SKLZ Gold Flex vs. Orange Whip: Which Is The Best Golf Swing Trainer?

When comparing SKLZ Gold Flex and Orange Whip, something shows the best for you.

The Orange Whip and SKLZ Gold Flex are two leading brands selling golf swing training aids. But some golfers, especially beginners and high-handicappers, wanted to know if those training aids have the same features.

We will compare SKLZ Gold Flex vs. Orange Whip and their benefits to golfers.

Knowing SKLZ Gold Flex

SKLZ Gold flex

The SKLZ Gold Flex is a golf swing trainer for beginners and high-handicappers: It offers three different shaft lengths. The swing aid helps to fine-tune your strength, tempo, and flexibility.

SKLZ Gold Flex helps simulate a golf club with a life-like golf grip and a shaft with glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) (or fiberglass). It also has a big head (polyurethane).

The SKLZ swing trainer comes in two shaft lengths: 40-inch & 48-inch. The former is for intermediate and beginner players, while the latter is for tall golfers or more advanced players.


  • The fiberglass shaft bends flexibly after the hit.
  • Best as a warm-up aid for golfers wanting more muscles.
  • The trainer’s frequency of use will let you handle real clubs with ease.
  • The plastic head (polyurethane) is durable and long-lasting.


  • Although the shaft is flexible, it is a little bit stiff.

What Is Orange Whip?

SKLZ Gold flex

Like the SKLZ Gold Flex; the Orange Whip also acts as a swing trainer device more popular with advanced golfers. However, it is slightly more expensive than the former. Orange Whip comes in three length options, such as 30-inch (junior-size), 43-inch, and 47.5-inch.

Most users attest to its more coordinated rhythm between the lower and upper parts of the body during a swing. The trainer has a weighted ball with a super flexible shaft, like a real golf club. It provides an instant response to you whenever you make a swing (shot).

The golf trainer shaft will sway back and forth that corresponds to your tempo. The Whip has an orange ball, hence the name.


  • The round head is heavier than other trainers for a better swing feel.
  • It is known as the gold standard in tempo trainers.
  • One of the oldest designs of training aids in golf history.
  • The trainer comes in three lengths of the shaft.
  • The shaft is more flexible than other brands.


  • It has a steeper price.
  • The grip has an old-fashion design.

Orange Whip vs. SKLZ One-on-one Showdown of Features

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1. Quality

Both training aides have similar qualities. The two golf swing trainers have indistinguishable solid construction offering un-rattling and tight swings.

However, SKLZ Gold Flex is best for beginners and high-handicappers, while the Orange Whip is more suitable for advanced players. If you want quality, you cannot tell which one should be selected or chosen. But there are more things to consider. Read closely!

2. Grip

The Gold Flex seems to be the winner in this category. But wait!

SKLZ offers a more modern look like a real contemporary golf club. Orange Whip looks like your grandfather’s golf club because it has a classic (old-fashioned) design grip with molded rubber. But many golfers (especially seniors) find this leather-like grip wrap more comfortable to use.

3. Cost

SKLZ golf swing trainer comes at almost 50% of the price of Orange Whip. The price is reasonable because the Gold Flex is ideal for beginners, so they can afford it while getting started into golf.

The Orange Whip is more appropriate for seasoned and advanced golfers, hence the higher price. The immediate feedback of the Whip on tempo, once you do a swing, makes it more convenient for seasoned golfers.

4. Shaft Flex

Orange Whip has a more flexible shaft than SKLZ. The former bends as if it is like the real thing! It is one of the reasons why the Whip sends immediate feedback on your swing.

Gold Flex takes more wags until you may realize the magnitude of your swing. It has a stiffer shaft but is more flexible than the real golf clubs. Even though it lags in quick response to rhythmic tempo, it feels more convenient for beginners to realize their mistakes.

5. Length Options

The two golf swing trainers have a wide range of shaft length options that suit every type of golfer. Orange Whip comes in three shaft lengths: namely, the 38-inch shaft that is best for junior golfers (and petite women), 43-inch for average height golfers, and the 47.5-inch shaft for tall and players.

On the other hand, the SKLZ trainer comes in two shaft lengths. It has a 40-inch shaft offering and a 48-inch: The 40-inch shaft suits tall junior and average height adult players. The 48-inch is ideal for golfers more than 6-foot in height.

6. Weight

Do you desire a heavier training aid so you can swing easier once you utilize a real club? You may want to use Orange Whip that is heavier than SKLZ. Orange Whip weighs about 801 grams (1.76 pounds), while the Gold Flex is 657 grams (1.45 pounds).

Many aspiring golfers want to train with a heavier training aid to handle golf clubs well in an actual game. So, if you like it this way, better choose Orange Whip.

7. Options

Both training aids offer a wide range of choices, so you can have the optimum comfort whatever suits you. They are both legal to carry on the golf course and on the bag: so you can practice your swing before the game starts or before your turn to tee off. Also, both swing trainers have durable polyurethane heads but different in grips.

Overall, the main differences between the two swing training aides are the price and the shaft flex. Pick the one that will satisfy your needs in practicing your swings.

How To Use SKLZ Gold Flex?

Step 1: The SKLX Gold Flex is a whippy golf fitness trainer, so you can adjust your swings once you realize the errors. First, hold the device (like a real club) with your feet at least a foot and a half (1.5 feet) apart.

Step 2: Next, hold the device while you start turning your shoulders through and back. Then, swing the device back and forth without the ball touching the ground.

Step 3: Continue swinging at a gradual pace and not too hard. The weighted trainer will help you stretch out those golf muscles. While you are continuing the swing, you will feel the rhythm of every swing.

How To Use The Orange Whip?

Step 1: Take your Orange whip and get up in your athletic golf stance. Then, hover the orange ball slightly above the ground and start swinging slowly back and forth.

Step 2: Make a smooth pendulum-like swing and let that momentum builds up.

Step 3: Continue to swing until you reach a full golf swing motion. If you remain balanced while standing, you can allow yourself to create more speed.

Watch this video to witness how to use Orange Whip with a warm-up: 

Closedown on SKLZ Gold Flex vs. Orange Whip

The Orange Whip and SKLZ Gold Flex are tools for enhancing your golf tempo, swing speed, and rhythm. If you want a more affordable device, you can go for Gold Flex.

However, if you want proven efficacy, you may try the Orange Whip.


1. Picking the better one: Is it Gold Flex or the Orange Whip?

Gold Flex is better for beginners and high handicappers. For advanced and experienced golfers, the Orange Whip is ideal.

2. Do pros use Orange Whip?

Yes, more professionals are using Orange Whip. However, they use it frequently when teaching and instructing student golfers.

3. What size of Orange Whip should I buy?

Junior and petite women may go for the 38-inch Orange Whip: while the average height golfers may use the 43-inch long shaft. But for tall players, they better buy the 47.5-inch Orange Whip.

4. Can Orange Whip increase swing speed?

Yes! It can improve your swing speed.

5. Is the Orange Whip worth it?

Yes, every penny is worth it. Orange Whip had been the number one teaching and training aid by PGA and LPGA professionals.

6. Which Orange Whip should I get?

It depends upon your built. You can check out this link that offers the three sizes of Orange Whip.

7. Which SKLZ Gold flex should I get?

It also depends on your built. Here is the link to choose the correct SLKZ Gold Flex for your body size (height).


The SKLZ Gold Flex and Orange Whip golf swing trainers are legal. You can bring them to the game as a warm-up tool before the play starts. It is clear that if you are a beginner or a high-handicap golfer, the SKLZ Gold Flex is the right one for you.

Moreover, more seasoned golfers may find the Orange Whip more satisfying to use. But at the end of the day: you still have the desire to choose between SKLZ Gold Flex vs. Orange Whip and decide which one fits your needs.

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