursuing golf.

4. Managing the golf course with your ability

Once you step inside a golf course to play, you should manage your game and the rules. Golf course management sometimes makes the game harder and challenging for some. But once you master this art, everything would be fine.

Golf course management includes making decisions while you go around the course. One of those decisions is picking the right club to use in a certain shot. Another one is choosing the safest target line to keep the golf ball out of harm’s way, etc.

To sum it all: golf course management is about doing what you can do best inside the golf course!

5. The pressure inside the golf course

Once you are in a game of golf (whether you are playing 9- or 18-hole), physical and mental pressures are always on your side. In golf, the aim is to use fewer strokes to complete the course. Moreover, the game does not have a standard playing area, unlike basketball, lawn tennis, or baseball.

The pressure builds up (mostly for beginners and amateur golfers) when you cannot get the ball to where it should land. It is worse than a nightmare if you cannot complete the holes while others are already done. You might feel embarrassed, especially when there is a big crowd watching you.

But these situations should not make you quit. Learning the loops and ropes of golf takes time and practice.

Ways To Make Golf Easier To Play

If you want to learn golf the easy way, watch the video below:

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Play Golf?

The duration to learn to play golf depends upon the player’s ability, time, and willingness to pursue the game. However, an average player practicing two to three hours a week may learn the basics of golf between six to twelve months. If this frequency is twice per week, expect an adequate golf skill in about four months or maybe less.

How Long Does It Take To Get Good At Golf?

The average score in an 18-hole golf game is 100. If you could reach less than 100 in a single round, you are considered good in golf. Most golf experts who had been to this stage, said that it averages about a year (with regular games and practices) to get good at golf.

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What Is The Hardest Part Of Golf?

For new golfers, the hardest part of golf would differ for every player. Driving may be difficult for some because of different swinging styles, while others might struggle using long irons. Some may grapple in putting shot because it requires a soft touch to make the ball roll into or closer to the hole.

Is Golf The Hardest Sport To Play?

For many players (especially newbies), golf is one of the hardest sports to play. Unlike other ball-based games, you do not have direct contact with the ball in golf. Instead, you have to hit it by using a golf club. The vast area of a golf course and the lack of direct contact with the ball makes the game one of the hardest sports.

What Is The Best Way To Learn Golf?

Frequent practice is one of the best ways of learning and honing skills in golf. If you do not have time or the weather does not permit you to visit a golf course: buy or rent out a golf simulator. A golf simulator can help you practice at home. You can also watch golf lessons or read more about golf online.

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1. Is golf the hardest sport to play?

For many players (especially newbies), golf is one of the hardest sports to play. Unlike other ball-based games, you do not have direct contact with the ball in golf. Instead, you have to hit it by using a golf club. The vast area of a golf course with a lack of direct contact with the ball makes the game one of the hardest sports to learn. (From above)

2. How long does it take to master golf?

There is no fixed amount of time to master golf. However, if you are spending 4.5 to 6 hours playing on a golf course, this would be the same time you should practice in a fairway. Doing this practice pattern regularly may take between seven to ten years before you master golf.

3. What is the best age to start golf?

Most pro golfers (and golf fanatics) exposed their kids to golf as early as two years old. More studies suggest that kids introduced to the game are more likely to play the game as adults. However, most golf experts encourage parents to let their kids take golf lessons once they start going to school (three to four years old).

One of the best golf club sets for toddlers is the heytech Kid’s Toy Golf Clubs Set Deluxe.

4. Can I teach myself golf?

Yes, you can! But if you want to excel in golf or become a low-handicapper, you likely need the assistance and guidance of a professional golfer.

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5. How many golf lessons should a beginner take?

In most cases, a beginner needs at least two golf lessons before going to the golf course. However, it would be ideal to take as many as five golf lessons before you play the actual game on a golf course.

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Is golf hard to learn? Let us tell it this way: The sport is hard to learn for those who do not have the patience, passion, and means! But no matter how hard the game is, it runs down to the fun and happiness it brings!

It is always more upright to think that everything starts from scratch. Just like any other game, you need to have the devotion to succeed in a certain task. It is also the same with golf. However, your interest in the game seems not enough.

First of all, you need to have the proper equipment (like the appropriate golf clubs and golf balls), when you start. From there; learning will be easy if you have the guts, proper ways, and passion!

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