What Is An A-wedge? Why Is It So Important?

Wedge is a significant factor in golf to make a good score. What is an A-wedge? A-Wedge is a relatively new and advanced technique.

In golf, A-Wedge is generally called Gap Wedge. ‘A’ stands for Approach. Approach wedge or A-Wedge is a wedge used in golf, like pitching wedge and sand wedge. But the pitching wedge is not as high as the A-Wedge. It is also lower than the sand wedge, and its trajectory angle is 50 to 52 degrees. But there is more to know about A-Wedge and its importance in golf. 

So, if you are keen on A-wedge, keep reading this article.

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Why Is A Gap Wedge Also Called An A Wedge?

Many important factors are present in golf that are important to score. And a wedge is the most critical thing. In golf, some golfers call it Gap wedge, and some call it an Approach wedge. This wedge helps to get a longer and lower trajectory shot than a sand wedge. Similarly, it helps to hit a shorter and higher circuit than a pitching wedge.

The wedge’s name has a particular meaning. It is called Gap Wedge because the club’s design helps to fill the gap between the sand wedge and pitching wedge. That is why the Approach wedge is also called the Gap Wedge and vice-versa.

What Is An A-Wedge’s Purpose & Loft?

Now, I am going to talk about the purpose and loft of an A-Wedge one by one. First, I will start with the intention of an A-Wedge.

1. Purpose:

The loft of an Approach wedge is higher when compared to a pitching wedge. However, it is lower in comparison to that of a sand wedge. It helps the golfer to take a shot from 50 to 80 yards. It can help to get over water hazards, trees, bunkers and take an accurate shot. Approach wedges are also able to land anywhere from 10 to 15 feet from the hole.

2. Loft:

Now, I am going to talk about the loft of an A-Wedge. Loft depends on the manufacturing company. It is must that the attic of an A-Wedge must be greater than the pitching wedge and lesser than the sand wedge. Generally, the loft of an A-Wedge is 50 to 52 degrees, maximum of 54 degrees. However, at certain times, there is also a loft of 46 to 49 degrees.

What Kind of Golf Shots Can You Play With A Gap Wedge?

You can play different  types of golf shots using an A-Wedge. These may include: 

  • Approach shots
  • Bump and Run shots
  • Rough shots
  • Bunker shots, and so on.

These shots usually include much more strength. But, with the proper wedge on people’s side, they can achieve good results with much lesser effort. The use of sand wedges also brings up some additive benefits to golfers. That is why its use becomes prominent in those shots where more strength is expected from the golfer.

However, all the above shots are best handled under its usage when it comes to gap wedge. So a gap wedge produces better results for overhead shots. It also makes the player achieve much-reduced loft and improved performance.

Benefits Of A Gap Wedge:

Following are some fantastic benefits of a gap wedge or an Approach wedge that you can achieve:

1. Reduction in Loft without Face Closure

Lofts come with multiple effects when you don’t have proper golf support with you. However, a significant reduction in the loft intervals can occur in between. It happens when people use gap wedges in their play. Also, this loft reduction does not come with any face closure. This is a critical factor that makes a gap wedge very effective.

2. Both Bump & Run shots become easier to be played

With the help of a gap wedge, both bump and run become much easier to be played. This is because of the easy flights that the wedge offers to the people. The gap wedge is organized so that people get great help in their play and do not have to work too hard for the same as well.

These benefits of gap wedges prove to be very useful and authentic for players. Therefore, gap wedges can help in producing better results.

How To Use An “A” Wedge

A wedge or Approach wedge is a highly skilled wedge. So beginner and intermediate golfers should not try this. To become a master in this wedge, you must follow some tips. These will help you to score a perfect shot.

  • To get a perfect shot, you just have to know how far you should hit the ball. Where a regular player can hit for 90 yards, golfers with brilliant swing speed can hit for 130 yards and beyond.
  • The next critical thing is the ball’s position. When you take your stance, the ball should be right in the middle. Practice it daily to master the projection angle and the swing speed.
  • The third important point is how high you should hit the ball. The height will depend on how your swing speed is and how hard you hit the ball. Practice your shooting skill to enhance your ability and perfect the trajectory angle. It will help you to take a perfect Approach wedge.

This is how you should use Approach wedge or A wedge. But as I mentioned earlier, this is not for beginners, and you must make yourself skilled to take a shot first.

Choosing An A-Wedge/Gap Wedge

Before choosing an A-Wedge or a Gap Wedge, you must know the specifications of it. For a perfect Approach wedge or Gap Wedge, the loft must be from 50 to 52 degrees, and the distance must be 60 to 110 yards. Before choosing something, one should know where you have to use it. Here are some tips on selecting an A-Wedge or Gap Wedge.

  • For starters, it is necessary to practice with pitching wedges and sand wedges first. Once they master the skill, go for an Approach wedge or Gap Wedge.
  • Make sure one should know where and how to use it. Otherwise, your shot will never transfer into a score.
  • Different manufacturers make different Approach wedges. Here, practice is the key. Practice with it to know if the trajectory angle, weight, and height are perfect for you or not. If yes, then you got your perfect one.
  • Every pro player has their kits. When you practice with one tackle for a very long time, it will slowly become your arms. So, practice with one piece of equipment for a very long time. Then you will become a master in it. Then you can transfer every shot to a score.

Is The Gap Wedge For Everyone?

The gap wedge is beneficial for all those who play with bump and run shots, pitch shots, full shots, and so on. All these shots need skill and a proper technique to hit the spot and get good points. You can easily achieve the desired accuracy with minimal effort with the help of gap wedges. People who know exactly what an A wedge is and how to use it to increase their performance can get a good game for themselves.

Therefore, the answer is apparent and reasonable. Anyone who wants to perform better with proper technique can use a gap wedge. They can probably put lesser effort than their everyday golfing experiences with this.

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So, How Should Someone Choose Between A Set A-wedge and A More Traditional 50 or 52-Degree Wedge?

Every game has one main motto, and practice is the key. It is also applicable for golf. With practice, you will know which kit suits you. What is your best swing speed or with which weight you can score better. This is important for a player to choose between products. You need to know what suits you best. You can then make an easy selection. Here we are talking about choosing between an A-Wedge and a traditional 50 or 52-degree wedge.

The primary dissimilarity between these two is the shape and construction. For example, most A-wedges have inline shaping with the iron set. It also comes with a hollow mechanism to give some extra distance. In contrast, the traditional 50 or 52-degree wedges have a narrow sole. They also don’t have any additional flexing to improve the performance and space.


Traditional wedges have a fixed performance range. But A-Wedges have an advanced and improved performance.

So, to conclude, you should go for A-Wedges to improve your skills.

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