Sand Wedge Bounce 10 Or 14: Which One Is the Best for You

The loft of a golf club is in degree, so does its bounce. So, do not be confused about the loft and bounce of golf clubs, especially the sand wedges.

A sand wedge is a necessity for every golfer: you cannot play a single round of golf without one. But it might trick you on what the best sand wedge for you. It all boils out to what you have (that is: your strength and weakness inside the course).

Without further ado, we tackle sand wedge bounce 10 or 14? This article points you to what wedge bounce you should carry on your bag.

What Is Bounce? Does It Matter In Golf?

The bounce of wedges, like a loft: is also an angle in degrees. A bounce is the inclination of the leading edge forming an angle with the trailing edge of the club. It is the point in the club hitting through the ground when striking the golf ball.

The angle of bounce increases as the leading edge of the wedge club sits higher above the ground.

The degree of bounce determines the amount and speed the wedge will repulse the ball off the ground. The higher the bounce a wedge club has, the deeper the trailing edges are. It will make the ball airborne quicker once hit.

What Bounce Can You Get In A Sand Wedge?

The bounce (or rebound) on your sand wedge varies differently depending on the brand. It also depends upon the make and type of the golf club; some brands indicate ‘low-bounce’, ‘mid-bounce’, or ‘high-bounce’ on their clubs. They usually do not give the specific degree of the bounce.

In most cases, you will read a range of bounce between 8 and14 degrees; others come in 10-12 bounce range. The 10-12 degrees bounce range is supposed to be mid-bounce. Other golfers consider a 10-degree bounce as mid-low or medium-bounce.

Sand Wedge 10 or 14 Bounce: What Should You Utilize?

If you have to choose between 10 and 14- bounce wedge, consider these:

  • A player playing on a golf course with a rough surface should utilize a wedge bounce near 10 degrees. Moreover, if golfers cater to ‘pick’ the golf ball while making contact with it, a bounce close to 10-degree is also a better option.
  • Golfers playing on soft grounds and making divots after every shot should pick a 14-degree bounce.

Picking the Best Sand Wedge Bounce For Your Play

Determining the correct sand wedge bounce is crucial when playing golf. All golf courses have hazards like sand bunkers and thick roughs. Fortunately, you have a sand wedge that could solve those difficult hazards! However, some wedges do not have bounce specifications.

The typical sand wedges have a bounce angle ranging from 8 to12 degrees. The wide-angle range is due to each manufacturer’s different standards in signifying the low or high bounce angles. Brand makers do it because the sand wedge has the widest bounce angle range of all the wedges.

The wide-ranging bounce is also because the balls may sink hallow or deep in the sand. You may need a wedge that will take you out in that hazard corresponding to the difficulty of the situation. Here are some tips telling you the degree of bounce applicable in a particular condition.

sand wedge

Best Time In Choosing Sand Wedge With 10 To 14 Degrees (High Bounce)

The wedge bounce is one of the most reliable tools to assist you in bouncing the ball with ease. Consider these things to decide if you need to use from 10 to 14 degrees bounce for a higher rebound.

  • You tend to make sharp golf swings and intolerable divots.
  • If you keep on hitting behind the golf ball on miss-hits.
  • If the golf course you always play with has soft ground.
  • You desire self-reliance in getting the ball airborne while you do not want to alter the clubface of the wedge.

Best Time In Choosing Sand Wedge With 6 to 10 Degrees (Low Bounce)

A sand wedge with a lower loft will deliver a low bounce. Using the 6-10 degrees lower bounce is right for you if:

  • The golf course you are playing with has a hard surface but thinner bunkers.
  • Your swing is superficial without too many divots upon contact with the ball.
  • You look forward to opening up the clubface, and you have the virtuosity of using wedges.

Who Should Use A Low-Mid Bounce Wedge – 10 Degrees?

The 10-degree wedge has a mid-low or medium bounce. Here are the types of players who should use the 10-degree wedge:

  • Golfers with a shallow swing.
  • Golfers who play in hard golf courses.
  • Players tend to manipulate the clubface.

Who Fits With High Bounce Wedges of 14 Degrees?


The 14-degree wedge is supposed to have a high bounce. But who is more suitable to use this type of wedge? Here they are:

  • Golfers tend to swing steeply.
  • Golfers whose style of play is hitting behind the ball (also called hitting the ball fat).
  • Golfers who always want to play in soft golf courses.
  • Players who do not care manipulating the clubface (‘play it like it is a type of golfer).

What Is The Best Bounce For A 56-Degree Wedge?

The 56-degree loft wedge usually has a 12-degree bounce. It is the type of wedge for mushy (softer) turf, soft lies, and with soft bunkers and sand. A 56-degree club is a high bounce sand wedge. It prevents the lead edge of the golf club from dragging through the sand.

What Sort Of Bounce Is Use In Various Course Situations?

1. Softer Sand

A high bounce SW with a bounce angle of ten to fourteen degrees (10-14) is the best to use in courses with soft sand. The club with an added width can drift through the sand smoothly.

2. Medium-Hard Sand

A wedge with a bounce of 8-10 degrees is the best to use in golf courses with medium to hard sand. The bounce will not provide abrupt bobbing when hitting the ball.

3. Heavy Rough

A wedge having with a high bounce angle of 12 to 14 is more suitable for heavy rough terrain golf courses.

4. Tight Lies Off the Fairway Green

Tight lies usually refer to fairways with hard ground and short grass. The best wedge to use in this condition is a low bounce one with a 6-10 angle rebound.


1. Is there a standard bounce for a GW (gap wedge)?

The typical gap wedge has an 8-degree bounce angle with a 50-degree loft. However, some golf club manufacturers sell substitute wedge-grind choices where players can pick a GW with plus-minus bounce.

2. Is a sand wedge useable in the fairway?

Yes! Some golfers utilize a sand wedge in doing shots on the fairway. Wedges with lots of bounce angles deliver immense forgiveness with more control on the spin.

3. Is a 58-degree wedge useable in the sand?

The ideal sand wedge to use in sand bunkers is between 54 and 56-degree. You can still use a 58-degree wedge in the sand, also called a lob wedge, for lobbing the ball higher.

4. What bounce is best for sand shots?

Many golfers prefer a sand wedge with a bounce angle between 10 and 13 for soft sand shots.

5. Is a 10-degree bounce good for sand?

A 10-degree or more sand wedge bounce is for a sandy surface that is fluffy and soft. If a course has this condition, the best to utilize is a sand wedge with a 56-degree loft and at least a 10-degree bounce.

6. Is a 14-degree bounce too much?

In golf, forgiveness, and bounce usually come together. Some golfers may think that the more bounce, the better it is. Unfortunately, it is not the case every time. The higher bounce wedges are more suitable for shots to escape bunkers or fuzzy lies in the rough.


Are you still asking which is better sand wedge bounce is, 10 or 14? Well, we might have told you the truth! But to tell you more honestly, many golfers believe that there is no right or wrong answer to this question.

It is understood that you should know what kind of a golfer you are and where your strength and weakness lie. So, before you buy the appropriate sand wedge golf club, consider the type of golfer you are.

Here is another tip; a sand wedge usually comes with a loft between 54 and 56 degrees. You can buy one 54 or 55-degree wedge or both. You can consider buying two wedges and select among the three lofts: 54, 55, or 56-degree. Owning two wedges with unlike angle bounce and loft may cover a wide range of skills.

Wilson offers one of the cheapest individual wedges like the Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedges. This brand might suit your budget. But if you want a more premium brand, try LAZRUS Premium Forged Golf Wedge Set for Men – 52 56 60 Degree Golf Wedges + Milled Face for More Spin .

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