Which Hand Do You Wear A Golf Glove? Is It Right Or Left?

On what hand do you wear a golf glove? Is it left or right? Or do you wear them on both hands? Pro and seasoned golfers know the answer to these questions.

If you are starting golf, the question on which hand does you wear a golf glove seems relevant. If you want to know the answer, this 3-minute-read article will surely make you satisfied. Keep on reading, folks!

Which Hand Do You Wear A Golf Glove On?

This question always pops up, especially for beginner golfers starting to hold a golf club. But as time goes by, they can answer the question themselves. However, if you are still wondering which hand you should wear a golf club on, the answer is quite simple.

Observing the traditional wearing of golf gloves, you will notice that players wear a single glove opposite their dominant hand. It means that right-handed players wear form-fitting golf gloves on their left hand and vice-versa.

The wearing of gloves had been in practice since the later part of the 19th century. The glove lets players get a fine clench on the streamlined leather grips.

In the 1960s, the glove became a regular golf gear on the PGA Tour and other tournaments.

But knowing which hand should wear a glove for a player is an essential part of an efficient grip on the shaft. For example, a right-handed golfer, wearing a glove on the left hand, increases the grip on the club and helps in the swing. Without a glove, the shaft could slip out of the hand when swinging.

Why A Golfer Might Want To Wear A Glove

Practicality is one of the main reasons why a golfer wants to wear a glove. One of the main reasons is that a glove can improve grip on the club. Like other pro golfers, a glove can help in the proper finger positioning for the needed grip.

The glove prevents the club from slipping out from your fingers. It is because the hand covering provides additional friction between your hands and the club shaft. Another reason is that the glove gives protection to your hands from subsequent wear and tear.

Most players get callouses and blisters, especially during prolonged games (such as the 18-hole) and long-range practices. More players wear one glove on their weak hand because it works hard hanging on to the golf club. Therefore, it needs more cushions and protection from the elements.

Leading golf equipment brands, like Callaway, TaylorMade, Under Armour, FootJoy, Mizuno, and Titleist, among others, have their golf glove lines. These premium brands offer some of the best protection for your hands while playing golf.

Why Not Wear Two Gloves?

Most beginners will probably wonder why only in the sports of golf that only one hand has a glove. Sports like boxing, baseball, cycling, American football, and other extreme sports require players to wear a pair of gloves. But why do golf tournaments allow players to wear only one glove?

For the information of new golfers, there is no rule requiring players to wear one or two gloves while playing the game. You are also allowed to wear nothing at all! Glove wearing is the choice of every player. The practice is just a matter of personal preference for golfers.

However, most golfers prefer to wear a glove opposite their dominant hand. It is the non-dominant hand that brings about more power and speed in swinging the club. The dominant hand only guides the clubface in making flawless contact with the ball.

Left-handed golf gloves are ideal for right-handed players, while left-handed golfers should wear a right-handed golf glove.

Cushioning or protecting the non-dominant hand when swinging, especially off the tee, provides a comfortable grip and sound rhythm. It is one of the main reasons why most golfers do not wear two gloves. Additionally, more golfers do not wear two gloves because they may cause grip-slipping on the club leading to unpredictable shots.

Which Gloves For Which Conditions?

Golf gloves available in the market today can be classified according to for use in situations concerning the weather. Like the winter and summer weather conditions. Here are some of the best gloves to wear in a particular weather situation:

1. Thermal winter/wet golf gloves

When the air gets colder on a golf course, there are golf gloves that you can wear to keep your hands warm. These gloves are designed to help you regain the feel of your fingers, especially when raining. Choosing the right winter gloves for you could also help to improve your game in dipping temperatures.

One of the most affordable golf gloves for winter is the FootJoy Men WinterSof Golf Gloves, which come in a pair. However, if you want the more sophisticated golf gloves, the Callaway Men Thermal Grip Cold Weather Golf Gloves (also come in a pair) are a smart choice.

For women golfers, the Women Winter Golf Gloves Therma Flex Lite is one of the best to use

2. Summer golf gloves

Most golfers experience sweaty hands while playing during hot and humid weather, like the tropics of Southeast Asia and Florida. You should seek a glove that minimizes sweating, which can affect your grip on the club.

It is advised that you look for gloves ideal for wet weather because sweating makes your hands wet. For men, the Under Armour Men’s UA Iso-Chill Golf Gloves are superb! For women, the Wilson Staff Fit All Golf Glove is quite a stir!

Should I Keep My Golf Glove On For Every Shot?

Most golfers take off their golf gloves after every shot. The practice concerns more on the golfers’ health and hygiene. Prolonged wearing of gloves may develop sweaty hands that can produce grime and molds.

Sweaty hands are more prone in humid weather. The habit of taking off the gloves between shots may prevent the build-up of bacteria on the hands. So, it is better that you take off your gloves after every shot.

Golf Glove Materials

1. Synthetic leather

The synthetic leather (man-made) golf gloves are more flexible than natural hides. It is also more durable and stretchy, especially in humid weather, and more breathable than the natural hides.

The material appears as genuine animal skin but does not last longer than natural leather. The all-weather golf gloves are mostly synthetic materials.

2. Natural leather

The natural leather golf gloves last longer when properly treated and cleaned. More golfers find this material more comfortable on the skin that is why it is more popular. The material gives a better grip than synthetic materials.

Moreover, leather fits like a second skin that is moisture-resistant, and softer than the synthetic variety. However, leather tends to stretch a little bit over time. One of the finest golf gloves made of leather is the Cabretta leather from the hides of sheep.

3. Hybrid

The hybrid golf gloves are a combination of synthetic and natural leather. If you want the best of both worlds, you can choose this type of golf glove. However, the price and design vary depending on the brand.

4. Getting the right size and fit

Golf gloves must fit your hand properly to maintain the best grip. To know the length of your glove: measure from the tip of your middle finger to the first ridge of your wrist. It should be the closest crease to your palm. Like golf shoes, golf gloves come in a range of sizes to fit most hand shapes.

Pick the one that suits your palm but is not constrictive. Also, choose the model that reduces the movement of the hand while gripping. However, lousy movement on the hand might be ineffective.

5. Taking Care of Your Golf Glove

In golf, you need golf clubs and balls to execute the game. However, to protect your hands and grip those golf clubs well, the golf glove becomes a necessity.

Gloves protect your hands and may enhance performance, but you also need to protect the gloves. Most gloves wear out quickly, so you need to take care of them. To make them last longer, keep them always dry.

Also, when taking off the glove from your hand, slip them gently rather than plucking or rolling it off. This way, the shape, and flexibility are restored.

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Now you know on which hand you wear a golf glove, you can weigh things up if the practice applies to you. But we are 99% sure that it will.

However, it still depends on your preference and you do not have to follow this age-old practice. Moreover, always keep an eye on selecting the best golf gloves for you!

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